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Real fuckin talk. My future gf gotta know. Massive weakness to my heart and just a lot of shit in general is any form of kitten cosplay. Or wolf cosplay, fox cosplay etc. WHEN A GIRL BE WEARING FUCJING CAT EARS, CAT PAWS, CAT TAIL. THAT SHIT BE FUCKING CUTE ASF, SEXY, HOT, ETC. LIKE HOLY FUCK YALL BE CUTE. YALL WHO WEAR THAT STUFF AND IM SO THANKFUL IT EGXISTS cause loke k wear wolf eats sometimes that I steal from a friend(when I had hair) and just like. That history just fucking cute on any girl.

Pushing yourself to do things you don’t feel like doing is hard, but. I think it’s important to try and do so anyway. I feel like I’m building a drive.

Uuh. The best way to describe it is like the energizer bunny. Keep going.

Even if you’re afraid, keep going.

Even if someone does you wrong, do them better, and keep going.

When all feels lost, when you think you can’t go or do anymore… Keep. Going.

Tumblr story time, and I swear I’m not making this up:

So I work at a rest home and in the evening I go into the dementia ward to do the dishes and this one woman who lived in the dementia ward was trying to slip out the door so I realised I needed to quickly tell someone so they could grab her and turn her around. So once I found who I was looking for I opened my mouth and meant to say “hey one of your residents are trying to leave” but I panicked because I couldn’t remember the word ‘resident’ as it was late at night and i was very tired so what I actually said was “HEY ONE OF YOUR INMATES ARE TRYING TO ESCAPE”

So anyway I’m not looking forward to going back to work any time soon

Skin Care Review??

Hello internet friends, after a LONG break I have decided to come back with something that is near and dear to me hear: SKIN CARE. I will explain why it is so important to me and all that good stuff, but I will do that a little later. My main purpose of this post is to inform you all that I will be posting about my current skin care and how much it has changed me physically and mentally. Unfortunately, I do not know when that will be coming up but I promise that it will be thoroughly reviews into different parts. The reason being is because I know some people don’t want to sit for ten years and read everything but I will be making different parts just because I don’t want to bore anyone. With that being said, I am going to bid everyone good night or good morning! Bye bye.

Really fun commission I did for @pidgeyartto

I know it’s not the best to project into the future, however I always become subtlety giddy when I think about the woman I will be, the woman I’m becoming. I think of all the literature I want to consume and greedily digest. I think of all the words to cultivate and expand my vocabulary and speech. I think of all the languages I plan to be fluent in. The art I want to create, the images and feelings I want to convey through writing. I think of how I will be stylish, the poise I will obtain; the grace I will carry on my shoulders and the humbleness I will drape over my arm. I think of my intellectual and spiritual growth and healing, and how it will emanate outward and manifest into abundance.

And not all days are good, but they are never completely bad, and the divine timing between and the taming of my restlessness moves me forward. I’m always reminded that things are falling into place and that there is reward in the progress before the final outcome. It gives me a happiness that is comforting.

Working towards the woman I wish to become, cultivating myself and expanding my horizons to the best of my abilities always puts that knowing smile on my face. I know I’m becoming what I want to be and more. And the time in-between is such a beautiful time that we often try to rush through

Hi I just wanted you to have this because i cannot stop laughing over it. 

AHAHAHAHA OH MY GOD THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!! Listen, I stand by my claim. If there is any modern rock star pop culture equivalent to Lestat, it’s Brendon Urie. He writes fucking BANGERS about being bi/pansexual, has great hair, his stage persona is super narcissistic, sassy, and arrogant when irl he’s super sweet and funny, all his music is angsty and poetic as fuck (see: the Vices and Virtues album), he went through a phase where he was obsessed with Victorian aesthetics, and he was even on Broadway in a show where he had to wear thigh high red sparkly stilettos. 

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him perform 5 times, and I swear, he’s the closest living thing we have to Lestat.