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I run a heavy theme with my designs, and this morning it was suggested I tackle the Neo Zeong. Having just seen the new in theaters last night, my body was ready. Sized as a frigate for Intercept Orbit.

für den Kopf eines Grockshar Stein Wurms. Sie graben sich durch den Körper eines Grockshars um ihn mit Ressourcen zu versorgen. ———————————————

If you are going to build a , then you should know this secret: are the key. They pack a punch, & they won't throw your off balance when they fire! , & share best practices:

The Krishna, a mech I had the pleasure of visualizing from the incredible story 'Mechanized Memories': Congrats to Qouth for completing the story! 🤖🎊

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Finished a small sketchbook :). Some of the drawings stayed only as a pen sketch. I do intend some of these to make them digital, i like this sort of mech design. Stay tuned for more. Thank you for watching :).

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Since I uploaded the same clip to twitter, i figured I can share with you all the WIP of this special Gridman video to see what I’ve been up to. Yes yes, “Make Tiga vs Shin part 3” I will get to that..eventually.

It just helps me to bounce between projects to prevent me from burning myself out. So between this and the Venus animation, I’m getting a good amount of work done.

Whether the model makes it to the workshop or not is up to the initial maker, so I have no say in that. So please don’t ask or beg.

Everything is subject to change however, so the footage here may not be final. Social Media links:




I’d put up my paypal but the website’s being a bitch when it comes to logging in.

The song “Motto Kimi wo Shireba”, the original Ending song for the 1993 Gridman.

So, come on and dream


Daemon X Machina Prototype Missions thoughts

Pretty good, but definitely still a good amount of work to be done.

Gameplay: Daemon X Machina

May God bless you all.


I’M FINALLY DONE!!! here’s the new and improved™ siege!! He’s completely mechanical now, and 10x as bad as before >:3c 

you’ll have to forgive me though, i have no idea how to draw machines still. nailing down this design was pretty hard but i gotta say I’m pretty happy with it tbh. even if it took so many days and so many takes (i have at least 5 or 6 initial and revised sketches of this) 

but hell yeah he’s finally here and we’re onto some brand new lore as well~ 


TRX Heavy Mech - McD’s Division da Marco Marozzi



Alright everyone, raffle’s over!! I assigned a number to each person in order of reblog and then used a random number generator to choose our three winners!

First place goes to @onlyacreator ! They’ve won themselves a fully coloured drawing and a short animation GIF!!

Second place goes to @fliksies ! They’ve won themselves a lined sketch and a short chibi animation GIF!!

Third place goes to @speedy-cherryblossom ! They’ve won themselves the choice between an animation or a quick sketch!!

I’d like to thank everyone who entered the raffle and just all my followers in general! I never thought that this many people would like my art! ;w;

The winners have 24 hours to claim their prizes via DM ♥️♥️