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Exo Armor Heavy Type color scheme (3D rendering)

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「 」とはデザイナー大久保淳二による『近未来の自律稼働式重機を描くアートプロジェクト』です。 現在ヘラ社( )より公式本が発売中です。 ➡️

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Lights out on these old dinosaurs; time to make room for the next wave of mech in Winchester! ’s Gonna Give It To Ya!

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One of my favorite frames from my Meanwhile Comic for this year! I’ll also be developing this character and the world she lives in more for part of my thesis . . .

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Onslaught: H.E.R.O The next instalment of the onslaught universe. Currently getting worked on. Here is a little preview of some of our features :), one of those being multiplayer ;).

Took a small break from playing Gundam Crossrays to throw together a Heavyarms Endless Waltz inspired Lego build. Color selection was extremely limited, but I tried to get as close as I could. As always scaled for Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack.

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Mech Sketch (12-08-2019)