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CE Chief so i got bored drew him

Sunday PrincessPooKitchen chief day... Dryfruit Darkchoco IceCream

Superb opportunity for a senior Chief Officer ready to step up to on a successful 70m luxury charter yacht. Please apply at:

Los estudiantes del Universitario en fueron a visitar el estadio del , Montilivi, y culminaron el día con una a cargo de Ignasi Mas-Bagà, Chief Executive Officer del club.

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Yesterday students of the Official Degree in visited 's stadium Montilivi, within the module of . They finished the day with a by Girona's Chief Executive Officer, Ignasi Mas Baga's.

leur -in-chief leur fout mal! "La , l' et la DOIVENT REPRENDRE LEURS !". Le pays de se sent piqué au vif, assurant que de toute manière ils allaient les rapatrier🤣🤣Alors pourquoi ne pas avoir DEVANCÉ ? en mode !

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La Dra. Paloma Fuentes, participó en la 4ª jornada del 2018-19 en , para explicar todo lo que debe conocerse sobre ‘Chief Happiness’, o cómo reforzar la motivación, optimismo y la promoción de emociones positivas.

RT : Want to learn that work very well from chief . Here he trains in nature learning from the ultimate predator. The crocodile. No crocodiles in Goa? Be careful....

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Look, An OC!

I dont have a good name for her, Currently it’s just Sam.

She’s the daughter of Samus Aran and the Master Chief.

Maybe I’ll make more content of her sometime. Who knows.

Hope you like her

SNAKE: Otacon, quick question. How many damned robots are here in Smash?!


SNAKE: Otacon?

CORTANA: Think again, Snake.

SNAKE: Agh! Who are you?!

CORTANA: I am Cortana, the Chief’s personal AI. You aren’t just fighting him out here.

SNAKE: I see, as if the Patriots AI wasn’t enough. So, Cortana, what’s with your friend? And the hell is that pink gun?

CORTANA: The Chief’s a hardened soldier, a Spartan. He has saved the world and me countless times. That gun would be the Needler, an alien weapon the Chief picked up on our last outing. Getting hit by enough of those needles in quick succession, and you’ll burst!

SNAKE: A gun that shoots needles?

CORTANA: That’s not all. He also has his Assault Rifle, which he can shoot you with from a pretty far distance, a Rocket Launcher to rocket-jump with, a Covenant energy sword for when he grabs you, and for his final smash, Master Chief calls in a Warthog Run. Getting caught under the Warthog’s tusks is no joke.

SNAKE: I see. But your friend here is forgetting an important rule of combat. A soldier cant rely on his weapons only. He isnt slow, but he is heavy. That and his recovery is that good. He relies far too much on his fancy tech.

CORTANA: Interesting takeaway, Snake. Well, may the best super soldier win.

SNAKE: I will.

i need more video game content on my blog and more people who like games and stuff and would be up to friend/chat so if you like

- Call of Duty (or just simply fps games overall)

- Dead Space (pleeaaasee lol)

- Mass Effect

- Halo (i really need more halo friends)

- Resident Evil

- Uncharted

- Splinter Cell (i hope there are still people her who remember it)

or like just simply you are a big time gamer like/reblog this post so i can check your blog out, need me people who can talk endlessly about stuff lol

Who I think I act like.

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Who I worry I act like.

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Who I actually am like yet I have no problem with these.

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A little thing I’ve wanted to make for quite a long while. Weird some what diss post at myself. But the comparisons to Soo’s and Bif actually are some of the sweetest things I’ve heard.