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You see... just as ..... The Fed doesnt get to take a day off work for fear of losing all the power, God will not let me take a ... off being a servant of The LORD bc those who come against ... will fall under .... my power. πŸ˜‡

after thinking of a good tweet but not being able to tweet it then forgetting it, allowing me to come to the conclusion that my tweet wasn’t good in the first place?

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i’m so glad i’m not straight

Had a review with my boss today.

I was nervous, but he said he can see how hard I’m working and that I’m not only doing more than my job description, but I’m also doing more than they ever expected of me. He also said he is going to negotiate getting me a bump in salary since I’ve been going above and beyond.

Woo! I’ve never been given a performance based raise at work, so I feel pretty tickled and happy over that one. Don’t know how much yet, but he said he was going to work to get as much as he can.

Hey so, quick life update from me-everything’s kind of going crazy again. As I posted about a month ago I moved from where I had been living back to my parent’s house (which is about 3h hours away). Well, I just managed to get a job back in that city, so I am scrambling to look for housing and then will have to move all my stuff (again) and be starting my job and getting used to the shifts. So, because of all that insanity, my stories may not be updated for some times as writing time is likely to be hard to come by :P