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instruction at Chyten can be short-term to get through a difficult time or long-term to provide a deeper, richer understanding of foundational or challenging math concepts. Call (978) 474-0101

I even incorporated in this breakout, thanks to our amazing Middle Grades math teacher and Lori Gibbs!

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Incorporating pattern blocks, technology, and fractions today. They also could use tangrams to build.

You can have high standards without high standardization. Below shows that happens when we focus on standardization instead of high standards

Super excited to hear 1st grade students this morning reflecting on the math strategies they’ve learned and how they will use them on their IReady Winter Diagnostic assessment from ⁦⁩!

Teaching Kids About Money | In teaching kids about money, they learn from example. Here are some practical ways to teach your children responsibility in handling money.

Learning today with Grade 2’s while engaging in a Three Act Math task! We listed our Notice and Wonders after watching a jelly bean video featuring their teacher Great strategies being used by our students

College academics are something a lot of students ask us about. has an incredible network of peer tutors who can help you with , , language-learning, and paper-writing! Check out the academic resources here:

A peer student in a bright yellow blouse stands to the left of a student sitting at a table. Across the table are laptops, tablets, and notebooks.

Love these equation building tasks. Great to discuss how each equation is different in context but equal when simplified.

El 5to Postulado de Euclides se escribió hace 2,400 años en Egipto. Solamente dice que si a + b es menor a 180°, entonces las líneas eventualmente se tocan. Fast-forward 2,300 años... y produce la Teoría de la Relatividad. 😱

Check out our featured review of Arrive Math Booster from | Targeted Math Instruction for K-8 Students | |

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Deepen your implementation of powerful and practices at . Attendees will learn how to apply rubrics, conduct observations, develop meaningful questions and provide support to teachers and trainers.

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A card trick

Alice gives Eve a standard deck of 52 cards, out of which Eve chooses 5, which she hands back to Alice. Alice looks at these cards, and chooses 4 of them to give to Bob. She sets these 4 cards face down in a pile, which Bob picks up and examines. Bob then names the card Alice is still holding. How does this trick operate? No sleight of hand or subtle signals are required here; you could write a computer program to implement this strategy successfully.

New anniversary coming this year.

November 19 2019 Between 11:40 PM and Midnight November 20 2019. If exact time of crash was known i could get that exact, it would be a few minutes before midnight I think, I do not think it would be after. I was late for meeting my training partner at 6 AM the day of bicycle crash and eleven forty is using 6 AM. No way was I 20 minutes late, likely between 5 and 10.

Anyone have a good suggestion for a dataset that’s really discontinuous, in the sense that knowing f(1) and f(2) doesn’t give you a lot of information about f(3)?

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11 :)

“tell me a funny math story!”

Gee y'all. I have more funny math professor stories than actual math stories. So let’s go with a math professor story and if I think of a funny math story I’ll circle back with it.

So I like to pull pranks on Dr. G. Pranks are common between professors in my department and Dr. G is especially involved, both on the giving and receiving end. Like how Dr. G likes to hide lawn gnomes in other professors’ offices and someone put a picture of Jar Jar Binks over Dr. G’s picture in the department directory in the hallway. This is normal and a few students are involved too. I’m the most notorious.

I got Dr. A to tell me Dr. G’s birthday. Dr. A and Dr. W and I spent weeks leading up to Dr. G’s birthday trying to think of the perfect prank for me to play on him on his birthday and we couldn’t think of a good one. And then his birthday came.

So I just went into his office and I was like, “hey did you find your present?” And he was like, “what?” I’m like, “your present, you didn’t find it yet?” And he’s like, “my what?” And I’m just like, “okay cool that’s fine just let me know when you find it if you like it.” And I walked out.

And he’s freaking out. He can’t figure out what I’ve done to or hidden in his office. It’s great. Every time I see him he’s more frustrated and wants to know what I’ve done. He says, “I’ve looked everywhere, what did you do‽” but all the other professors are loving this. I ask Dr. A how long I should let this go on and he says, oh, indefinitely.

I’m hanging out in Dr. W’s office doing some work when Dr. G walks by and sees me and starts in on his “what did you do please tell me” spiel and Dr. W makes a fatal mistake. She says, “you really haven’t figured it out yet?” Which indicates that she knows what’s going on. Dr. G starts bugging her about it even when I’m not around, so she tells me, “okay, you’ve gotta tell him.”

It’s been like two days.

I agree to tell him and I start heading for his office and she stops me. She wants to see his reaction. So me and my girlfriend and Dr. W head down the hall to Dr. G’s office.

When I’m in his doorway he starts again. “What did you do I can’t find it,” and so on. I say, “can you really not tell?” He says, “I’ve looked everywhere.” I say, “what do you think I did?” He’s like, “I dunno, you probably fucked shit up.” I’m like, “does it look like I fucked shit up?” He’s like, “how would I be able to tell?” Since his office is a mess.

So I told him. “Okay okay okay. I didn’t do anything.” And he just deflates in some combination of embarrassment and relief and shock and confusion. He’s like, “what?” “I didn’t do anything.” “You what?” “For your birthday I didn’t do anything obnoxious.”

At this point I believe Dr. W and my girlfriend are giggling like a lot and Dr. G has died inside. “Can that be EVERY day?” He whines. “That doesn’t sound like fun!” “It sounds like so much fun!” “For who?” “For meeee!”

Anyway, Dr. G is hilarious. He’s the professor who told me the other day that his favorite animal is a pickle. Other stories about this man include the time I taught him to fly drones for my birthday, the time my friend asked him to “free them from the flesh prison,” the time my friends and I accidentally invented a boyfriend for him, the story he and I have about the family of whales he is slowly killing, the story of the simply connected kitten, the time I photoshopped his face onto a gif I made of a snail, and so on. If any of those seem interesting, tell me and I’ll try to remember to tell them.

But he’s also sweet as all get out and a really good teacher and has written me lots of letters of recommendation and gives good career advice and I had Thanksgiving with him and his wife, another one of my math professors, this past year. Just in case you were worried all of our interactions were just screwing with each other.


bluey greeny calc notes 

apparently I really like taking photos at this angle lol

but yea currently revising integration so fun fun fun (hint: sarcasm) 

also i’m kinda giving up on that studyblr aesthetic bc like y’all the point of studying isn’t to make your notes look pretty and having pretty notes purely so you can share them online - just do what you want to do and what works for you. sure you might not get as many notes on those pics that you don’t take from a very specific angle with a very specific filter, but at the end of the day, that’s not what matters??? 

studyblrs have started to glorify aesthetic notes and that shouldn’t be what it’s all about. 

anyway that’s my little rant over, have a lovely day and remember to stay hydrated and take breaks and don’t overwork yourself and listen to what your body is telling you okay love you all 

Studyblr - Spring 19, Week 2

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, everybody!

I am, of course, thankful for innumerable things King either did or influenced, the absolute least of which is that I have an extra day to get this out. Two weeks in, and I’m already procrastinating.

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Alessio Marrani - The Magic of Being Exceptional
QGR visitor and friend Alessio Marrani (Senior Research Grantist, Centro FERMI, Rome, Italy) presents his personal point of view on the Magic Star projection...

QGR visitor and friend Alessio Marrani (Senior Research Grantist, Centro FERMI, Rome, Italy) presents his personal point of view on the Magic Star projection of finite-dimensional exceptional Lie algebras, and the way it can be periodized in a countably infinite tower of non-Lie algebras, uncovering the power of Vinberg’s matrix T-algebras.


I have to learn more code and structure just to store code.

I am freaking out.

I don’t know if I can learn any of this.

I will avoid my problems.