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Love these equation building tasks. Great to discuss how each equation is different in context but equal when simplified.

Primary 2 have been learning about measure this week. They were estimating and measuring using metres and half metres. We even had someone correctly estimate a length of 2 metres!

Projet Ecp-cooler Ce midi : mise en place de la séparation en aluminium. Objectif commencer les mesures vendredi. William doit rencontrer une professeure de Physique pour parler de l'effet Venturi.

My Always inspired by the humble P. Scholze: "My work doesn't start w/a particular problem I want to solve, but w/some elusive concept I want to understand". ❄Endless curiosity & search. ❄Advantage play,algebraic number thy & probabilities. ❄Hunting.

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Really engaging day with the Y4/5 teams , great professional discussions and opportunities to plan retrieval practice sessions from QLA

Year 3 did an outstanding job of showing off their knowledge to 70+ visitors in the lesson this morning. Thank you to Ms Vanessa Peipei Ruan for sharing her practice with us.

Cricket measures this morning ⚖️! Year 5 had cricket lengths, areas and weights to measure. Every correct answer earned them a letter towards their cricket related word. Can you figure out what they are?

Great client meeting today with new client, school in south west London. Presented new website design to both staff & student rep’s great response 👌school won many accolades for teaching of & +arts (below)

Good start to our ratio topic today. The children really got to explore the problem through journal task

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More weak memes and flavorless puns

Do you know the feeling

when you are not sure if the ordering is asymmetric and transitive, or antisymmetric or perhaps maybe symmetric and antisymmetric so maybe it is a linear ordering or a quasi ordering or a chain but wait it is reflexive or rather irreflexive and then there is completness, too so is it a weak ordering or what?

Wish those people were a bit less messy and didn’t name the same thing different names…

days of productivity [15/100]

I don’t hate monday but it’s not my favorite day of the week at all… After school I went to training and hurt my knee again, nothing more to add to that. When I got home at 5pm it took me just 2 hours to do maths, Latin and English homework and to study for my history exam by making a Mindmap. Whilst doing that I made a time-laps to start time-lapse Tuesday on my instagram. I’ve just finished my yoga and meditation and I’m going to continue reading the wizard of Oz.

I haven’t really given a try to making flash cards before. I’ve seen many students use these and now I know why. They’re indispensable for summarising formulae and last minute revision.

P.S. These look rough and untidy because I made them myself by cutting out pieces of chart paper.

P.P.S. Open the images for better quality.

days of productivity [14/100]

I had a planned out day today. Right in the morning I took some notes and prepared for tomorrow before going for an early run through the forest. After having lunch I worked on my physics portfolio and got ready to go to a ballet performance one of my friends was participating at and to wish her a happy birthday. To prepare for getting back into training I did multiple workouts today to strengthen my muscles a little. I’m going to read a little now and see if I’m going to get up at 3:30 to take some photos of the blood moon.

ESTJ maths teacher: The Greeks went through a phase of trying to construct things using just a compass and a straight edge. I’m not sure why - I think it was just because they could.

ISTP: But you shouldn’t murder someone just because you can.

ESTJ maths teacher: What? There’s a difference between murdering people and drawing a line!

ISTP: No there isn’t! You stab a person with a knife, you stab paper with a compass!

INTP: Plus a person was alive until you killed them. Paper is already a tree corpse.

ESTJ maths teacher: …