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M&D Brake has been repairing all types of cars since 1969. Based in Los Angeles

2003 GMC Yukon Denali. Cured a horrible brake grinding noise with new brake pads & a brake rotor.

The LUGRIPPER line up....who needs a stripped or frozen lug nut removed?

Front , , and passenger side replacement. Our customer is at work playing . , we provide custom delivered quick auto care to your home or work!

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Dimensional shift.
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Patina “Alexander” for our customer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin : Mr. T.G.A.H.II
This time I used 9 different colors that I made exclusively for this pair of shoes. The final effect is an elegant Patina, but rich in nuances. A deep and rich color that gives emotions. 

It’s not important where are you from… You can send your shoes directly in our lab. We will be really happy to create for you the real work of Art. Please contact us 

Somedays, it Takes Ten Minutes to Put on Your Bra

He grabs the compressor.

“Let me do it myself.”

I pull the trigger

Then, pull the trigger again.

And again.

He slips his fingers under the grooves,

ready to take the weight for himself.

But it is my weight to bare,

and no one can bare it but me.

Wollf’s law and all that shit, plus

a doctor who would be displeased

if he saw the cuts on my knuckles,

the grease seeping into the creases of my palms.

Espestos sighs.

“What do doctors know of pain?”

Bolts tightly wound,

calipers a bit too heavy,

joints scraping bone on bone,

While the sledge hammer pounds against the cancer on the rotar.

My hands are not dirty enough –

not covered in quite enough blood –

to justify all this pain.

But we won’t know if it’s fixed

until the biopsy results return.

Still, I do the only thing I can:

take a deep breath


put it all back together.

Little firecracker Junkrat family headcanons

I headcanon that Junkrat’s mother, Maggie, was a world renowned chemist who probably would have ended up in Oasis if she had surivived the crisis and his dad was a mechanic who loved building whatever silly gadget that he felt could help someone, something that helped them survive for a long time during the crisis while on the run from the rogue Omnics. 

Junkrat’s mother had a younger brother, Austin, who was a bit of a short, awkward nerd and got picked on a lot, had worked for his father while he was paying his way through college, and her eventual husband, Jackson, was always asking when he’d need to study more and if there were tests coming to give him those days off and was always fine with him studying and working on projects during down time. He also would make sure no one picked on his employees, if they were on the clock or not, as he was one of the nicest, friendliest guys you’d ever meet, lover of horrible puns, much to one of his older employees, Bruce’s, delight. His mom was a smart, sharp lady, she wasn’t as social as her eventual husband, but she was never one to back down from something she wanted or to take risks, even if they were in no way close to being in her favor. 

And the moment she saw Jackson Fawkes, tall, muscular and spotted with oil and grease, shirtless and telling off a rude customer for picking on her little brother? She wanted him. SO BADLY.

They were married a year later and Maggie decided to take a job at a university near the garage, which they lived over, so she could have a child and be able to spend time with him instead of having to travel to Christ knows where to defend her very well explained work to nitpicking bastards who wouldn’t know the difference between Dihydrogen Oxide and Hydrogen Dioxide in her humble opinion, also this way she could make sure the next generation of chemistry students knew their shit. Her hubby was fine with it and they excitely set up a nursery full of hand stitched toys, a mobile with different formulas made out of scrap, a crib his daddy and uncle made with their own bare hands and had the nursery set up before they got started on even making a baby. 

Jamison Fawkes was born roughly a year into the university job and Maggie carried him everywhere, her and her husband buying him the cutest little onsies, with him liking the one that made him look like a mouse the best. 

From age 0-3 (after Maggie’s maternity leave), his family kept a special schedule; on Mondays and Thursdays, he’d be with his mother on lecture class days, being cute either strapped to her chest or babbling by her desk or coloring little ‘blueprints’ on a desk in the back, ready to give the right answer to a chemistry question whenever his mother’s students couldn’t answer. (even if it wasn’t right, she’d always coo the right one to him and he’d happily parrot it back to her. None of her students ever forgot it after that.)

 On tuesdays and fridays, he’d be strapped to his dad’s chest, playing with little baby puzzles, nomming on clean tools (his dad bought new ones for him to nom on, only for him to use those and just send pictures of his baby boy teething on his older tools to his wifey) and eventually fiddling with odds and ends and trying to put them together into something (which usually got all the mechanics and even customers sometimes taking pictures.) 

Wednesdays, he’d go to his uncle Austin’s office in Hyde and be adored by practically everyone in the building, even the security dogs, he’d play with odds and ends there too, several of his bosses in the engineering department telling him how Jamie would always be welcomed in the engineering department when he was older, since he ‘seems ta have a knack for it! look at ‘im go!’ 

