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Ontdek het geheim die je moeiteloos het succes met vrouwen en je zelfvertrouwen geeft

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36 years married to this man! It's been full and rich and more than I could have imagined on that very cold January day. Our marriage has been family and ministry and a million other things, but the constant has been the love he shows me in both small and great ways.

Ok, now that is no longer a at age 32😳, I hope it was worth the wait... not for him...for ! I guess we will know 🤷🏻‍♂️ by how long the lasts 😉

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Reading the Bible together will help you grow individually and as a couple. So as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. Col 1:10

is designed to provide support to the who is leaving the with a lower earning capacity to provide her, or him, with assistance in maintaining the standard of living they had during the marriage.

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All week I hear mediation cases but on weekends I marry people
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The people of success and wisdom are those who can differentiate between needs and wants.

1. We all NEED to be loved, but we don’t need an epic love story. Despite how much we may yearn for it, the bottom line is not everyone will have a fairytale love story in this life. The consolation is that for the believers, who prioritize the love of Allah in this life, their epic love story is inevitable in sha Allah in the next life. So if you’ve ever had or still have someone who cares for you, who is committed to taking care of you, who fulfills their rights to you, even if it’s not the most perfect or ideal match, just be grateful that you know what it means to be loved. There are many people who have never known love at all; from the beginning of their existence they’ve only known hatred, abuse, and oppression. Be grateful and stop complaining.

2. We all NEED comfort, but we don’t need extravagance and for our every convenience to be taken care of. If you have health, employment, a nice home, car, clothes for every season, money in your pocket to spend for leisure and activity, then be GRATEFUL. Looking at those who have more than you and feeling like you’re somehow deprived is the height of entitlement and ingratitude. There are people whose existence for decades has only been DISCOMFORT, INCONVENIENCE, SCARCITY, & INSECURITY. Imagine what they would do for one day with your lifestyle!

3. We all NEED to feel seen, but we don’t need fame and constant praise. To seek validation, praise, approval, for the way you look, the work you do, the clothes you wear, the spouse you have, the house you have, the car you drive, the food you eat, the places you travel to, the talents you possess, the wealth you’ve accumulated, the good deeds you do, the people you know, the knowledge you have, and any other privilege you’ve been blessed with is a DISEASE of the heart. Nothing escapes the knowledge of your Creator & beyond your outward actions He knows your inward reality, so why aren’t you as concerned about His opinion of you? Isn’t enough that He brought you into existence from NOTHING? Isn’t it enough that you are seen by the Unseen? And yet, you don’t make pleasing HIM as much of a priority as pleasing others, even those who reject Him!

May we all be people of success and wisdom. May we stop chasing our wants and displaying ingratitude for what we have. May we focus on what we need and turn to the One who fulfills all our needs. Amin.

Ustadha Hosai Mojaddidi

Your New Married Life

Wives, be under the authority of your husbands. This is the right thing to do in the Lord.
Husbands, love your wives, and be gentle to them.
Colossians 3:18-19 | International Children’s Bible (ICB)
The Holy Bible, International Children’s Bible® Copyright© 1986, 1988, 1999, 2015 by Tommy Nelson™, a division of Thomas Nelson.

Well. Score one for same-sex stuffed animals everywhere. Our 8-year-old announced tonight her most beloved stuffed bear, Bell, who is a “boy,” is going to marry her stuffed sloth, Peppermint, who is also a “boy.” The wedding is going to take place at a nightclub, which to our daughter means there will be a lot of kitchens and bedrooms, and two pools. And a llama ritual.

marriage so far looks like a lot of things for us.⁣

it’s a lot of laughs, and a lot of i-love-yous, and a lot of “drive safe and text me when you get there’s” even when the grocery store’s only like one minute away.⁣

it’s a lot of compromises and a lot of i’m sorry’s.⁣

it’s a lot of dealing with sick pets and tight budgets and not knowing what to do next and it’s a lot of “it’s going to be okay’s because at least we have each other’s.”⁣

it’s a lot of balancing growing as a couple vs growing as a person. and a lot of pushing each other out of our comfort zones. and it’s a lot of encouragement. and a lot of support. ⁣

it’s a lot of feeling overwhelmed by life and it’s a lot of feeling grateful that you have someone to hold your hand through it. ⁣

The Bloody Baronet.

