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Ayyy new logo finally came in!! Wanted to look a little more professional and I'm in lub 😍

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Czy wiecie, że wykorzystuje się nie tylko jako w żywieniu krów mlecznych i trzody chlewnej, ale też w ogrodnictwie? W tej branży znajdują one zastosowanie jako znakomity do zakwaszania gleby.

Great group of mentors from and on a tour to see what science and advanced manufacturing in the is all about

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Todo lo que necesites, todo el material para montar, nadar y correr lo encontrarás en tu tienda TRIMAD. Ven a conocernos y aprovecha los descuentos en , y . EQUIPO TRIMAD.

I relaunched my website. New design, same content. Build with

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Crean un material hecho de aire que ni arde ni se deforma
Este aerogel superligero tiene propiedades de ciencia ficción, como aguantar 900ºC, la temperatura superior a la de las llamas en un incendio, como si nada

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We thought we were buying a Geiger counter in order to record some tests and begin experimenting however accidentally bought a magnetic radiation tester.

This is a set back however an interesting comparison , the above reading is taken from being next to my phone as I watched a video explaining the difference from Geiger counter to the tester we have.

This is interesting because this sort of radiation is also harmful however, on speculation, is much less likely to occur in Chernobyl as there is no technology nor signal nor many waves there to cause this sort of radiation. If what they say about radiation in Chernobyl (except from the hot zones) being only as bad as a flight or an x ray then an interesting comparison could be made about the radiation we receive every day in London from e-fields and h-fields than we do from visiting a radiation disaster zone!

More than a mistake this has helped us find a new way of thinking about radiation exposure around us.