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Robo bits, a new mecha WIP, been working on it little by little.

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That moment when your particle effect looks like Airgetlams HORIZON†CANNON because you did not scale it down

Art for an in universe anime called Getem Robot for secret project i'm workin on with a fren.

Fraliza's [wip and details]~~~ Breaking down how many joints are in the mechanical funnels~~ Armour and supporters also got in too~

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A follow up post, here's the VF-1 Valkyrie compared to real fighter jets. I've chosen craft roughly the same size to help fans visualize the VF-1 in proper context. Despite it's modest length, the VF-1's volume and construction are rather generous

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open commissions !! We do everything you want to illustrate: Gore, NSFW, Mecha, Furry among others We have promotions, ask for them The payment method is by PayPal or Oxxo

Another sketch, another mech [this one is actually older than the last two, he's just been sitting on my hard drive for a while now, so, up he goes haha]

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Assembled chest and waist/crotch. The red translucent plastic really catches the eye.

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Have only spent a small amount of time making the mazinkaiser kit so i haven't made a great deal of progress but so far we have two chest parts, the winged "Z" orb for the chest, crotch and all the head parts.

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While Humorous is my least favorite drossel design it's still nonetheless a cute mini series and very much welcomed on this account! (Especially since the show came 6 years after its past iteration!)

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some more j-decker!

So for those of you playing the home game

For “The Search for the Great Western Mecha Show”, we have the following -

1. Exo-Squad - Remember this? Good, no one else does either. Next!

2. Battletech - A one season cartoon that attempted to adapt the long running tabletop and computer game series to animation flopped after 13 episode and aiming too young thanks to its demographic. Humorously, it lives on in the Battletech lore as a propaganda film of actual in canon events.

3. Megan’s XLR - Cult classic parody and first of several shows to consistently make fun of New Jersey that never found its groove because it’s references were a bit too old for the crowd of 7-12 year olds it was supposed to be targeting. Literally ended up being written off on Cartoon Network’s taxes one year, making a revival impossible.

4. Sym-Bionic Titan - A project from Samurai Jack’s creator that had all the tools to be a huge hit…except toy makers balked at making toys for a show with a female lead. Oops. Also written off for tax purposes.

5. Voltron - No less than 3 follow ups to a butchered 80’s dub of GoLion that all failed to attract a significant audience. The most recent entry, Voltron Legendary Defender, was a merchandising flop and an embarrassing PR black eye thanks to a fan base that at one point attempted to extort the animation studio over a gay pairing.

6. gen:Lock - The brainchild of former Rooster Teeth head Grey Haddock, the show went millions over budget thanks to its A list cast and alleged behind the scenes issues. The show is apparently so reviled thanks to Grey Haddock’s leadership and alleged siphoning of funds that many of Rooster Teeth’s rank and file refuse to work on it, ensuring its 8 episode run is all we get.

Did I miss any? Because these 6 prove that Pacific Rim is gonna need a LOT of luck. So of course they have Polygon Pictures doing it.


Originally posted by strangememories

As accusations continue to come in towards Rooster Teeth and particularly Haddock’s baby in gen:Lock, numerous people have come forward to corroborate the accusations first reported by Clownfish TV. If (key word IF) this is all true, Haddock was thrown out after all this and gen:Lock is most likely done.

Bonus points for Haddock alleging forcing through gen:Lock at the expense of several other pitches. No idea what they were but the mind can’t help but ask.