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Taking Laser Tag to the Next Level With Laser X Micro Blasters

Ron Davis giving his talk at Unrest showing in Massachusetts right now! Ashley Haugen will also speak, as will our hero Rivka, among others. We're on a mission to let medical community know how bad /CFS can get.

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ギターのマルチ買って一度しか使わないでしまってある。売ろうかな。28000円で買ったけど、メルカリ中古で相場2万円。 18000円で欲しい人あたらゆずります〜(知り合いに限る) BOSS ME-80 ギターマルチエフェクター -80

Had such a fun day and went out to this really cute cafe The Knot Churros and had amazing churros with chocolate and ice cream!!

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all I wanted was the world.

Tag Game

Was tagged by @unvieilesprit (thank you!! 💕)

Nickname(s): I don’t really have any. Just Orion

Star sign: Taurus

Height: 5’6”

Last film I watched: Pontypool!! I love this movie lol I’ve watched it so many times!

Song(s) stuck In my head: Fake Smile by Ariana Grande, Im so tired… by Lauv and Troye Sivan, and I Love It by Icona Pop

Other blogs: @orion-draisaitl (hockey!!)

Do I get asks: I get asks about studying?

Blogs following: 500 smth? Idk I follow a lot of hockey and fandom blogs

What am I wearing: pajamas!!! My day is over

Dream job: post secondary teacher!!! Please!

Play any instruments: god no, I’m so bad at that stuff

Languages: English and German. Learning French and Russian!

Favorite food: Sushi or Tiramisu?? Idk I love food

Favorite songs: I don’t really have a favorite, I love everything too much

Random fact: I was on my high school’s color guard :) I’m running out of new fun facts for these 😂

I tag: 🤷🏻‍♀️ whoever wants to?

opalcat2004  asked:

Gosh it apparently died after years and years of being partially abandoned but do ya got any good posts about the Flintstones park in Arizona? It like just closed down a week (literally a week ago from the day of me sending this) ago but it looked like it’s been abandoned for years and years.

Hello, thanks for your message! I’m quite sad to hear it’s closed. 

I do have one post:

Also found some websites with more pictures and info: