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My 10 Step Plan

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1108

Summary: Tom has been Pinning after you for months. It was time to put his plan into action. What could go wrong with a solid 10 step plan? A beautiful girl.

Warnings: Some classic Tom Holland (awkwardness) charm ahead.

A/N: This was inspired by not only my own want but from @averyfosterthoughts ask so thank you! Also a continuation of The Quietness but can be read by it’s self.

Tom had been pinning after you for months. By months he meant 16 months, 21 days and 9 hours. These last 16 months that you had known each other he swears you had his heart. Originally you were just Zendaya’s hot colleague and then her super cute friend. Now you were his super cute, adorable, awkward friend.

Just friend.

Who he would casually take on long dates and walks in the park.

He had a plan.

A plan to make you his girlfriend. If his calculations were correct (and they could easily be wrong) he could do it in 10 perfectly planned steps.

Step 1; Plant The Folder.

It was just like a spy movie, he would plant the folder and leave with no questions asked.

That was not how the first step went.

This should have been a hard task, but she was an actor, a clumsy one at that (another reason they were perfect for each other) folders were apart of their jobs. He used Zendaya as an excuse and planted the purple folder on your breakfast bar. Only for you to move it to the coffee table, away from him.


So the plan didn’t go perfectly but he landed himself a date. 

A coffee date at starbucks down the road which would hopefully lead to a second date. If he wasn’t the awkward geek that Harrison kept calling him. But this would lead him to step 2.

Step 2; Land A Date

This step was the most important step. This step was the major step towards dating.

And you had already ruined his second step. 

You asked him to coffee. YOU asked him to coffee. 

He didn’t even have a chance to even think about asking you, well that wasn’t entirely true he had made a 10 step plan to make you his girlfriend. But you had invited him to stay for dinner and then continued to ask if he wanted to join you for coffee the next morning. 

Tom left your house and immediately began planning. What he should wear, how he should speak and what he should order.

There is so much that goes into a date.

Step 3; Complete Said Date

Take a shower, check

Get dressed, check

Skip coffee, check

Catch the 9 o’clock bus.

He was running late for your date.

Your date that was supposed to be absolutely perfect for you.

It didn’t bother you. You were sitting on your phone scrolling through Instagram when he arrived. Making him less worried then when he originally thought of you reaction to him being late (alot of “how could you” ‘s and “why did you take so long” ‘s).

Your reaction was a smile and a wave excited to see him.

Not at all what he expected.

Sitting down he smiled at you, a big, gorgeous white teeth smile. Classic Tom Holland charm. 

“Have you ordered yet?” 

A simple question to start off a conversation and because he was late it made it all the more perfect.

“No didn’t really know what I wanted, how about you?” smiling he nodded looking up to the list of Starbucks drinks.

Laughing you pointed to the board at a particular drink “what about a Spiderman fro Mr. Peter Parker himself.”

This date was going pretty perfectly.

Step 4; Launching The Second Date 

After the first date you both caught the train back to your apartment and spent time together. Spent lunch together.

Your coffee date turned into a lunch date.

“Thomas move,” shouting at him to move so you could get to the oven to pull out the chicken for your wraps. It was cute.

Though it only made Tom move more in front of the oven smiling sweetly at you. “Make me, sweetheart,” that good old Holland charm, the one continuous thing he had been showing through the whole date. The rest of it consisted of his cute superhero awkwardness that you heard Harrison talk so much about.

You had to agree to one point of Harrison’s statement, he was cute.

Very cute.

Smirking you changed you thoughts kissing his cheek, smiling to yourself proud.

You just skipped 4 steps.

This cleary wasn’t the thought on Tom’s mind as he shyly moved away from the oven cupping his cheek. You only smirked so proud of yourself for getting to the oven. Your main goal.

Pulling out the chicken you turn back to him to see him paralised “are you okay you look slightly shocked,” you laughed thinking it was a phase.

What you didn’t know was that you just shocked the boy who loved you into silence.

Shaking your head you set up the waps, the chicken, lettuce and tomatoes plus any conderments you could possibly want, happy with yourself with what you have accomplished in such a short time. Turning and suddenly Tom was there in front of you “can I do something for you,” you asked slightly scared.

“Do you do this for everyone?”

Shocked the only thing you can do is shake your head. “What are you talking about?”

His settles down into one of the chairs around the table sighing before he speaks. “This,” he motions around him to everything “invite boys into your home, go on dates with them, make them dinner and lunch,” and then he pauses, whispering under his breath them “kiss them.”

It was a straight answer, you didn’t even have to think about it “no.”

“So your not just leading me on,” you weren’t heratbroken that Tom would even think that, think that you weren’t in this for the long hull.

“Of course not,”you nearly shouted  “I care for you because I really like you, and I feel like a teenager again because I said that.” Smiling you took his hands and made him stand up “if you screwed your whole 10 step plan and asked me right now to be your girlfriend I would say yes, no doubt.”

With that speech in his head he smiled nodding and sitting down at the table beginning to create his wrap. Leaving a heartbroken girl.

It took 4 more dates, 2 months, 25 days and  17 hours until he finally asked.

In front of everyone on the current set you were working on.

Him getting down on one knee, with you ridiculously sweaty and, opening a necklace case opening to a silver necklace with your initials engraved on a silver heart.

You wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now that he had finally finished his ten step plan he had a new project.

My 100 Step Plan To Getting Y/N To Marry Me.


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Love, Cait


Bucky: I have are a very particular set of skills, skills that have been used against my will, skills that, when compounded by endless experimentation to enhance my body and wipe away all memories of my former life, have made me nothing more than a puppet and eventual weapon in the hands of HYDRA. The thought of knowing that my expertise in the field resulted in dozens of assassinations still haunts me to this day.


Sir, this is a Wendy’s.

Bucky, standing on a table, very drunk : Roses are red, violets are blue,

Bucky, sobbing : Why did you leave me Steve, what did I do!?!

Sam : Oh for f*ck’s sake, not again!