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Got the turret printed. Going to work on other varients.

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More issue 4 - this week I should have the last four pages done and then move onto to layouts for the last two issues.

So I just found out Mechagodzilla is a thing and I HAD to draw it so here's my own version. Enjoy. ?

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Working on final photos these aren't bad. I don't know if I should take more. Photography is one of the skills they need to work on.This was my 1st time with scribing, leds, amd resin. Im happy with how it came out.

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🇦🇷 ⭐ De los 16 seleccionados, 9 tendrán su debut en una nacional de Red Bull: , , , , , , , y . ⭐ Además, por primera vez en la historia una nacional contará con dos mujeres: y .

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Final Form for my Loyalty Badge on Twitch! Hope you love the ! Thinking about making stickers or T-shirt with it🤔

I love this . She's one of my old favorites but... She has no name, can you give her a name? She's inspired in Joan Jett and Ellen Ripley

here is the mech that i get the idea from anubis and here is the ( anultra )

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Personal illustration projects for SD Gundam Force.

The tope three are my female gundam oc.


Flashy profile pages for my main characters in The Contenders!

To clarify: The first 3 categories are referring to the types of fighting game players, a theory proposed by street fighter pro Gootecks and is used to describe a general players habits & abilities.

Brains is a players general knowledge of the game & it’s systems, Body refers to how consistent they are at executing advanced techniques, and heart refers to a players ability to read and predict their opponent. 


It’s one thing to watch Iron Man, and it’s another thing to actually BECOME Iron Man. The team at @takeongravity has long been testing an Iron Man-like jetpack, and we joined as they took their most superheroic spin on the flying device to date. And who joined us on the test? None other than @therealadamsavage!
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Mecha According to Yang
  • Yang: "If two pregnant women were to brawl, would it be two babies piloting mechs?"
  • Jaune: *slams down his fork and looks at her with hostility* "Goddammit, Yang, why would you make me contemplate this?!"
  • Yang: *unfazed since she's used to pissing him off with puns, short giggle* "Heh. Contemplate."
  • Jaune: *picks up cafeteria plate and slams it down*

Update render of my latest design! I have no idea how Im gonna make the head yet! Also the feet need a bit of a rework, but shes getting close to completion. Unfortunately she’ll cost way to much to ever build (for now ;3) The hoses sticking out will be attached back to the body (the software wont let me bend). Let me know what you all think!