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If youโ€™re not starting the weekend off with our Pulled Pork Plate Deal Of The Day, youโ€™re doing Friday wrong!! See yโ€™all for lunch and dinner!!

Glazed! Braised veal cheeks in tempranillo on mashed potatoes. Good for the soul on a windy, chilly day! Dude, we had 100mph winds today! ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ’จ . . . . . โ€ฆ

Glazed! Braised veal cheeks in tempranillo on mashed potatoes. Good for the soul on a windy, chilly day! Dude, we had 100mph winds today! ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ’จ . . . . . โ€ฆ

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AYAM KARKAS / POTONG BROILER UKURAN 0.9-1.0 HARGA : 46.000 Ayam karkas ini adalah ayam broiler yang telah dipisahkan kepala, ceker, dan jeroannya. Ukuran per ekornya 900-1000 gr. Bisa request potong 2, 4, 8,dll.

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Peak meat... sounds delicious. Mmmmm... , yes please!

Fascinating messages on healthy eating crafted by children at my sonโ€™s French school in Germany. In the canteen they can choose a vegetarian meal if they want to. โฆโฉ

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Gibt's bei Euch an Weihnachten Fleisch ๐Ÿ–? Erzรคhlt doch mal, was bei Euch dieses Jahr auf den Tisch kommt ๐ŸŽ„ .

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beef fat

not to inflame anything but my omnivore ass loves NOTHING more than to cook things in leftover beef fat. normally its thrown away when things like chili or bolognese are made, but if you store it in a can you’ve got this pre-spiced, fast-melting, incredibly flavorful butter/oil-alternative that just elevates anything you cook in a pan. it works fantastically well with:

  • grilled cheese!!! oh my gosh have you ever had garlicky grilled cheese
  • scrambled eggs (chili spices/etc might make this taste ‘dinner-y’)
  • any kind of ‘melt’ sandwich
  • anything that needs a savory kick or normally ‘tastes like plain butter’

it’s not for everyone, especially if you’re not used to buttery/fatty foods in the first place, but ye gods it is for all intents and purposes free if you’re normally tossing the grease when you cook ground beef. what’s the harm in trying it?

for storage, I use a soup can with seran wrap tightly covering the top. you may notice, while storing it in the fridge, that there will be multiple consistencies inside. that is normal, and temperature based. no matter which part you spoon from the can (solid fat, soft solid fats, or grease), evenly applying minimal heat will reduce it to liquid nearly instantly, producing a distinctive (good) smell.

alkajsd f one of these days I’ll remember to take pictures of my food. I fail at being a millennial, apparently.

I put two chunks of elk meat, saddle I think (not backstrap) in a crock pot with a box of vegetable broth on low. Then I went to work for four hours. When I got back, I tossed in a bag of barley for an hour, then took out the elk and cubed it up. Then put the elk back in with some seasoning and a frozen mix bag of “roast vegetables,” potatoes/carrots/peppers and let it sit for half an hour, still on low.

It was pretty good! Elk cooked really well. Tender, at least imo. I have had multiple dental hygienists tell me I have overdeveloped jaw muscles and the densest jaw bone they’ve seen on x-rays, so my idea of “tender” meat isn’t everyone’s idea of it, but still. Came out good. Easy, cheap, filling meal with enough to last me all week.