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We have openings for Master Chief Engineer Chief Officer Chief Officer 2nd, 3rd, 4th Engineer 2nd, 3rd Officer Electrical Officer Vessel type: Dredger Contract: Various Apply at

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Here’s a bit of my Halo fan art. Chief Collection

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Chief from at last weekend. £12k plus so far raised for charity. Well done to all involved with

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Please tell me that mc outranks sarge in the dad au

Yes and it annoys Sarge to no end, but he still address Master Chief as the superior officer. ~ Green

NINTENDO: And then…


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How JNPR’s parents + Taiyang = disaster

Continuing with the parent AU, Kratos makes a snide remark about how Pyrrha is the best kid there is. This leads all the other parents, MC, Thor, Kratos, and Hanzo (and Taiyang, cuz why not?) to say that their kid is the best. The argument gets more heated and eventually gets physical. The kids all look on in amusement at their parents causing the apocalypse. 

wip surprise

He initiated sweet little touches now– weird touches, admittedly, his knuckles nudging her side or a gentle cat-like headbutt– but only with her. He certainly enjoyed more involved contact and it didn’t make him jerk in shock anymore, but anything coming from him was brief.

She was suddenly shaken out of her thoughts when she noticed how still it was in the kitchen. Blinking back to reality, Mochou pushed her glasses back up her nose and realised John had successfully assembled the ingredients, but was now staring at them motionless. He always seemed to turn to marble when not doing something purposeful. She didn’t know how to tell him that he was allowed to take up space.

Quickly, she turned back to the implements she’d gathered– and stopped. Turning back to John, latched onto an idea, she walked up to his rigid back and headbutted it.

Ow. Muscles.

Time for a Cryosleep Phase

Hey everyone jus wanted to let ya’ll know that I’m gonna be on hiatus from tumblr, and youtube because finals are coming up on my end for the semester so all of my attention is gonna be focused there.   Which of course means no chapter live reactions for weekly manga releases, chapter thoughts, no anime weekly reviews, and no livestream discussions for RWBY or Fairy Tail 2018 atleast for a small period. 

once the finals are done I will leave an update as to how things are going to handled since my slate will be pretty clean for  at least a good month. Until my return, wish everybody the best of luck in what’s going on in life, and I’ll catch you all in a couple weeks. Take care! 

Blue Team Hogwarts Houses

John and Kelly both seem like very Gryffindor people, but that’s only how they come across. Hermione came across as very Ravenclaw, but she’s very much a Gryffindor. The same thing applies here.

John is absolutely a Hufflepuff. You don’t get much more loyal or hardworking than this gentle lunatic. His dedication and determination are both legendary and terrifying to watch. When he makes a promise he’s so dedicated to it that it’s as good as done, to the point where he breaks down emotionally when such a promise physically can’t be kept and he views it as a catastrophic failure. That determination is so intense that it seems to manifest as Gryffindor “bravery” (foolhardiness) but all of his crazy stunts and ridiculous plans are based in knowledge of his abilities and propelled by duty– and his own compassion. He just. Loves people, even if he gets anxious and awkward and can’t interact with them normally, he values them a great deal. He’s deeply patient with Dr. Tillson on Ivanoff Station and he’s endlessly kind when people need help. When the very alien warrior who glassed the home he grew up on, killing so many of his Spartans, offered a truce and an alliance… John took it, and they ended up friends. If any great slogan from the Founders of Hogwarts applied to John it would absolutely be Helga’s “I’ll teach the lot and treat them just the same.” (And the finality of that quote, the tone that brooks no argument, rings just as true.)

Kelly, on the other hand, is a goddamn Slytherin and I will throw hands about this. While she’s more emotive than most Spartan-IIs and uses humour to lighten situations, that doesn’t mean she likes you. She will both kill and die for you if you’re someone she cares about, and she can and does extend compassion to strangers, but that’s not all there is to her. She’s deeply proud of her incredible speed and her battle prowess, taking intense measures to maintain and improve both as regularly as possible. She judges the Spartan-IIIs with dubiousness on first meeting them until they prove themselves, weirded out by these unfamiliar, “twitchy” Spartan knock-offs. And she deeply enjoys revenge against her enemies, to the point where she apparently has to be reminded relatively frequently that their objective is not make the bastards suffer can we focus please Kelly. However, she also claims to be ignorant of her many awards and accolades from her years of service and is blatantly disinterested in pretty much anyone’s service history if they’re not one of hers. She clearly values her Spartans beyond normal servicefolk and even the brass (why should she care about the opinions of people behind desks who paid for her to be kidnapped?), and seems to be one of the more invested in the closed nature of the Spartan’s culture.

Linda stands as a thematic opposition to Kelly in many ways, and in this as well. From behaviour alone she could easily be pegged as a Slytherin, but I say she’s Gryffindor my friends. Okay, setting up a system to spy on your teachers is a pretty Slytherin thing to do, but she was 6 and if Hermione wasn’t such a rule follower and had a good reason she damn well would have done so herself. But Linda, bless her soul, is just so… over the top. Think about it– yes, John knows he can jump off a ship in orbit and (fingers crossed) probably not die, but that’s something you could potentially figure out by accident. Can I shoot both those guys dead with one bullet while they’re manning airborne vehicles at speed and I’m dangling upside down by my ankle is not a question you find an answer to by happenstance. She broke into the Misriah Armoury and stole a gun made specifically for their competitive shooting because she wanted that rifle. Not any other rifle from anywhere made by anyone else in human-controlled space. That one. She was willing to unnecessarily stay behind on an op and blow the fuck up because she’d rather die a glorious death than risk any of her teammates coming to harm, to the point that John had to order her to reveal her position– that or she just loved that he couldn’t find her. She’s so goddamn extra I love her.

There’s so much intelligent discussion on Fred rn so I’m leaving him to those who know better.