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Day 16 of Inktober: Wild

The spirit king from Princess Mononoke!

puts plastic takeout container not marked microwave safe in the microwave because i’m sexy and dangerous like that


I’ve been kinda depressed lately & hating my appearance, but tbh being on t really has been good for me & I kinda want to let my facial hair grow out, but it’s difficult to sometimes balance being a nb lesbian woman who just happens to get t injections w/ like… society + ppl gendering me incorrectly yddgfhgj as it is w/ most trans ppl lol

An Open Letter to My Deamon

The day you silenced me I let you speak

And from your mouth poisonous words did leak

Entering my brain and seeping down deep

It’s no surprise, I never get to sleep

I️ barter with my demon for peace

I️ don’t remember renting him a lease

Yet he occupies me while I️ beg for release

Like a parasite, my fear is his feast

Powered by his words that never do cease


There are no rhymes with those words

Those words are like bullets that rip through this body leaving holes only I can see

But somehow I still never flee

The worst part is when I realize it is I who wields the gun

But somehow it’s still you who won

Pulling the trigger kills us both yet you make it sound so tempting

When did death’s embrace begin to feel accepting?

Desire for escape feels like a caress across once broken skin

Remembrance of attempts unsuccessful much to your chagrin

But I am not you and you are not me

And to my banishment I will never agree

There is no fucking “we”

This body belongs only to me

This fight is silent but I still rage

And by you I will not be upstaged

This is a poem about mental illness that is anything but poetic

My pain is not for your fucking aesthetic

There is no beauty in trauma, no beauty in pain

There is no beauty in this fucking shame


At my cousin’s wedding reception last night, got super drunk coz i wasn’t eating, wore ethnic clothes for like - the first time.

It was also the first time a lot of my extended family like saw me since i transitioned lmao and shoutout to my mum for agreeing to take a picture with me lmao


Old photos from a couple months ago but I love them and never shared…

Would you rather cum on my tits or bruise them? No cheating, you can’t do both in this game! 😝

It’s been 5 weeks since you broke my heart. I miss you. You were my best friend, my life, my love. We talked about moving in together in the next few months. The past 7 years were some of the best years of my life. It hurts knowing that you have moved on already. I keep telling myself not to call, but all I want to do is pick up the phone. I wish things could have been different between us. My heart will never be the same… 💔💔💔💔