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Currently working on a for all our . Right now written down is 242 books but that is not even half of the collection. Can you tell my husband and I love books?

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From presenting in class at to standing on stage at , you've come a long way ! Great role model for those with and . Well done mate!

Just sent off an article. Now I'm looking at my article which includes the 10 pieces I'm working on now, what I've done so far and ideas.

Please be careful there are no new Q posts. This is the master list that was linked via a post that I decoded. There have been no new Q posts.

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Got7 as Colors Moodboard Masterlist


JB as Green


Mark as Yellow


Jackson as Blue


Jinyoung as Red


Youngjae as Orange


BamBam as Black


Yugyeom as Pink


~Admin Tao~

anonymous asked:

Hii~ May I have a bts ship~ I'm a 5'4 white American girl with blue eyes and long curly brown hair and have beauty marks randomly placed all over my body (Ex. one on my cheek, hip and kneecap.) I have stretched ears (7/16g). I draw A LOT, even though I prefer photography (especially film, I can LIVE in a darkroom) I actually went to art school for 3yrs. GAMING. I battle with severe depression and anxiety but its hard to tell. I'm shy with strangers but am the complete opposite with friends. THX~

Hiya hun~ I ship you with Taehyung (V)! 

Originally posted by taelatte

First of all, I feel that you and Taehyung’s liking towards art and photography can play a big part within the relationship between the two of you. Your skills in photography can both combine to create amazing works and creations as well. Your creative selves could totally get far.

Also, since you like gaming and Taehyung does as well, I felt that it just added on to why he’d be fitting for you. 

Your depression and anxiety is definitely something that can be quite hard to live with, so Taehyung would try his hardest to make your life easier without making it seem as if his feelings for you were merely pity since they most definitely aren’t. He’d try to take the proper precautions in order for you to reach your optimum feeling of happiness. He wouldn’t want to give up on you, no matter how hard it may be since he has hope for you. 

Thereeee~ And you’re welcome sweetie! 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm the anon who was asked btw! 😅 A BTS ship request please? I'm just a simple minded girl, around 5'4 apparently, who is incredibly shy and quiet around people I'm unfamiliar with and it takes awhile for me to warm and open to you. But then again, as time passes by, I become more of a giggly and bubbly dork who v much enthusiastic. But I know when to be formal and serious, when I am, I become calm and rational. I love books, anime, cartoons, movies, music of any kind, art and photography


Oh! I also forgot, so sorry omg ✌😅😅 I’m like the little sister of the group because of my curious, kind, and sweet personality. I often give emotional and all around support to my friends and family whom of which I love so much. I’m also a big adrenaline junkie and love and cherish all the adventures big and small. I also love to sleep 😂😂 and I’m a klutz as well. Thank you so much! 💗💗💗🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 Btw! 🌼🌼 Hope it wasn’t a bother!

Hiya anon, it’s no problem ♡ I ship you with Taehyung (V)!

Originally posted by cmtae

You said that you are a quiet and shy person, so I feel that Taehyung would be able to get you to open up very easily with his cute and extroverted personality. He would love it when you finally get comfortable with him, feeling as if he was made a big accomplishment by earning your trust and will do his best to keep it that way. He’d find you even cuter when you’re all giggly, but would treasure you just as much as when you’re not feeling well. In fact, he would try his best to make sure you feel happier as soon as possible.  

Your interests are very similar to that of Taehyung, so you’d definitely get along really well. For example, your love for animes and cartoons and definitely transform into an adorable date idea. Also, you and Taehyung both like photography, so that could be twisted around in many different ways for the two of your likings. 

You and Taehyung are both the type that are filled with love, so you guys would constantly praise one another, and there would rarely be times where you’d feel unloved. He loves supporting you in any situation, his only wish being that you’re happy. 

In addition, you and Taehyung are both adventurous folks. You could go on tons of adventures together and can explore the world in various ways.

That’s it! I hope you liked it ^^ 

Highschool!Rocky AU

omo omo omo, i read your old astro reactions AND I LOVED THEM AAAAH~~~~ can you like do….. 👀 a rocky au! where he falls in love with a kinda introverted exchange student from europe……??? lot of fluff please please 👽🙏🏻🙏🏻

No problem my dude~

I hope you don’t mind, but it’s in a bullet point style!! I see these everywhere and ya girl is gonna give it a shot!!


- Ok sooooo you were pretty nervous to attend Highschool in South Korea!

- You were a complete fish out of water and you barely even knew how to navigate the transit system! 

- But nooooo you had to attend school! How would the plot advance without school!!

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Seventeen's Reaction To: Their S/O having a Diverse Laugh

How would Svt react to you laughing loud and diverse? 

 Wow I can actually relate to this on so many levels!


I honestly think that he would love your cute cackle or high pitched squeal. It’s something that makes you unique so I’m sure that he would be head over heels.

Originally posted by svt-laughing


Your laughter would be contagious for him. As soon as he heard your snort or you wheezing he’d be in tears laughing with you. He would also be the type to find your laugh to be adorable. 

