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📘 Have a look now at the latest teacher diary and see how Duncan Whittaker, Mathematics teacher is using in class with his students ➡️ You can see Duncan's previous diaries on our blog page!

Well done to Abby, Alicia and Kerry who came first in Mr Cooke's project for maths in sport. The girls picked and delivered an excellent presentation on the maths behind Olympic dressage. Brilliant effort!

Thirsty for mathematics research? Sip on an Espresso from Cambridge Mathematics - a small but intense draught of filtered research on mathematics education.

This week's puzzle allows pupils to make all sorts of connections between representations of fractions. What would you expect to hear? How would you deepen understanding?

Number Puzzle - JSNumbers - - can you solve all the levels? Try today!

Today's Maths lesson Starter of the Day requires pupils to identify which are the correct nets for cubes and which cubes are dice.

Need a bit of help from your students. I want 3 of these... what should I go for?

New Revision Resource!! PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD - All things number!! 🤓🤞 🔷Minimally Different Examples 🔷90 Number Based Questions!!! 🔷Funky Fonts 🔷Another enormous sexy grid! It must feel like Christmas has come early this year! 😂

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