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derrière le du panda ? RT si tu le penses aussi.

Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Cold Hands of the Angel of Music Original of the Erik Christine Asking to Remove See His Apprehension Fear

Revestimento Solis lindo 😍, repost de @lefrepresentacao.fran - Aquele projeto lindo tomando forma💕💕💕 Projeto e execução: Franciele Cristine. -

🇰🇷 Mediheal N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask EX 💦 Contains sodium hyaluronate and witch hazel water to quench skin’s thirst, while allantoin and trehalose tighten pores to help improve skin elasticity.

😂Hahaa.. how sweet and at the same time so very funny! Kids ready for making competition.

Eek! Christmas is just under 2 weeks away which means there's still time to get in some last minute gift crafting. Start this weekend with 4 new ITH masks and/or an adorable eyelet keychain! All new designs are 50% off!

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Ritual of the Unseen Presence

“As always on festivals such as these, although I don’t judge anyone for the choices they make with their religion, I would like to remind everyone to please be safe if you find yourself around any celebrations of Mask. Keep your eyes open and any valuables close to your heart unless you want them whisked away by a few sticky fingers. 

Luckily for us, unlike most of the other… questionable deities, most of Mask’s festivities happen in secret within their temples. The Lord of Shadows’ followers are used to acting in the darkness and this doesn’t change as they conduct their hymns, chanted verse, and offerings of wealth while hidden. Or that’s only what I can assume they’re doing as, obviously, all of this is just based on rumors. Normally, I would be open to experiencing as many religious festivals as I could, but I would never dare wander into the revelry of the Ritual of the Unseen Presence through fear of losing my coin purse!”