Originally posted by visual-17


This sweetie would never make fun of your unique laugh. In fact i’m pretty sure that he would cherish it! He loves you just the way you are, so don’t sweat yourself and laugh freely.

Originally posted by shuuvee


Not gonna lie he might tease you a bit when it comes to your laugh. He may poke fun at you, but he secretly thinks its the best thing to hear on a rainy day. He really does cherish it. 

Originally posted by wooziwithlove


Anything you do would make him melt. He genuinely loves you for who you are and would find your laugh to be wonderful. He’d also be the type to start laughing with you just because you started to laugh or snort.

Originally posted by fyhoshi


I think that he would either be a silent supporter of your laugh or he would be a die hard vocal advocate for it. This man is your number one supporter for everything you do. This includes your unique laugh that he loves.

Originally posted by bokdeongeori


I think that he likes how unique your laugh is. It’s something that only you have and he truly loves that part about you. He might even say that that’s his favorite part about you.

Originally posted by bokdeongeori


This actual ray of sunshine would love every single part of you. This most definitely includes your laugh! He would honestly think that it was just the best thing to hear whenever he would make a joke with you.  

Originally posted by pabospoiler


Would also make little jokes about your laugh, but would actually love it. He honestly thinks that it suits you and your personality. Plus, he likes how unique it is. It’s like a special thing for him to hear when you do laugh.

Originally posted by moncheriwonwoo


He’s such a sweetheart honestly. He would love how unique your laugh is and would love hearing it sound through the air. It always makes him happy to see you happy.

Originally posted by svt-laughing


He would never make fun of your laugh. Instead, he would try and make you laugh every chance he got. he loved hearing it and seeing you so happy. He’d also be the type to laugh with you after hearing you cackle.

Originally posted by seungkvvan


He’s most likely a strong believer that laughter is contagious, so if you start cackling he’s gonna join you! He always loves a good laugh and your unique one just makes it even better.

Originally posted by sneezes


What a cutie. He would be so happy to see you smile and laugh at his goofy moments. He really does love seeing you smile. He would cherish every moment he has ever made you laugh.

Originally posted by livelovelunch

OOF it has been a hot minute since i’ve posted anything and I am so sorry. Ya girl just started college so i’m gonna have to figure out a new schedule!

- Admin Ryn

Frightful October Masterlist

This month I’m collaborating with Sem and Tiger to write three stories a week (with 1 in the final week) with a “spooky” theme (let’s be real there’s nothing spooky except my drawing skills from last year in that header above lol). You can read more about the collab //HERE//

[Main Masterlist] | [Request Guidelines]


(Those with ? are simply because I haven’t chosen a title as of yet for them)

week one; spellbound

  • Superstitious - Lee Taeyong (NCT)
  • Incantation - Jeong Sewoon
  • Love Spell - Park Jinyoung (GOT7)

week two; demonology

  • ? - Bang Yongguk (B.A.P)
  • Risky Visions - Jung Jinyoung (B1A4)
  • Contract - Jung Taekwoon (VIXX)

week three; bloodlust

  • Deal - Cha Hakyeon (VIXX)
  • ? - Hwang Minhyun (WANNAONE)
  • ? - Jung Daehyun (B.A.P)

week four; haunted

  • Spirited - Mark Tuan (GOT7) 
  • ? - Kang Daniel (WANNA ONE)
  • Muse - Jung Yonghwa (CNBLUE)

week five; hallow’s eve

  • ? - Do Kyungsoo (EXO)


handy links: 


Who I write for. 

(#) — mental health. 

(*) — LGBTQ+ themed.  

MCU characters:

Bucky Barnes

Walk Through the Fire

Steve Rogers. 

Where Do We Go from Here? (#)

Entirety (*)

I’m Cool, but My Wife is Cooler. 

Stephen Strange

Warm Blood (*)


Tony Stark


Wanda Maximoff

Two Young Lovers

Breathe (*)

Peter Parker

Sparks Fly

MCU actors: 

Tom Hiddleston 

Overload (#)

Can’t Help Falling in Love (#)

Tom Holland

Drop the Mic

Chris Evans


Bee Kind

I’m so excited for this collab to begin NEXT WEEK! From October 1st right up until Halloween itself, Chelle (that’s me!), Sem at @this-song-thats-only-for-you and Tiger from @thewritingtrashcan will be bringing you fictions everyday! How cool is that?! Each week has a theme, and we’ve all chosen our own idols to write for each one. 

Posting Schedule:

Mon-Tue-Wed: will be here on my blog (@prettywordsyouleft)

Thu: will be with Sem over at @this-song-thats-only-for-you

Fri-Sat-Sun: will wrap the week up with Tiger at @thewritingtrashcan 

Week One’s Overview // Week Two’s Overview // Week Three’s Overview // Week Four’s Overview // Week Five’s Overview


Handy Links to Have: 

Humble (Part 1)

            “…She’s the closest thing North America has to actual royalty.”

            Maybe that’s the problem.

            Maybe you need to be brought down a few notches.

            Maybe you need to be humbled.

