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empty beaches and much love for our life together

💑 💖 💋 💯We've solved it! The key to the perfect relationship! Take note everyone. Attachment + Caring + Intimacy = Perfect Love. That's me out of a job, then! 💑 💖 💋 💯

. discusses what it means to be queer in a heterosexual marriage: "We're redefining, to be f**king frank, what it looks like for someone that’s a queer person like myself to be in a hetero relationship.”

I am going to be a very interesting person. I am the that has something to talk about.

Mulai 23 Februari - 11 Maret 2019 Dapatkan Bonus ttd penulis + random photocard Nabila & Bryan. Wih! Banyak bonusnya ya. Yuk ikutan PO-nya.

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KAISOO prompt!!!

kyungsoo is a 27 y.o young successful man who lived a painful love story in his past, his high school failed love has broken him into pieces but with time he came to learn how to forget and to turn his tragic love experience into a motivation, which is why he moved from being a broke suicidal high schooler to a famous matchmaker and wedding caterer. Kyungsoo worked hard and studied well to build his own career and to achieve his dream job which is to help single and heartbroken people to forget their loneliness and painful love experiences and get the chance to find love again. He invested all his earnings to build a big agency that organizes weddings and also owns a dating coffee shop that sets blind dates for single people after they already met in the dating application/site that belongs to the agency.

Kyungsoo one day received a message on his work email box, it was from some rich man who wanted Kyungsoo’s agency to prepare and organize his wedding due in a month. He gladly accepted the request and set up a date for the rendezvous in order to talk to the soon-to-be-married couple about the details and preparations of their future wedding ceremony. 

On the D day, Kyungsoo comes in face to face with no one but his ex-boyfriend, “Kim Jongin” who’s now a famous company CEO is getting married in 4 weeks. The man he loved 11 years ago, the man who was once just a high school guy he fell in deep love with and who made him the happiest person on earth and with whom he lived a “three years” beautiful and healthy relationship, they both did everything and experienced all the things a couple in love would do and at an early age, the age of 16. 

But why him exactly? Again!?? He was meant to forget him..

After 11 years of occupying himself and working non-stop on the sheets and filling his time with nothing but work just to divert his mind from his ex-lover.. he never told anyone that when he closes his eyes…every night..for 11 years…he only sees him.. Kim Jongin and cries..and cries the whole night until he never remembers when he even slept. Why does he have to come back again and remind him of all the pain he killed himself to forget??

Kyungsoo only wanted to heal people’s hearts and help them find love again with hopes that one day he, himself, will be able to fall in love and be loved again, but he never imagined his love will be back in a much painful way to break him this time..harder!… Or maybe to heal him?




I wrote this prompt! Someone go ahead and write the whole fic! but credit me.


Big Man

a little thing for @hd-hale <3


Stu bit his tongue in concentration, furrowing his brow as he cracked the egg on the pan’s edge. He took a deep breath before he split it in half, holding it upright and only slowly tilting it to the side, carefully lighting the clear liquid spill out. When there was little more than the yolk left in the shell, he poured the yellow orb from one shell to the other, a bit more glair spilling out onto the pan.

He put the cracked egg back into the carton for now, quickly repeating the process with a second then third and fourth egg. Quickly, he grabbed the salt and pepper shakers—little owls that his parents had gifted them the first time he and Burt had them over to the new place—, sprinkling the pan messily as he opened the stove to check on the hash browns he was cooking (Stu didn’t care what Burt said about grease, it wasn’t good for the heart).

He was just about to flip the first egg when Burt, fresh from their bed and so, so warm, wrapped around his back. He fit his chin over Stu’s shoulder as he wrapped his arms around Stu’s waist, effectively folding himself around him. Stu melted into it, confident that Burt would hold them both upright as he let his knees go a little weak.

“Hey, egg white,” Burt mumbled, his voice a husky rasp against the side of Stu’s neck. Stu shivered and the egg he was flipping slid off the spatula and folded in half.

“God, you’re silent for such a big man,” Stu told him as he flipped the last two, finally grabbing the four half-shells and dumping the yolks onto the pan to fry.

“Your big man,” Burt grumbled, the arms around Stu’s waist tightening. Stu could feel the way he was pouting against his neck, and he chuckled when Burt gave a mock growl.

“My big man,” Stu said softly, linking their left hands together over his stomach and smiling when their rings clinked together.

thinkin’ about Karl and Anders getting secretly married.

doesn’t even have to be official. just a promise to each other made in the dark, sealed by a kiss, their hearts and souls melding as one as they vow, hands entwined as they imagine their married life outside the tower

or maybe on their escape, they find a chantry sister to do it before they’re eventually found and dragged back to the circle. pledging life and love together even though the circle tells them it’s forbidden

or even in a modern au, eloping and getting married without telling their friends and family because it would have even more meaning to them if it were just an intimacy shared between them instead of a performance for others

or in a high school au, they run away together because their parents blindly don’t approve of the other, and all they know is they want to share life’s greatest triumphs and downfalls together for as long as they live

anonymous asked:

how would Brian ask Roger to marry him? would it be something in public or more intimate and romantic?

It would definately be more private and intimate. Brian would totally be the one to over think it ALL. Plan out this extravagant proposal… but then realizing he really didnt have to. That Roger wouldn’t want something big a special.

I feel like it’d be after a concert. Both of them lying in bed. Hair a mess. Exhausted from the concert and making love. Just flopped on the bed and Brian asks Roger to marry him. And Roger couldn’t be fucking happier.