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Violet hums as she walks down the empty hallway, carrying the tray of evening tea. She often spent the early evening with Alan, she liked learning from him. Alan was a well read man, he loved books. He’s a poet, he promised to teach her but so far he hasn’t made good on that promise yet. Violet had hoped to ask him about it over a cup of tea, supper would be served within the hour but one cup of tea won’t hurt the appetite. She smiles, gently knocking on the door. Alan required silence at all hours of the day when he visited the estate, he’s the the first born. Already thirty one, still unmarried. Violet didn’t think him to be the marrying kind anyway but their father was getting agitated. The same goes for Agatha, she had just turned twenty six about three months ago but she’s got prospects. A sea of men to pick from, surely she could pick some one nice. This year it would be Violet’s twentieth, she had already gotten a handful of boys seeking her attention but none of them interested her. Surely they were all lovely but there was just something about them that wasn’t right. She expected more than just “lovely”, Violet expected conversations that didn’t revolve around their extended family and their military training or their horses. It was all a bit bland now, Violet’s eyebrows crease together.


There was a loud sigh, was this a bad time? She hadn’t meant to make so much noise, Violet invites herself in. She had to remind him of supper anyway so she might as well catch him in a bad mood just this once, the door opens and she carefully manoeuvres the tray to fit in through the door.

“I’ve brought-”

Violet heart stops as she sees Alan and Agatha tangled together on the bed in various states of undress, heaving and moaning. In a state of shock she drops the tray, the teapot shatters as it hits the ground and the tea splashes onto the bottom of Violet’s dress, she couldn’t speak. Agatha and Alan both look up, their skin flushed and veiled in sweat.


Her lips tremble, what was happening?

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Compromise…it’s an interesting concept. Does it really exist? Or is one person giving into another constantly and the one getting their way claims compromise is the key to making things work?

Is it ever really 50/50? Or is it more consistently 70/30 or 80/20? It sure seems that way…one person gives and gives while the other gets and gets while claiming they are doing this and that (eye roll)

I was watching Sister Wives this evening and the husband/father wants all of his wives to live in one house (even though the majority of the women don’t want to). He even proceeded to make a comment that he needs to build a cabin to get away sometimes. Do the wives get to get away? Do the wives get a retreat to escape from life? What makes him on a higher level? He might not get a break from a wife but in return his wives are giving up time with him, parenting as a single mom at times…but goodness let’s make sure to cater to the man.

I can’t even…


I once was asked what if i ever got the chance to bring the hands of time back, would i still choose marriage or stay single? This is my response.

No, we don’t get to decide who to fall in love or feel connection with. It’ll just happen as it happens – without any warning signal nor red flag.

Love fades away, it’s true. It becomes dull and lifeless, especially when most of what you had in return was the highest form of pain – neglect. The flames that were once burning will die out no matter how hard you fan them up.

No wonder there are those who choose to stay single rather than be in a miserable marriage or relationship, regardless of how strong the connection they feel toward a certain person. They don’t bargain, they don’t take risks – because being broken requires courage and faith against the unknown in order to heal, in which for some – as practical as them – could take more than a handful of time, putting life to waste.

But as we cannot control feeling, we can control our way of thinking. And this is where commitment comes in. That even when you know your feelings have died, if your commitment to the person is for a lifetime, no matter how hard it is, you CHOOSE to keep on trying. On the other hand, if your commitment is to yourself, which, for the record, is not a crime, you’d choose a different path.

Both leaving and staying are a choice, and its reason remains to be highly subjective. But then again, and i’d repeat, it’s a choice – a decision we make based on how we feel or what we think is right for us.


It’s one thing to say you love God and hope for heaven and another to live a holy life that’s clean inside and outside. Why yearn for a relationship that’s good to you while being partially pure or carrying reasons in you to be less or more than like Jesus?


‪Marriage is complicated 😂‬

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💖🕊️💖I made my fiancé a ftm trans coming out cake by his request! It may not be the best, but I made it in an hour and decorated it exactly how he wanted. Including the funny little joke - I am so proud of him for feeling comfortable enough to be himself and tell our friends today! His name is Jonah by the way, and I love him more than anything!💖🕊️💖