You hate travelling. You hate flying. After it’s all said and done, you’re left feeling sick and irritable, ready to tell your father you’re done with all of it. Yet there are some trips you just can’t resist taking. When your father’s- technically your whole family’s, you suppose- press secretary came to you with an invitation to visit SM Entertainment not even an hour after you gave an interview where you expressed interest in the South Korean music industry, you knew you couldn’t turn it down. For one, you were scheduled to meet with President Moon on behalf of your father later in the month, so you would already be in South Korea. Secondly, meeting some of SM’s employees and learning about the company itself could only help your newest project.

             So, off you went.

             “Do we need to go over the itinerary again?” Jack, a longtime friend of your family, and your father’s most trusted senior aide, takes a seat beside you on the plane. His eyes never look up from the over packed, over highlighted schedule carefully crafted for the month you’ll spend in Seoul.

             “No.” But you know he’ll do it anyway.

             “When we land you’ll be greeted by President Moon,” he launches wholeheartedly into his relay of events. “Remember to bow. You won’t shake hands unless he offers, and-”

             “Jack,” you put your hand on his shoulder to stop him before he launches into a fit. “This isn’t my first time here or meeting President Moon. I know what to do.”

             “Fine. Tell me what we’re doing next then.”

             “Next is breakfast with President Moon and his family. After that we go back to our hotel and rest for a bit before going to Yongsan Garrison and meeting with some of the troops there.”


             You huff in annoyance. “Then that’s it for today. Tomorrow we go to SM Entertainment and meet with Lee SooMan and whoever else he wants to introduce me to.”

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Originally posted by veriloquentmind

key: fluff -☼ angst -☽ mature - ✰






















mtl be dominant


welcome everyone to my masterlist!

please do not steal or copy my work!

fluff ( ♡ ) , angst ( ☀︎ ) , smut ( ❀ )






→ unwanted ( COMING SOON )






→ a thousand words ; photography au ( COMING SOON)


→ aligned ; idol au ( COMING SOON)

→ just for once ; fratboy!jungkook ( COMING SOON)

here’s a masterlist for all of my moodboards thats are inspired by music including a corresponding 8tracks playlists. this series is never ending and music types will change frequently so yeah. 

september 2018 x 8tracks playlist
kim taehyung x troye sivan my my my
min yoongi x zayn ft timbaland too much
kim kibum x years & years if you’re over me
bang yongguk x ariana grande pete davidson
jung hoseok x raye confidence
x calvin harris, sam smith promises
x selena gomez back to you
x demi lovato cool for the summer

JessyAckles’ Masterlist!

So I’m delving into the Supernatural Fanfic writing realm, and I thought I would make this so you guys can better find my work. I’ve only just started writing Supernatural fics so bear with me as the list gets longer and revamped. :)

Smut Appreciation Day Fics!!

Fixer Upper - Smut Appreciation Day 2018

SPN Kink Bingo Fics!!

Something New


Updated Masterlist

My Biases:

     -Part 1: 

     -Part 2:

     -Part 3:

Reactions: Feel free to message me if you have a request. In your request, please say whether or not you want to be anonymous. You can also make specific member reacts! These ones can include members from different groups. I have every right to say no to a request. Rn, Requests are open.


       -MONSTA X



       -EXO OT9



       -MONSTA X



       -EXO OT9


-Superhero AU

        - MONSTA X



        -EXO OT9


Lucy’s Headcanons Masterlist

#headcanons tag

Sam Rockwell characters:

Other characters:


I really like writing headcanons so feel free to send me your requests :)

Headcanon prompts list

DAY6 Reaction to their s/o being a music artist

Here’s the part 2 to this request. I’ve been getting more Day6 requests lately and I’m not complaining. <3 This request turned out super fluffy too somehow and I’m dying from loving them so much.


Jae :

This man (boy) is gonna be your number one fan. He is always interested in what you’re working on in the studio and would even want to write some songs with you. (you better say yes because that is goals right there)

Originally posted by youngestk

Sungjin :

Sungjin totally thinks he’s just your chill fanboy but in reality he’s got merch and dances to your music while he’s alone. Hell, he sings to your music in the shower and knows every word. Plus he’s always in awe when you sing for him live.

Originally posted by bunnysungjin

Brian :

10/10 wants to do a duet with you. Since you’re an artist he immediately knows the best gifts to give you as well and that would be songs. Not just songs for you to just listen to but songs to put on your albums. Oh and did I mention all the songs he writes for you are amazing love songs…

Originally posted by youngk

Wonpil :

He loves that you are a musician and watches all of your performances whether he’s actually there or just the videos online. Wonpil also makes an effort to know what your schedule is and it is honestly so sweet. He’ll also send you things (teddy bears, flowers, etc.)  if he can’t be there for a performance/show. 

Originally posted by whonpil

Dowoon :

Dowoon hypes you up to everyone. Honestly you should probably pay him for all the advertising he does because whenever someone asks about music recommendations or what he’s listening to it’s always you he talks about.

Originally posted by 6daysinaweek