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A tutorial on basic is uploaded. Please watch the

Welcome, new friend! We’re happy you’re here 😄 All aboard the Yang Yacht 🛥 here’s your bag and your hat! 💰🧢

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Absolutely. Many believed in trump but now we have someone wiyh real plans to solve the same problems that trump said he would tackle difference this time is we have done the and put and accepts all.

If F(x) is a 1-periodic continuous function (F(x+1) = F(x)), then the sum of its Fourier coefficients on multiples of some fixed integer M is equal to the average value of F on a finite equipartition of the interval [0,1].

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Developing proportional reasoning through unitizing. Learn your as you teach students with confidence

New hat rack Hey I'm gonna need some new hats to buy to donate toward the $2M goal!! How about Santa hats?!

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Hi! I love your blog ☺️ Do you have any tips for someone who wants to pursue math while being female, lgbt+, and having mental health issues and imposter syndrome and who just under-achieved in their math final? (I mean, I still did good but I know I can do *better* - it’s so frustrating when your brain is at 1/2 your normal capacity!)

This ask came in forever ago and there are so many things I want to say to it that I just haven’t been able to figure out how to say them all. So I’ll say some and throw it in my drafts for further musings later.

The way to deal with having an identity that’s underrepresented in your field is to make friends and especially find mentors with those identities, or at least with other underrepresented identities. And find historical role models too. Just don’t be alone.

And you’re already not alone. I mean, you found me.

Sorry I take so long to respond to asks that make me think really hard. Shoot me a message to possibly interact with me more efficiently, like, maybe. Depends how I’m functioning. Oof.

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Okay I get that you're in like math school so you don't need to know this and therefore probably don't but it's worth a shot: do you know any good places to learn smart person math when you don't want to go to math school?

Just because I learn math in school doesn’t mean I don’t learn math outside of school! There are two main sources for me:

YouTube channels like 3Blue1Brown, Infinite Series, Numberphile, Mathologer, Crash Course, et cetera are great. I’ve learned things from YouTube videos that I’ve never taken a class on but which have still served me well. Don’t let anyone tell you the medium you’re learning with isn’t “proper” just because it didn’t exist when they were learning. (And if they try let me know and I’ll kick their ass.)

Popular math books like How Not to Be Wrong and The Mathematics of Secrets and Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension are also very very good. There’s also The Mathematical Experience and The Millennium Problems, these two books were used in a course I had to take that was basically an overview of the profession. They might not really fit in this category but I don’t think enough people talk about Sideways Math from Wayside School so you should check that out too.

If you just wanna learn it because it’s cool and you’d like an overview, “pop math” is sufficient. If any of that really excites you, grab a proper textbook on the subject or take an online course.

I will say that you can get a good overview of material by only observing it but you won’t really learn it well until you practice the material so if you want to be able to reproduce the math for use you should find a source of problems to work on.

And what I don’t know some of my friends might. @natashatroyka @tens-tensor-tensest I know y'all have done various amounts and types of learning outside school. How do you do it? How do you do it different depending on if you’re doing it for fun or doing it to study for an exam you’re not taking a course in or doing it to use it in the future? Anyone else? @the-real-numbers @question-why-not?

Me, baking: OK, I’m increasing this recipe by half, and this recipe uses 1 ½ c flour, so that’s 3/2 times 5/2, 15/4, or 7/2 c plus 1/4c. I’ll start with one quarter cup and add 7 half cups

Me: *carefully levels off each scoop, swiping in both directions to make sure the whole scoop is full*

Also me: oh shit was that 6 or 7? 6 right? Sure. 6.


Welcome to a reading of my math poem. :)

Welcome to class

The feeling will pass

I swear it on my heart and soul

Welcome to class

You’re not great at math

Let the bad grade take its dark tole

You’ve always been nervous

What is your true purpose?

For entering college right now?

Your family is always counting on you

And you need to make all of them proud

First up comes probability here

And it is 8:30 AM

Look at the board and don’t fall asleep

You have to stay here until 10

Are all these subsets equal to each other?

Can’t you get this question done?

Hurry up assignments all wait for you

And this is only problem one!

Next up let’s focus on graphing lines

You did this in high school before

But forget everything that Mrs. Cleveland taught you

These new concepts fly through the door

y=mx+b that’s familiar

But these word problems they are not

Steps a through f make you want to cry

And leave you at midnight distraught

Tell me, what is the cost function

Fixed cost is $300

70 items cost a whole lot, $4,500


B is 300

M is 70

Working out the math entirely

The cost function should be what I say see?


Yes? Correct? Okay let’s keep going!

There are a few things to mention

Before the semester is done

The first day of school, it came and went

First semester has come and gone

I have learned a lot about life

In just a math class alone

I found out who my true friends are

And I can do this on my own

Jaime here is one note for you

To show off my gratitude

You’ve been so understanding

I wish others treated me like you do

When there have been problems

Whether in school or at home

I found comfort in your words

And I didn’t feel so alone

Now to conclude this poem of mine

If these words have something to gain

I’m never taking a math class again

So Jaime please give me an A

I shall now take a bow and hope that this gives me a good grade.


[07/12/2019] ❄️

little update!

my life completely changed, i changed.

yet if someone had to describe me they would still describe me in the same way.

i did my baptism (nothing to do with religion) which is a huge thing for belgian students and i never would‘ve thought i would be able to do it.

engineering is awesome, though very difficult

and exams are approaching

i‘m so so scared


Math is fun if you teach it the right way. 🙂
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