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I guess No thanks Happy college! Just Tired: A POOOIIISONOUS snake!" You're welcome.

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fawnskinnn  asked:

How is your day/night going

My day was great! And my night was okay!😁

Tag Game

Thank you for tagging me @fluffyboots!!! These are so much fun!

Nicknames: Roxi, Rox

Gender: Female

Astrological Sign: Libra

Height: 5′1

Sexuality: Bi

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Favorite animal: Horses!

Number of blankets: Currently 4! It’s winter!

Where I’m from: New Zealand

Dream Trip: So many! Japan! Definitely Japan! Want to see all of it! I’m planning/saving for a big 4 weeks trip in 2021! Disneyland/world! In any country! But I’d prefer the one in Florida! Obviously places in Canada (don’t get me started on this list.. omg), America (NYC, LA, Yosemite National Park, Chicago and many others) and Europe too! Especially Christmas in Germany! And Netherlands! And also meet all the friends I’ve ever made! 

Why I started this account: Oh gee… To share all the horse linearts I coloured via photoshop at the time. It was kind of a place to randomly put it. Somehow I started reblogging quotes and eventually became a blog dedicated to DBZ and other anime!

I’m tagging @soapy0-0, @chenziee, @datwriterwannabe, @the-silver-field@inkonice, @ocearmin and @peachymess! And anyone else who wants to! :D

تو سويت أسوأ مقابلة بحياتي

ما عرفت اتكلم ما عرفت أجاوب كني أول مره أقابل غريب، حتى آخر شي قلته يفششل حسيته وده يضحك 😭💔💔

طلعت وأنا أصيح.. موجه من الإحباط واليأس… أحتاج كابتشينو 💔

This night is

one of those nights I’m going to bed hungry and this fatigue feels like a failure to have eaten an adequate amount for a while, which has accumulated, and therefore I can’t stay awake for too long rather than the regular “Oh it’s 1 A.M. I’m suddenly aware I should be tired” fatigue.

a. sides

rules: bold all the aesthetics that you relate to

thank you for tagging me @theprinceofdaegu ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

side a - the city

glittering lights, yawning skyscrapers, broken glass shards, street gangs, hip hop music, late night strolls, blinking stars, sleek cars, flickering neon signs, glittery earrings, small tattoos, empty subways, dark eyeshadow, snapping cameras, cozy apartments, fried churros, silver necklaces, dyed hair, ripped jeans, bright lipstick, dazzling smiles

side b - the book nerd (ᵔᵕᵔ)

large glasses, steaming hot chocolate, thick books, lofi music, hot pastries, soft smiles, large sweaters, quiet libraries, small flowers, melting candles, sweetened coffee, messy hair buns, soft pillows, fairy lights, vanilla scents

side c - the stereotypical girl

➹soft pinks, mini skirts, crop tops, romantic fantasies, love songs, strawberry milkshakes, lipgloss, high ponytails, candy hearts, nail polish, starbucks coffee, clear skies, hoop earrings, excited ramblings, stuttering heartbeats, rose bouquets, soft blushes

side d - the stereotypical boy

arcade games, graphic t-shirts, baseball caps, chocolate milkshakes, messy rooms, acoustic guitars, chocolate chip cookies, multi-colored bruises, rap music, nightly escapades, stolen glances, pencil-drumming, chocolate milk boxes, low hums

side e - the nature hippie

mini plants, cloud-watching, star gazing, damp forests, sandy beaches, ocean waves, wildflowers, hiking, iced lemon tea, gardening, hippie music, buttered toast, birds chirping, multi-colored leaves, evening sunlight, fruit cups, sundresses

side f - the rebel

cherry lollipops, devil hand signs, grape flavored bubble gum, rock music, killer boots, dark make-up, horror movies, denim jackets, switchblades, handguns, stargazing on rooftops, glowing cigarettes, large headphones, skull rings, converse shoes, graffiti murals, glowing moonlight, rose thorns, fishnet stockings

side g - the winter

busy cafes, oversized hoodies, drizzling rain, small snowflakes, marshmallows in hot chocolate, loose hair, sad music, reading a book, blanket forts, frozen lakes, crackling fireplaces, old movies

side h - the summer

➹tank tops, lemonade, sunny days, dripping popsicles, short haircuts, tinted sunglasses, cotton candy, amusement parks, traveling, blasting music on the car radio, wagging dog tails, large sunflowers, snow cones

side i - the autumn

pumpkin lattes, warm bakeries, warm colors, hair braids, soft sweaters, colorful leaves, purring cats, dark chocolate bars, romance movies, soft music, zentangling, vintage cameras

side j - the spring

floral scents, peach tea, mint shampoo, tinkling laughter, video cassettes, colorful paintings, excited smiles, lollipop sticks, blooming flowers, melting snow, action movies, singing in the shower

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