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Are you returning to work after and looking for for your little one? Make sure to visit one of your local Spring Childcare Centres to provide your baby with wrap around care and a home from home. Check out our website for more information.

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Our Yerba mate life 🌷

Desde que você chegou, eu sou mais FELIZ

Todas a vezes que eu estou triste ou séria com a cabeça de cheia de problemas, você aparece com seu sorriso lindo e inocente, e me faz um “calinho” ,isso me faz mais FELIZ; Hoje quando acordei me sentindo “atropelada por caminhão”, com o resfriado que peguei, você só olhou pra mim, perguntou o que eu tinha e saiu correndo…e voltou com o aparelho de inalação pra eu fazer, ah isso me fez mais FELIZ; Quando você pergunta se você pode fazer alguma coisa, e eu digo sim, e você responde que sou a melhor mãe do mundo (sei que não sou, mas tento), isso me faz mas FELIZ; ou simplesmente quando durante a noite você vira pro meu lado abraça enquanto dorme, isso me faz mais FELIZ.

Todos os dias sou mais FELIZ, só por você existir e por eu ter a sorte de ter você e o seu amor tão forte lindo e puro. Ah…desde que você chegou, sou mais FELIZ

P.Perez, Thais
I'm in Nike's Ads, But They Won't Give Me Maternity Protections | NYT Opinion
I’ve always known that expressing myself could hurt my career. I’ve tried not to show emotion, to anticipate what people expect from me and to do it. I don’t...

I’ve always known that expressing myself could hurt my career. I’ve tried not to show emotion, to anticipate what people expect from me and to do it. I don’t like to let people down. But change does not come from silence. Last week, two of my former Nike teammates, the Olympian runners Alysia Montaño and Kara Goucher, heroically broke their nondisclosure agreements with the company to share their pregnancy stories in a New York Times investigation. Theirs are stories that we know to be true, but were too scared to tell publicly: If we have children, we risk pay cuts from our sponsors during pregnancy and afterward. It’s one example of a sports industry where the rules are still mostly made for and by men.

BethLyn and Jeramiah’s May Maternity Session!

I always love to hear people’s love stories when I do their pregnancy photos, or their newborn or family photos.  And every family’s story is adorable and inspiring and brings out that audible “awwwwww!” from me. But there are a few particular love stories out there that just turn me into a sentimental bucket of mush. I am particularly drawn to stories about people who find each other again after a long time apart, or after a time of growth, or perhaps weren’t even together when they knew each other when they were young, but got together later in life.  I love love that gets lost and then found again.

I have known both BethLyn and Jeramiah for years from high school, and it was such an honor to take their maternity photos last month at the Riverfront and Gods Garden in Newburgh. They are expecting another addition to their family in July, and I’m so excited for both of them, and I cannot wait to meet their little one! She was such a stunning mama in her flowy floral dress and their connection was so amazing! They were playful and loved to laugh with each other and sweet Ms. Tresley was so adorable and hilarious! I know a shoot is going to be good when the couple is excited to get out and take pictures no matter the weather. The day was pretty windy, but that just gave us some beautiful motion in the photos. They were both also super willing to work with me as I moved around and played with the sun to try and get some fun shots. BethLyn was amazing hanging out while I moved all around trying to find all of the perfect flares to compliment her bump. And I am so happy with how the pictures turned out.

I am so glad we got to capture this time in her pregnancy for them. Maternity sessions are a favorite of mine. I love capture expecting mom’s, couples and families! I also love capturing a baby’s sweet bump, I believe it’s important to celebrate pregnancies and acknowledge our beautiful maternity bellies! My job really is THE absolute best.

In the meantime, send them good thoughts of sleep and preparation in their last few weeks!
Plus size clothing, Kaftans, Plus size kaftan, Kaftan dress, Beach Caftan, Caftan maxi dress

For just $24.79
Indian Block Print / Tie Dye Handmade Medium weight Cotton Kaftans Robes- all made to measure!!.
Namaste, Greetings from India!!Welcome to mommyrobeclothing!!! You will find kaftans for all framed ladies from regular kaftans to nursing ,hospital gowns, baby swaddles, beach cover ups, …all at one place without costing you a fortune! New arrivals in your favourite florals, geometrics, abstracts and world famous Indian handblock soft cotton dresses!! PLEASE VISIT OUR HOMEPAGE FOR ANY NEW OFFERS.!!FOR LATEST OFFERS AND DISCOUNTS, PLEASE VISIT HOME PAGE OF THE SHOP

COFFEE BROWN COLORED WITH CREAMISH WHITE EXCLUSIVE FLORAL INDIAN PRINTkaftan- available both in nursing and nonnursing patterns.


The measurements are:
Measurements are:
I make caftans in three sizes-
- Knee length- 36"
-Mid Calf length-46"
- Ankle Length -52"
This is for height from 5’- 5'4".

- Knee length- 38"
-Mid Calf length-48"
- Ankle Length -55"
This is for height from 5'5"-5'8".

- Knee length- 40"
-Mid Calf length-50"
- Ankle Length -58"
This is for height from 5'8"-6’.

The SIZE- Circumference /Width( Bust:Waist:Hips)- of my kaftans.
XS-M - 56" around in circumference.
L- XL- 68" around
XXL-XXXL- 76" around

neck:9"( fits all head sizes)
16"( when unbuttoned)

About robe:
* 100% pure SOFT Indian soft cotton- though it is not transparent but to maintain the modesty and give extra warmth, please add the listing for lining.* attractivecoffee brown- beige floral print.
* Designer and premium fabric.
* No bubbling, color bleeding.

-Nursing- front buttoned
Non-nursing- only v neck, not front buttoned.
Please shoose your size and finish from dropdown menu.

You will be asked to choose Sty…