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The path to effective keyword targeting in Google Shopping - Search Engine Land

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Over 52% of U.S. internet customers prefer small businesses due to personal service. Win more customers with personalization. 🙌🏼

Marketers Add Tech Frequently, But Not All Utilize It Fully -- Have We Reached “Peak MarTech”?

Why is Marketing's Biggest Obstacle App Integration??? After all, for pretty much every pair of popular cloud-based products, there’s some off-the-shelf way to connect them! ............

The digital asset management space continues to change and evolve and we want to help you keep up with the top trends. [webinar recording and deck]

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Source: MarTech Conference, Boston October 2018.

Your marketing success depends on balancing these powerful, yet seemingly paradoxical forces: 

  1. Centralize everything you can.
  2. Decentralize everything you can.
  3. Automate everything you can.
  4. Humanize everything you can.
  5. Embrace continuous change.