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The mecha series Oridnal Tempest returns tomorrow with Chapter 5! Sync for the future.

İnsan nereye bakacağını şaşırıyor bu seriyi izlerken. O değil de, tekrar yapma vaktim gelmiş sanırım. *.*

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Please join us in wishing a happy birthday to Shōji Kawamori! His creation is the reason that we celebrate every year!

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I run a heavy theme with my designs, and this morning it was suggested I tackle the Neo Zeong. Having just seen the new in theaters last night, my body was ready. Sized as a frigate for Intercept Orbit.

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Big Gun Mecha by crises_crs


Video tutorial amici che potete trovare sul mio canale YouTube. Il disegno è realizzato con CSP e il video vi@mostra i passaggi più importanti della realizzazione. Lasciate un vostro like e un commento, aiuteranno a realizzare lavori sempre migliori. #patreon #animeanni80 #trasformation #euromangaedizioni #mangaart #daitarn3 #daitarn #banjo #haranbanjo #mecha #superrobots #euromanga #mangadrawing #mangaart

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Since I uploaded the same clip to twitter, i figured I can share with you all the WIP of this special Gridman video to see what I’ve been up to. Yes yes, “Make Tiga vs Shin part 3” I will get to that..eventually.

It just helps me to bounce between projects to prevent me from burning myself out. So between this and the Venus animation, I’m getting a good amount of work done.

Whether the model makes it to the workshop or not is up to the initial maker, so I have no say in that. So please don’t ask or beg.

Everything is subject to change however, so the footage here may not be final. Social Media links:




I’d put up my paypal but the website’s being a bitch when it comes to logging in.

The song “Motto Kimi wo Shireba”, the original Ending song for the 1993 Gridman.

So, come on and dream

i’ve always liked mecha but i was too afraid to experiment with it, colouring has always been a huge problem for me, what’s worst i’m too lazy to read up on colour theory….gah! why am i like this T-T.