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Having fun dividing by 10 and 100.

Introduction to tangent of 45 degrees value in and to derive the exact value of tan 45 degrees.

Find the value of xยฒ+yยฒ+zยฒ if x = rcosฮฑcosฮฒ, y = rcosฮฑsinฮฒ and z = rsinฮฑ

Our school is only as good as our teachers, which means investing in each other. This year's first professional development day focused on mathematics, and we can't wait to get some of these new ideas working in the classrooms.

Is everyone excited for ? we certainly are, and we are featuring our journals at the T&F booths 325-327 โ€“ drop by and sign up for news and offers. @JointMathematicsMeetings

We have been exploring multiplication using arrays. The children have been using arrays to understand that multiplication is commutative.

Resources for the reformed GCE Further specification available here: This resource looks at some of the new topics in both AS andA2 units: โ€ข Non-parametric tests โ€ข Coupled First-Order Differential Equations โ€ข Chi-Squared Tests

Primary 2 have been asking each other their favourite colour and using the information to make a graph ๐ŸŽจ

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A Hopf fibration. This gorgeous visualization portrays a suitably deep idea in differential topology.

The Hopf fibration describes 3-spheres (aka hyperspheres, 4-dimensional analogues of spheres), in terms of “ordinary” spheres and circles. It is an early example of a fiber bundle.

Quoting Wikipedia, “Technically, Hopf found a many-to-one continuous function (or ‘map’) from the 3-sphere onto the 2-sphere such that each distinct point of the 2-sphere comes from a distinct circle of the 3-sphere (Hopf 1931). Thus the 3-sphere is composed of fibers, where each fiber is a circle—one for each point of the 2-sphere.”

Hopf fibrations have many useful properties. I write, however, because they are beautiful.

Mathematics is beautiful. <3

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Late night topology… It’s super theoretical but it really helps get the ins and outs of single-variable and multi-variable analysis!

Generally speaking, the convergence of a sequence in R is defined using the absolute value, but it is a choice of a certain distance! Convergence can actually be defined with any distance!! How general is that hahaha

Hi studyblr community! I have been using tumblr for a very long time and now i decided to start a study blog to share what i am studying on a daily basis (hopefully lol) and get motivated. Here is my handsome boy sleeping on my bed 💕 This will be my first personal post on here and tomorrow i’m planning to start the 100 days of productivity challenge. Wish me luck and have a good studying y'all!!


Maria Popova reads “Pi” by Wislawa Szymborska