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In our Cake! issue, maths and cake combine as children solve complex equations to build the Cake Tower of Hanoi. It’s a real head-scratcher!🎂 🎨 by

End of year big maths quiz with AceVote set to '3 is the magic number'

सोपे झाले अवघड हो.. शाळेत तरी ठिक आहे पण व्यावहारात कच्चे राहतील मुलं..

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¡Seguimos sumando éxitos matemáticos! Valeria Cagigas, de 1º de Bachillerato, subcampeona nacional en el VII edición del 👉 en el que han participado 11.800 alumnos de toda España

A total of 17 schools took part in the first round of the Bank Windhoek Coastal Challenge, hosted in Swakopmund on Wednesday, 12 June 2019. Read more:

Featuring the Top 3 XP earners across various age categories & subjects, congratulates all of you. Pls tag yourself in the comments. Keep playing to feature in the list.

In mathematics, this starts by invoking problem solving and reasoning. In less than two months, we shall be holding our annual Maths Camp at Manor House Agricultural Centre, Kitale. Find out more details here.

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Initier les élèves à la beauté des suite&fin ! La déco est terminée 🤩 merci à mes petits élèves pour leur persévérance et leur créativité !

We loved working with this morning, we practiced lots of different skills including addition, subtracting, division, multiplication and problem solving

Bonjour bon reveil a tous et toutes.. on branche bonjour les loulous and co les z'ami(e)s . ..passez une tres belle journee 😘☀️☀️☀️☀️ bon courage pour le aujourdhui hummm j adorai 🤮les !

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Maths & ? Absolutely! Check out how ACEMS Chief Investigator Matt Roughan from uses & to shed some interesting light on the Marvel Comics Universe (MCU) movie series. Here is his latest post:

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QGR Visitor and Friend Alessio Marrani presents a class of embeddings of real forms of semi-simple Lie algebras, and highlights their role in Maxwell-Einstein (super)gravity theories in various space-time dimensions.

1 exam to go

My last exam is tomorrow! It’s just the short option for which I chose complex functions, so it only counts towards whether or not I get a first, and not whether or not I pass the year. When my compulsory exams finished Thursday I thought complex functions was looking absolutely hopeless, but now I think I’m doing alright except for not being very efficient. The mandatory exams didn’t feel like they went as well as I’d hoped based on my past papers and collections, but oh well, it wasn’t terrible, so I’m going to try my best tomorrow just in case it’s enough, wish me luck :)

Oh my god you guys, I had my oral exam today and it went better than I could’ve ever dreamt of! They were all so nice and I got the topic I was the best in and I just couldn’t be happier.

Still feels so surreal 🌼

Btw I’m going to start posting some poetry and travel related stuff for the next months since I’ve got a lot more time to write now and I plan on writing some travel inspired poems so stay tuned for that!


So it’s been a while… (it’s an old pic) I took all my finals and I needed some time to unwind. I’d been to Greece for a week and now I am preparing for my IELTS exam. It’s in 12 days. 

I don’t want to leave this blog just because of summer holiday. I am going to learn programming and build my first robot. Stay tuned!!


Third lecture of ‘Percentage and its application’ series is up now. Feel free to check out. Let me know what do you think?

Share it with your friends, family, schoolmates, tuition mates, family friends….

Only aim is to make concepts of students clear at earlier stage of education.

Subscribe to my channel.. ✌️

Crying over Maths

I’m not proud of this, but I detest maths. I’m not horrible at it per say, but unlike most of the people I know, I was never able to memorize the times tables. Why? I honestly don’t know - believe me, I spent many an hour trying.

I am 18 years old and whenever I need to do mental math, I can’t just add up, subtract, divide, and multiply at the speed of light. I need to take a minute to visualize what I’m doing, and quite often I count in my fingers.

This isn’t what makes me cry, however. What brings a flush of frustration to my fave and tears of shame is when people around me give me that “are you stupid?” look and question whether or not I’m educated at all.

“YES, Debra, I am educated. God forbid it takes me longer than 0.03 seconds to multiply 8×7.”

When put on the spot I tend to panic and it takes me a minute to adjust to the pressure and focus. Belittling me, rushing me, or not giving me a chance will make me cry. My fave will become the colour of a tomato and I’ll turn away from you to silently cry because suddenly, I feel incompetent and retarded.

If you see someone struggling with something that comes easily to most people, don’t you dare do a thing to make them feel badly. Trust me, they already feel that way.

ughhh I’m so sad because I haven’t gotten round to finishing writing the second chapter of ‘Forever Yours’ (if you haven’t read that check it out, it’s my fic just scroll a bit down) and I HAVE THIS GREAT IDEA FOR AN ANGST FIC THAT’S PROBABLY GOING TO BE ANOTHER JOHNNY BASED FIC (it’s not my fault Johnny is like, literally perfect for every role sksksk) but I have these goddamn exams coming up for the next week and for Maths I just did three weeks of revision in two days.

my brain feels like it’s melting and my head hurts 😭

anyways, no one probably cares about this 😂 but I just wanted to share this and I hope at least one person is interested in the new angst fic ooh

“When you decide to chase your dream you become your own teacher to guide yourself throughout the journey”

Congratulations to me 🎉🎉

Day 7/100


Today I have just finished the first chapter of maths.

Sometimes you just need to go outdoors and refresh your mind .😊😊😊