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Reduce stress in your staff with rewards . .

Every time you subtract Negative in your life, you make more room for positive!

Found this proof that I’m not getting any cuter as I get older. This feels like so long ago. Wait, it WAS a long time ago. I didn’t even need glasses back then. And I had a horrible shirt but hey, at least I didn’t actually buy it!

Caritas de Lupita . En el 4° Festival Internacional del Cajón "Rafael Santa Cruz" que se llevó a cabo en el - 25 de Noviembre 2018 . Foto por .mtd .

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I have to go towards this thing because the others options feel like traps, this one thing I’m focused on has been defining moments for me and the future there will be defining moments that create why I’m going towards, I don’t want to be stuck at a job I hate I want to help people and I want to challenge myself, I give myself permission to fail, and if I do then I will find something else won’t I


Tumblr, you and your Purging. Grow UP! We all have purpose here! No need to go and delete accounts just because of Sex Bots! 

All of us love it here! Spreading the art and love to others, and you’re just going to ruin it for us?

Wow, you have nerve. However, me, Teh Creator, is NOT leaving!! My art has been a big part of my life here, and I’m happy that I have friends that love it as much as I do!













And much, much more friends that I have…I can’t even count of how much support I got from you all…


Tch…However, I’m NOT leaving!! However, if I do by force…Keep it touch with me on these links.





Thank you all for being there for me, and loving my art. I’m going to enjoy my last moments here if I’m forced to go…

The Creator is Out…

(P.S: New Art is coming tomorrow!) 


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2018 Recap.

This past weekend I went out with a bunch of friends from college. While out, my friend Katie asked how I was doing. At first I started to give her the lame, “Oh it’s been fine etc, etc. “ but then I caught myself. I took a deep breath and told her how I really had done this year. My answer to her got me thinking and I would like to elaborate a bit further here in this blog.

2018 has been quite the year. Overall, it has been the hardest and one of the worst years I’ve had yet. Everything has been a grueling struggle, I’ve battled countless emotions, and I’ve overworked. I have let my intellect fall, not studied or read as much as I have wanted, and not done well with my goal list.

On the flip side it has been a rewarding year. I’ve made big steps as far as growing as a person, I have completed multiple creative projects, and I have nearly succeeded in my goal in being debt free. While I am still seeking out some answers, I feel I am finally coming to a good place mentally and emotionally.

I would say I have come into a place of clarity. I have been able to truly find out who I am as a person, what I value, and most importantly, why I act the way I act. I have been able to determine what I want in a partner, what I want out of life, and what I am willing to put up with.

It’s been hard. I’ve lost some friends. Really good friends. I’ve hit a lot of road bumps. I’ve had to buy three cars this year, which set me back a bit. I did a few things I’m not proud of. I hurt a lot of people. I’ve grown angry, been selfish, said stupid things. I’ve been indecisive and unfocused. I’ve backtracked and grown timid in the time of decision when it’s come to relationships. I took a job that I probably shouldn’t have and wasted three months of my life in a sense.


I grew closer to my Mama and Dad than I ever have. I’ve proven to myself I can withstand a lot of pressure. I have rekindled my love for creating and writing and pouring out my thoughts on a page. I’ve reset my focus and started to take steps towards a career. Maybe it will turn out to be wrong for me…but at least I am taking the steps. I’m preparing my proverbial field for the rain and an eventual harvest. I’ve made new amazing friends and grown closer to old friends. I’ve read some good books. I’ve rethought my life philosophy and the way I approach situations that arise.

If 2018 had to be summed up in song it would be this stanza from Weekend by Mac Miller,

“I been having trouble sleeping
Battling these demons
Wondering what’s the thing that keeps me breathing
Is it money, fame or neither
I been thinking about the places that I frequent
All the people that I see
I started livin’ decent
But what do it mean to be a G?”

I’ve lain awake many nights this year pondering life, the monster I call me, figuring out what it is I am pursuing, who do I hang out with. But I’ve made some necessary steps to better myself. I’ve had a metamorphosis, an awakening, a renewal. I’m learning…finally.

I think my man NF sums up where I was (and still struggle with being at),

“Faith is something I am not accustomed to
Trusting other people’s something I don’t really love to do
I’ve never been a fan of it, I act tougher
Really my shoulders they ain’t built for this and I don’t have nothing
It’s like I’m standing in the rain and you offer me a raincoat
But I would rather stand there being wet than take the handout
What’s wrong with me?”

Before this year I was extremely judgemental. Proud. Angry. Constant chip on my shoulder. I believed manhood was in what you did, not how you acted. This year I’ve allowed myself to feel once again. To understand. To take correction.

So what does 2019 look like?

It will be a release of creative projects. It will be continual clarity. I will continue to learn to slow down and appreciate every day. I will continue to learn to be grateful in all things. 2018 may have been the climb, but I am determined to make 2019 a peak. A place I can look back upon and be so grateful for. 2018 was the struggle, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The lessons I learned and the hurts I felt will only continue to make me a better person.

You can’t put a price on that.

And for that.

Thank you.