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Mattel Goldust Elite Figure Wrestling WWF Legend Wrestler | (Tweeted via )

Do NOT order from !!! There are rumors they are closing their already fraudulent business!!! If you have any orders start disputing them ASAP!!!

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IQ Kitty will forever own my heart

Please, help mybingewatchingself

Can anybody tell me where to find RPDR streaming online? I’m miserable without it in Netflix😔😔

Trixie Mattel woke up shaved her head every day for the perfect egg..she wore that BUTTONUP honey waste snatched arms out butch every day..had that APPLE WATCH bitch shined every day for ensure perfection! Trixie Mattel, every day wakes up and thinks “here’s how I’m gonna gag the girls today” and slips on her icon baseball cap


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Anxiety has been a fuckboy today so I did my nails and rewatched a bunch of unhhhh episodes and I have a few considerations: 1) I miss unhhhh so much it’s not even funny like Jesus Christ it was SO GOOD honest to god it really really was, 2) ttaks has some really really nice bits and I was so proud of them for getting that deal but I fully believe that keeping up unhhhh would have been better for their career, 3) matching point 1 unhhhh was seriously a funny and good show and you have to admit this even if you don’t like Katya, Trixie or both of them, and 4) they did YES have an amazing chemistry and that is absolutely undeniable no matter how you feel about either of them or their friendship/partnership whatever, there are some episodes where they jump from topic to topic in very easy banter with NO EDITING CUTS it really is just them and you can see they get along well so that’s the T on that thanks for your attention I love unhhhh bye