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Brand New, Toyota 3VZE Cylinder Heads on DNJ Engine Components! Quality built to resist, guaranteed. ⭐

Need a trustworthy and reliable local mechanic? Look no further than Cheadle Tyre and Auto, across from the Kenilworth. To see what exactly differentiates them from other garages, just follow the link below!

We are looking for a mechanic to help in a mechanic shop, in Longview WA. This person will be servicing company vehicles as well as automobiles that come into the shop to be repaired.

the Jewish mental health service, are looking for volunteer bike shop mechanics based in Are you free to give a few hours a week to a local ? For more information please visit

Having Car Trouble is never Fun. C & J Auto Techs can keep your Car running Smoothly. Family Owned and Operated in Lake Worth/South Florida. Schedule your Service Appointment Today-561-225-6272.

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|| Couple’s Heart Keychains

By the Eclectic Mechnician Etsy

Welcome to Internet Auto Reno - Rent and Sales

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To provide the community a company which will satisfy their transportation needs and instill dignity, honesty and integrity. We are a company made up of real people who are committed to excellence and who stand behind their word. We use compassion throughout our day as a statement of who we are and what we will do to fulfill the needs and desires of our patrons and fellow employees.

unythecleric  asked:

Who do you pair up with the best during matches against the hunters?

“She always does her best when in match. Seeing her sweat at work at a cipher just shows her hard work. I wish her the best with everything. Plus her robot is a fun and goofy pal. She expresses herself quite some more through it if she’s at the other gate.”

“A man of motivation! By far the most strongest man I’ve met. If he was able to, he’d probably throw that pallet right at the hunter! I wouldn’t be suprised if he already attempted it. He also makes my job a bit easier…”

“There are a few more I would love to talk about, but then this ask would be over a mile long.”

Lady came in for brake job. I see these rotors, the baby Jesus cries.

I try the caliper bolts and could feel the bolt start to stretch. If I keep wrenching those puppies will snap. Pads are fine (of course, they haven’t been used)

So I report my findings and oh boy, lady did not like that.

“Ugh, you’re just like everyone else. I thought you would try to cheat me, but you’re trying to sell me stuff I don’t need” (I’m a chick, so women tend to assume they can trust me more)

Come to find out, she’s been to like three shops for a brake job. We made her sign a waver before she drove off, rear rotors trailing rust down the road


Here you have a friendly mechanic woman that enjoys what she does on a daily basis. She pretty chill about things just don’t touch her stuff and it’ll be good.