On weekends, it was often a toss up, but it was usually a day filled with happy family outings together that were often filled of happy pictures of Jamie.

When he became four, he started going to preschool with his uncle picking him up during his lunch break, eating with his brother in law or sister depending on what day of the week it was or taking him back to his office with him. But on saturdays, his uncle Austin started coming over with fireworks for him:

“Aussie, I don’ know why you’re so keen on these.” Maggie said, holding up one of the packages of sparklers that came out of a plastic bag filled with colorful packages filled with fireworks.

“Oh, come on, Mags, ya can’ say ya don’ get it.” Austin said with a smile as his nephew admired the brightly colored packaging with sweet little smiley faces all over it that held the orange smoke bombs captive.

“I don’ get it either, Aus, cut me bettah half a break, would ya?” Jackson laughed, “Aftah all, she’s th’ smart one.”

“Foine, foine,” Austin said, pointing at Maggie, “Yer an amazin’ chemist.” He then pointed to Jackson, “’N yer an amazin’ mechanic, so put engineering ‘n chemistry togetha ‘n whattya get?”

“EXPLOSIONS!” Jamie cried happily as he held the fireworks up over his head.

“Exactly! Bombs!” Austin said, ruffling his nephew’s hair, “Now come on, ya little firecracker, let’s get a bucket of water so we can launch these safely once it gets dark!” The two quickly running towards the back to grab the hose so they could do their saturday afternoon ritual of getting each other soaking wet before getting a bucket of water for the fireworks and then needing to be toweled off before they could go inside for dinner.

“… did my brother jus’ tell us he wants our baby ta become a bomb maker?” Maggie asked flatly.

“Hmmm… Jamison Fawkes, Demolition expert.” Jackson tried, “Has a noice ring ta it, now tha’ ‘m hearin’ it.”

“I dunno, Jack, Jamie has been showing more of a liking to build, not destroy.” Maggie pointed out, “‘N I thought you wanted ‘im ta take over th’ garage?”

“I would, but what ‘e does in th’ future is ‘is choice as long as it makes ‘im happy.” Jackson said as he gave his wife’s shoulder’s a squeeze, “’N ‘sides, it ain’ loike ‘e’s gonna become some crazy bomber spreadin’ chaos ‘n mayhem all over th’ world, I mean, can you imagine?” he asked, moving his arm as if he was showing her a scene from a movie, “Jamison Fawkes, World’s Most Wanted Bomber!”

Maggie chuckled at the idea, “He’d need an ace crazy laugh ta pull tha’ off!”she joked. 

“Loike ‘e don’ got one already!” Jackson argued with a laugh, “’E gets it from you!” 

Maggie pouted, “I do not have a crazy laugh!” she argued.

Jackson grinned widely at the challenge and began ticking her sides, making her let out a loud, almost insane laugh before he pulled her into a hug and kissed the top of her head as she swatted at him, frustrated that he had proved his point and that she continued to giggle despite that. 

Once she finally calmed down and Jackson properly apologized and told her how much he loved her silly, crazy laugh, she pouted and said, “Well, it’s only me, Jamie don’ have it.”

“Sorry, luv, but ‘m gonna hafta prove you wrong!” he said before running around the house after his brother-in-law and is son, “Oi, Jamie, whats th’ craziest laugh ya can do?” He called.

Maggie heard a surprisingly maniacal laugh come from the other side of the house and rushed over to make sure it came from her son. She smiled and leaned against the side of it as she watched her son laugh like a mad scientist as he soaked his father and uncle with the hose, the two laughing along with him as they pretended to try to take it from him, his laughter infectious to the point where she was starting to chuckle too as she ran into the fray to join them.

She didn’t know what her baby would become when he was all grown up, but for right now, Jamie was her and Jack’s wonderful little Firecracker.

I regret nothing. Except that I couldn’t find a way to put Roadhog in here so they’d have met when they were little. I had an idea for an AU where Roadhog, in need of some extra cash as a young man to help buy his farm, gets hired by Maggie Fawkes to be her son’s nanny because he’d been so gentle with him after he’d wandered off in the store and brought him back to them safely after the two nearly had a panic attack realizing he was gone. But I kept getting so caught up in possiblities that I really just dropped it before I got lost in them.


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With Kingdom Hearts hype building, I don’t have a Cid… but I have a cindy! 🔧 I’m hoping she makes at least an appearance in the game. What characters would you like to see? 💛

📸 Photo by @josemanchado

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“Overalls” are the ‘Scott-e-vest’ for men that aren’t ’D-bags'💯
Replacing trans and oil cooler line fittings, plus my lower control arm bushings w/housings. I don’t purchase 'Boss’ status…I “create” the bar for 'Boss status’…..I don’t wait for anything, I make what I want!💯
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