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: "He looked at her, the way her hair was tousled after the night's sleep on the pillow. Such love."

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Great lesson for couples and intending couples here. Please read and share. RT -

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Secret to 80 yr : John, 106 yrs old says, โ€œLiving in moderation, we never overdo anything. Eat well. Sleep well. Donโ€™t over-drink. Donโ€™t overeat. And exercise regularly.โ€ Charlotte,105, says, We traveled a lot. We just stay busy all the time.

I'm not sure her masters thesis is about this. 'Cause mehn...this is so darn right. My neighbor beat his wife to almost death but trust me she never left. They just went into nursing wounds and going ahead with the .๐Ÿ™„

๐ŸŽ‰ , happy anniversary KoMu love never truly leave us, komu. There are things that death cannot touch.

sex tip --> In Her Face is a husband-on-top fellatio oral sex position where heโ€™s in full control of the stimulation. Get the details, & give it a try!

(Pride of Bihar) (Yourajofahirwal)..hmm very rarely we found these young leaders together.. today was one of that day.. I always cherish this moment ceremony of Sh Rao Narender Singh ji kei bete kei at Gurugram missed u sir

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Cada vez que tengo insomnio, se me ocurren tantas cosas que escribirte, sobre todo para cuando nos casemos

All your life you have been looking for me.

This summer we passed by each other like commets in the night sky.

We never even said hi,

But as our paths for a moment intercept,

We promised to orbit the heavens ‘ til we find each other again.

This was the first of our vows.

The Vows #1

An M.S poem to T

Tyndale Life Application Daily Devotion

Devotional for December 8

Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage. God will surely judge people who are immoral and those who commit adultery.
- Hebrews 13:4


Giving honor to marriage will require the utmost in Christian conviction and sensitivity. Modern social theory may redefine the family, and the new definitions may be far from its biblical foundation.


What can you do? Witness to the depth of God’s love for you by keeping your marriage happy and strong. Remain faithful—in body and in mind. Pray for your spouse. Honor biblical marriage (consenting man-woman unions) by resisting political pressure to recognize and legalize other sexual preferences. Teach children the biblical meaning of marriage. Pray early for their own eventual spouses and families. Make marriage enrichment the goal of your small group discussions and study. Encourage the marriages around you to stay strong as well.

© 2010 by Tyndale House Publishers

What if some intimate acts don’t need to be seen but realized when you look into the eyes of your s/o, you know by the way they talk to you and ease your fears and doubts? What if ‘I love you’ is felt in the dark, in theirs arms filled with rest and peace? What if love isn’t always seen initially?

Marriage: Reloaded

(Also available on AO3) 

          Yniuria was the happiest she had been in a long, long time. When she had gone to Ossus to help the Jedi sheltering there, she had not expected to run into Doc again. And despite everything, a small part of her had feared that he had moved on to someone else when the Eternal Empire separated them. To find that he had remained true to her and was still as in love with her as he had been six years ago had gotten her quite emotional.

           She had been sure to reward him quite vigorously after they had returned to Coruscant.

           Curled in his arms after, listening to his rapid heartbeat as it slowly calmed, she felt complete. Being a Jedi, helping others and defending them against the Sith, was all well and good, but one could not live with just duty alone. Or at least, she couldn’t. Having someone to come back to made the pressure easier to deal with. When she was with him, the tension all just melted away.

           Doc bent forward to give her a lazy kiss on the forehead. “I missed that smile,” he murmured, squeezing her gently.

           “Just the smile?” She teased.

           “Your smile, your laugh, the way you feel in my arms, the colour of your eyes, your intensity when you’re facing off against injustice, basically everything, really…”

           Yn laughed and kissed him. “I missed everything, too.”

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Ok so its been an absolute fucking long time since I have posted on here. So ill give an update to what has been foing on in my life. I still stream on mixer, just not as often since school is almost over and I have had to focus so much on that. I have gotten rid of my mohawk and growing my hair all the way out again, but I did it in a way that makes my head cold in the winter. School has been an absolute last, I am a little sad that its gonna be over in May, but ill graduate knowing some really cool skills. I am engaged, amd also getting married in May, I cant even begin to describe the amount of joy and excitement i have about this. Life is just plugging along for me. Hope everyone else is having a good year and hope life is chugging along great for you too.


Based on a ton of fanfics I read lately:

How would you react to your fiance’s best friend telling you:

‘I’ve been in love with your fiance for years but I know you guys love each other. I love them so much, I just want them happy. Even if it’s not with me. I’m just telling you this, so you’ll know why I’ll be acting weird and distant, leaving parts early and in general being s much in the background as i can be.“


Originally posted by suffering-tc

Keep in mind: you both know, if the best friend doesnt show up, your fiance would be more than upset. So its basically a loose loose situation. The best friend HAS to be part of this wedding in some way.

Szenrio 1. You don’t know if your fiance returns the feelings or not

Szenarion 2. Would you reaction be different, in the case you know the feelings are returned?

I want to be the kind of husband that represents Jesus to his wife, who is able to confirm, teach, admonished, comfort, encourage, praise and support her in the Lord so she can grow to be her very best in the world all the while protecting and guarding her heart faithfully by God’s grace.