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This shit is fucked up. Something needs to be done. I usually never fucking do this but this broke my heart

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Here is today's Morning Call totally soaked!!! Calling tomorrow to cancel both online and regular delivery.

Clap bonjour, c'est lundi ! On ouvre son agenda et on regarde les événements innovation et entrepreneuriat à ne pas manquer au mois de mai !

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Flint Hill morning call news delivery person hits again. They just can't get it in the box. And we are supposed to get rain!

The holidays around the corner means NEW ARRIVALS ALL WEEK! 😍✨🙌🏻 How pretty is our new striped long sleeve?! So fun and perfect for last minute shopping this weekend! 🛍

33 degrees, but beautiful sunset over the Jordan Creek in Covered Bridge Park, , today.

Well Flint Hill Road Morning Call delivery person does it again. Here is some of the paper the rest blew down the road

Pinebrook Family Answers is grateful to be part of The Morning Call's "Be An Angel" campaign. Visit

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Happy Sunday! 🌞🙌🏻⠀ We’re enjoying our Sunday’s best with fall vibes! 🍂❤️⠀ Loving this off the shoulder dress we paired with our maroon booties! ✨⠀ We open at 1pm! ⠀

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Scott McCall Imagine- Let Me Fix You

Word Count: 519

Request: 14 with Scott please maybe he’s injured during a fight with Liam from the end of season 5? -Anon

“Just sit down and let me take care of you”

You were laying in your bed staring up the ceiling with a frown on your face. Scott hadn’t let you go out to fight with them, and you were worried. Anything could happen and you wouldn’t know. The thoughts flooded your mind of what could happen while he was out.

You turned to the side and sighed. He wasn’t back yet, and you normally slept with him by your side. You took in short breaths before shutting your eyes. You laid for around thirty minutes before you groaned from boredom and pulled out your phone. You literally rolled out of bed and landed with a thump on the ground before standing back up and making your way to the kitchen. You rummaged through the fridge and pulled out a box of pizza. You opened it to look at the cheesy goodness. You nodded in approval and set it on the counter and then jumped on the counter yourself.

You opened your Tumblr blog and scrolled through the many posts lining the screen. You laughed lightly as you looked at gifs of some guy from a show about vampires. You quickly shot up as you heard a furious knocking on the door.

You slowly moved to grab your extra baseball bat you had in the kitchen, for midnight snack purposes of course and walked over to the door. You peered through the door hole thingy but didn’t see anything. You shook your head before clutching the bat tighter and opening the door.

You looked to the right before screaming and flailing the bat as you saw a shadow of a person right beside you. In response, you heard a familiar yelling too. You quieted once you recognized the sound and steadied your breathing.

“Scott?” You questioned as you looked at him. He was clutching his side with a groan.

“Holy crap, you’re almost as bad as Stiles.”

Your eyes widened as you pulled him into a hug. You mumbled about how you didn’t now it was him and how happy you were to see him. He just smiled in response before placing his chin on the top of your head.

You quickly pulled him inside and into the kitchen, where you turned on the light and placed him beside the counter. You looked at him under the light and searched his face. He grinned at your worried face as you lightly touched the few cuts he had. You grabbed the first aid kit from under the kitchen sink and grabbed the Band-Aids and such. You sat him on the counter and pulled his face down to your height as you stood in between his legs.

“What happened?” You growled as you continued to patch him up.

“Liam,” he mumbled out as you nodded.

You lightly touched his face with a frown still on your lips. He ducked down and kissed you making a small smile appear on your face. He started to stand up but you immediately pushed him back to the counter.

“I’m fine, it’s just a few scratches.”

“Just sit down and let me take care of you.”


