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Greeley Nissan Greeley Certified & Certified Techs

When turning your steering wheel, don’t hold it in an extreme right or left position for more than a few seconds. Doing so can damage the power-steering pump.

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‘Broomy’ by Steven Stahlberg.

anonymous asked:

I’m new to the fandom and I love your page!! I haven’t personally been able to find any yet but I was wondering if there’s any mechanic waverly or Nicole fics? Either or no preference, thank you so much for all you do!

Hmm anon, see I rarely rec two fics per post but every now and then I get torn. How about I give you one of each, but I won’t tell you in advance which is what that way it will be a surprise. 

Door Number One 

Door Number Two

*below I have attached the actual fic titles if you aren’t the type who clicks random links on the internet*

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Resistance and their thoughts on Korean Folk Town quests

Wild Hunter : To think, I lost to a mere Hongul like that…As a wild hunter, I have brought ashame to my fellows…!

Mechanics : WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT SOMEONE WHO DRIVES A ROBOT WOULD BE DEFEATED BY A GUY WITH 2 WOODEN LADLES…!! I could have burnt those in a mere seconds and yet…!


Battle Mage : Wow, I’m surprised that both of Wild and Mech didn’t feel wrong for driving their jaguars and robots in a ghost suit…


Beer pouring machine Japanese Airport.
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Paying in nimbles


I was on a train - like I usually am. For some reason, next to a guy from the distant past, who a couple of days prior had sent me a friend request so him appearing in the dream made sense. I had a window seat and he came and sat next to me, with a friend of his next to him. I was chatting with someone, perhaps a sort of train attendant, when he chimes in with an opinion or clarification. I did not really turn to him but said ‘I do not recall us asking for your input’ and carried on. 

Later on we are going through some vegetation, some pathways I knew ran through there, and from the people in my group I had the best recollection of this way. I think I also bragged about my field knowledge and how easy it was to get around. 

Later still, we arrive in a town (either by train or using my path, unclear). I go over to a booth to pay for our visit there, like a tourist tax. I think the price was 16 ‘nimbles’, which was the local currency, apparently. I handed the cashier a 20. And he disappeared.  I then found the exact amount and as soon as I had it, he reappeared. Then one in our group shouted loudly at something exciting he saw on the streets. And everyone disappeared. To which we realized that unless we had an exact and proper behavior, we were ‘shunned’ from the community, not allowed to interact with society. I wonder if they just were no longer visible/accessible to us or if they were rather a mechanical attraction of sorts, not really human, in a tourist attraction town, meant to regulate the behaviour of the general public, either for the duration, to minimise damage, vandalism etc, or with intended long-term effects.