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IMPORTANT UPDATE TO THE BELOW POST: While Popcak’s instruction on how to love your spouse in a totally self-sacrificial and giving way+how to be a chaste spouse (and by extrapolating, also a single person) is a 13/10, his teachings on what he refers to as licit forms of marital sexuality are 0/10, reader beware.

Kieran and I have been reading “Holy Sex!: A Catholic Guide to Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing, Infallible Loving” by Gregory Popcak (it’s not as graphic as the title makes it seem, actually far from it) as part of our marriage prep and honestly it is such a blessing.

I’m so glad someone finally explained to me how to master the virtue of chastity and totally self-sacrificial love in a way other than “just try to distract yourself” or “just pray about it” (and you totally should pray about it but if you’re like me and need instructions on how to grow it’s not always the most helpful thing).

I’m not over-exaggerating when I say this book has changed my life forever, and definitely for the better. It’s the answer to so many of my fervent prayers (including all the times I “just prayed about it” per above advice).

It’s helping me to grow closer to God, grow closer to Kieran, and to heal wounds from past relationships, some of which I had no idea were still lingering and holding me back in both these relationships.

It’s written for married couples but if anyone has any questions on what the Church actually teaches with regard to how to live out your sexuality in a moral and upstanding manner in line with the Church, which is described beautifully if I may add, I would 13/10 recommend.


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Childhood is about innocence and playfulness..😀. It is about Joy, Enjoyment and Freedom..‍♀️😎. HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY


what is my purpose, in this moment? I am awake. maybe it is to simply breath deeply while I have breath. or to use this words as a gentle reminder to me about what is to come. I affirm and have faith that all God has in store for me is mine. You are claimed. I think sometimes maybe just maybe God wants us to show our level of trust and commitment to what God has promised us. You do not get what is yours by being filled with doubt. That in itself is a blockage. I am open to receive. I am open to give. I am open. In these moments where something is tugging me, it is my earnest prayers for the Holy Spirit to guide my mind and my thoughts. Guide my mind and my thoughts Holy Spirit and let them meditate on only what you know they need to be meditated upon. Gracious father in this night, another night that I am of flesh and breath, thats I want to express gratitude for my husband. For the king you chose for me. Let me be a woman of God and contribute back to the kingdom by being a submissive wife to a righteous man of God who is eager to please and serve you, who has turned his back on the world and picked up his cross. Let him guide me closer to the heavens, let me cover him with love and protection. For everything that is done by your power and your will is all that is to sustain in this lifetime. Lead us in holy matrimony and shield us from evil. In the mighty name of Jesus who died for us to have life and love, AMEN
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Congratulations To Shepali & Karan Kochhar Team

anonymous asked:

If it’s non sexual, can an unmarried couple enter into a Dom/sub dynamic, basing their structure around biblical relationship rules, equality, mutual respect, and each other’s needs? I’m converting to Catholicism and he was raised adjacent to the Catholic Church but never confirmed. He’s willing to convert. We have been together for almost two years now. We do not participate in S/m or absolute control but rather a guidance by him and mutual decisions

Fam, a Dom/sub dynamic is likely not a good idea. Just straight out, imma say that. It is, by its very nature, degrading to the sub, whether that’s the man or the woman. I would strongly advise against it.

Mutual decisions are good. Do realize that you each have strengths that the other may not have. He may be better at financing, while you may be better at education. That’s the way it is with my parents (my dad is a COO at a financial firm, and my mom is a principal). So dad guides the financial decisions of the family, and mom guides the ones about our education. They work with each other for every decision, but take into account each other’s experience and abilities. A marriage is a union of two people, not a contract of complete dominion of one over the other.