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so i dont know if this is nothing at all but is anyone else wondering whats up with the adults in beacon hills, or more specifically some of the men? Sherrif Stillinski, Papa Mcall, and coach all use to drink and i dont know when mcall and stillinski started but isnt weird about coach being sober for 15 years? im guessing that means he was an alcoholic for at least some amount of time so maybe around the time scott and the pack (with exception of derek and young liam) were born and the adults seem to all know eachother, especially with the way lydia’s mum was saying 15 years and oh bobby. It’s probably just cause they all grew up in beacon hills or something  and maybe im thinking too much but its just an interesting thought

teen wolf
  • sadly i only got to watch the latest episode of teen wolf today - it came out on monday and its thursday - so as usual I'm completely shocked, confused and scared which is my reaction to every teen wolf episode ........i wish something good will happen - and i thought it was bad back in season 2 - now its just outta control - damn u teen wolf, stop messen with my god damn emotions!
Teen Wolf AU: Senior Catastrophe

Characters (all young versions of characters)




Coach Finstock

Sheriff Stilinski

Adrian Harris

Melissa Mcall

Kate Argent

Victoria Argen

Laura Hale

Mr. Lahey


The Hale Family

            Derek stared out of the window, flicking his pencil back and forth repeatedly as he ignored Mr. Rudder, the Pre-Calculus teacher, ramble on and on about some sort of math he would never understand. He didn’t pay attention because he knew it would never matter anyway, he would soon become the alpha after Peter died and his job would be to take care of his betas. It wasn’t his job to ensure that his betas knew Pre-Cal, but it was his job was to make sure they stay alive long enough to fall asleep learning it. “Mr. Hale? Mr. Hale?” The Mr. Rudder’s voice faded in as he quickly snapped out of his day dreaming. “Is there a natural disaster occurring outside our window?” Derek froze and pondered for a moment, then shook his head no. “Well then Mr. Hale, I know that it seems selfish, but I’d prefer if you focus on me during my class, please.” Mr. Rudder quickly replied.  Derek nodded and slouched down in his chair.

Peter laughed heartily at Derek’s humiliation and Mr. Rudder shot a new look at him. “Do you find something especially funny Mr. Hale?” he spat. “I don’t find anything funnier than when you get mad, sir. In fact, your face turns bright red, a vein pops out of your neck and… you know what you just look like a strawberry, but let’s continue Pre-Cal because it’s sooooooooo very interesting.” Peter quickly returned. Mr. Rudder paused angrily for a moment, and his face became a strawberry just as Peter had explained, and all of the students noticed. Mr. Rudder’s face became somber when he noticed the student’s smirks. “Well then Mr. Hale, you may tell this joke to Principal Withers this Saturday from 8 until noon, now may we continue?” Peter slouched down in his chair, unhappy with the repercussions for his factual evidence that his teacher was an actual nincompoop. “…If we must.” Peter groaned. Mr. Rudder gave an extremely fake smile and continued to ramble on about Pre-Calculus.


“Laura! Laura!” Someone screamed running down the hallway. Laura Hale spun around quickly on her heels to face the person calling her name. Her expression of confusion quickly turned into one of happiness when she saw her gorgeous boyfriend, Chris Argent, sprinting down the hallway looking handsome as ever. Laura dropped her Vera Bradley bag and jumped into his strong arms. “Hi baby,” Chris whispered, kissing Laura on the cheek. He gently placed her back on her feet and smiled down at her. “Miss me?” He asked. Laura nodded quickly, her cheeks turning bright red. Chris grabbed hold of her cheeks and kissed her quickly, earning an array of jeers from the surrounding boys, but they didn’t care, the only thing that mattered to them was each other. “How was the wedding?” Laura asked. “Great… it was a great wedding… but not that great without you.” Chris said. The two stood there silently just sappily gazing into each other’s eyes until finally, John Stilinski coughed loudly, breaking their fixation on each other’s faces. “I thought we were going to get milkshakes, but if you two want to continue watching each other blink, that’s cool too.” He interjected. Mary, John’s girlfriend since freshman year, nodded in agreement with John’s suggestion and adjusted herself in his grip around her waist. Chris grinned, “I guess we should go then… Want me to carry your books?” Before Laura could even reply, Chris had already taken everything from her and was ready to head out.