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💖😍 1️⃣ me da mucho amor este tuit, 2️⃣ es genial 😃 leer la cadena original 👍🏼 profes 🗣 emociónense 3️⃣rememorando clases maravillosas dejo imágenes y parar que se entienda lo de la torta ☺️

Our fabulous 1st year media crew had an amazing time yesterday! Learning about not forgetting some and skills too. Thanks for a fab day

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Some of Y4 have taken part in the second round of their today. They all tried really hard, showing determination and commitment. Fingers crossed for a good result!

We are thoroughly enjoying using to develop our mathematical skills. Today, we have used base ten equipment to explore decimal numbers!

FREE times tables grids. Year 2 - 5 Year 3 - 10 Year 4 - 10 Including challenging ones which require some reasoning!

Primaries, how have pupils adapted to the new curriculum? KS2 Question Level Analysis shows data for 2017/18 and the last three years - curriculum strands vs. national data and by low/middle/high attaining groups.

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March 21st, 2019.

Doing my quadratics homework, which we began today. I’m pretty happy because I have a 94 average in math, despite the 71 I got on my last quiz. Also (I hope I don’t jinx myself) I think I did really well (98? 100?? I’m crossing my fingers) on the unit test so hopefully that’ll bring it up even more!

Tomorrow is a P.D day so I can finally get some sleep. I’m nervous about EQAO next week but I know I’m gonna kick it’s butt.

Happy studying!

Tips for Freshers 2019🎉

It’s coming up to the end of my first year, and I’m all about reflecting on things to improve!

Here are a few tips to help those new to university/ college in the next academic year:

1. Take notes during your lectures, seminars and tutorials

I cannot stress this enough! You will not want to be writing up your notes a few weeks before your exams. University is much more demanding with school and if you don’t stay on top of notes, there isn’t much chance to catch up.

2. Make notes that aren’t copied from your textbooks or slides

Make notes that make sense to you. Do your research on topics to make sure you understand it fully and then make the notes in a way that you understand the most.

3. Don’t necessarily do the extra reading (unless your lecturer tests on that content and doesn’t teach it themselves)

Unless your teacher won’t teach the reading they have set for you, its not necessarily a good idea to read it. I find it easier to find my own resources that help me understand the topics that I will be tested on. Then I write summaries to help me.

4. Learn when you’ve done enough for the day (the most important tip)

University is the most stressful period of your life, there is no doubt of that. You need to learn to look after yourself and call it a day when your brain can’t cope anymore.

It’s useless sitting at your desk or in the library when your brain is too tired/distracted to be productive. What’s worse is if you are unproductive in these spaces your brain won’t associate them with productivity in the future. So learn to call it a day.

That means go home, read your favourite book, run a bath and sleep.

5. Try to make a diverse friendship group

Maybe be friends with someone who enjoys going out, be friends with those who strive for the best, be friends with people who are super productive but mostly, be friends with those who build you up to be a better person.

6. When it comes to revising…

Read your notes once, maybe highlight them a little. But do not make this your go to method. Challenge yourself with questions, have revision sessions with friends, peer assess work. The more interactive your study sessions the more you will benefit from it.

Do not forget to have fun! Amongst all of the stress of studying, you will make the best moments of your life at university and meet people that you will know for a very long time. Be sensible but also know when to let your hair down.

Good luck to all of you, I hope you do amazingly 💗

19.03.19 - Terça

Neblina, chá e Pseudocódigo

Ainda preciso resolver vários exercícios para evoluir a escrita. A cada aula, com os exemplos e dúvidas, aprendo detalhes novos que ajudam no aperfeiçoamento do código.

[@bedreskistudies] ✴


New strategy for maths so I’m feeling better!

  • Greek vocab revision
  • Biology revision
  • Maths revision
  • Piano

Also I bought my first bullet journal today! It was made by some people I know for a project, and I love it! Most of the layout is already drawn in (beautifully) which means I get more time to write in the stuff I need :) I *finally* wrote down my exam timetable as well 😂

Currently stuck in my head: ohh @irony-and-tea knows 😂

Day 12/70

19th March,2019

All nighter doesn’t suit me!

All nighter doesn’t suit me!!

All nighter doesn’t f**king suit me!!!

So last night’s intended study schedule faded into drowsiness and was spent sleeping at 2am… Oh the worst part… It lasted till 12:30 pm and that was the beginning of my demotivated morning (noon😑)…

So having lunch and whining over the fact that I slept 10+ hours was all that happened in rest of the noon.

I studied only 3-4 hrs today… 😐

  • Binomial theorem: revised
  • P & C : completed

But I’m sleeping now cause I think I’ll start over with following the decided time table tomorrow morning…😴


*internal screaming*

  • Maths
  • That’s it
  • Literally just hours of maths
  • Tiny bit of chemistry

There is so much to do! I know I’ll probably be ok but this week is unfortunately busy and I’m moderately slightly incredibly stressed because in my mind I’m going to fail😂