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Who, being loved, is poor? ~ Oscar Wilde

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Only one person at my show today; it was my husband. I did the show anyway; made the sound guy stay and watch the entire show. . . .

"To love means to be actively concerned for the life and the growth of another." - Irvin Yalom

spoke to about how he hopes the first broadcast of a same-sex will encourage other churches.

Picture this – your wedding is fast approaching and you don’t know what to get as thank you presents! Who you gonna call? Il Gusto! Our half-sized bottles make the perfect wedding favours so that you won’t be the only ones loving your wedding day!

When I’m extra sleepy (aka grumpy) in the morning and my partner blasts “Rise Up” by on surround sound bc he knows it is my anthem.

Viral Video : 80 year old Arab man marries 12 year old girl. Disgusting. How sick is the World??? Watch the Video 👉

To Those who think they can destroy your dreams or prevent you from getting something....

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Me: I’m down to earth. I’m not the type of person that needs to have expensive things.

Also Me: I wonder if [my husband] will divorce me if I spend $200 on gourmet French chocolates… 

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Thank you so much!! :D And I'm really sorry about that anon... I hope it won't happen again! Sooo most to least likely to: ask you to marry them! I don't know if you have a character limit? You can put as many as you want or just your faves! Anything's fine for me really!

Sorry I know I said I wanted to try most to least likely… but I kept changing the order and was overall unhappy with it… So this became a Likely vs Unlikely or a Would vs Would not kinda thing… Also I tried to put as many characters as I could, but please my darlings it’s better when you tell me who you’d like, otherwise I’m lost. I didn’t go into too much details but if you’d like to know more as to why a character is in a certain category feel free to send in a specific hc ask!

That was still a lot of fun, I really like this concept so if you’ve got more like this my pretties send them in!

Smoochies from Ma!

Would they ask you to marry them?


- Izuku: he’s so focused on hero work it’s gonna take him a while to realise he wants to do it, but he will eventually, a lot of rambling will be involved

- Shoto: again that poor boy didn’t have a great example growing up… but after years of being in a relationship with you, he finally trusts himself enough, he’s confident that you can build something even more beautiful together, gives you a little speech before asking, and if you say yes he’d love for you to come with him to tell his mother the news

- Hanta: you’ve talked about it before, but he wants to keep it a surprise so he’ll ask when you’ve forgotten about it, really sweet and romantic

- Denki: you can see it coming from a mile away, might have actually seen the ring already cause he’s terrible at hiding things from you and in general, adorable but a nervous wreck

- Eijiro: it’s the manly thing to do! actually he might have gotten the idea from someone else cause sharky bb is a bit of an airhead at times, but he’s really excited about it

- Mashirao: you had a feeling he wanted to ask you something important, but not that important, goes about it in a very traditional and romantic way, probably over diner

- Tenya: even more traditional, asks your parents for their blessing first, I’m not sure if he’d ask in public, I think he’d keep it private, his proposal sounds like a business deal offer… but if you say yes all that robot front is gonna melt away and this dork might laugh out of sheer happinness and spin you around

- Fumikage: reaallyy self-conscious… many times he backpedals at the last moment… until Dark Shadow lends an unexpected hand

- Ochaco: look it took her a while to admit she had a crush on you but ever since you’ve gotten together she’s been really forward, that girl ain’t wasting anymore time, she knows what she wants

- Yuga: prepare for a very pompous, public proposal with the shiniest diamond ever… or none at all cause nothing shines brighter than your future groom and his love for you

- Momo: she mulls it over for a while and when she asks she doesn’t really, it’s more like she brings up the idea of marriage to see your reaction and then timidly wonder if you’d want her as your wife

- Tsuyu: she wants a family with you, that’s the next step in her book, a bit shy about it though but straight to the point as always

- Mina: she was actually waiting for you to do it but grew too impatient and ended up blurting out her proposal at the oddest of time and sounding vaguely annoyed/offended she had to do it herself before getting really flustered

- Rikido: hides the ring in the cake he baked for you, has a hard time explaining why he looks so horrified when you finish it all up without noticing anything

- Koji: you might despair and ask yourself first cause it’s gonna take him the longest time to feel confident enough to ask you, but he’d come up with something so precious involving your favourite animals you’d do well to wait

- Itsuka: she doesn’t need it, but she likes the idea so if she feels like you both might be on the same page she’d bring it up but more like in a conversation rather than just popping the question

- Neito: is he serious? haha who knows! come on yes he is and he’s waiting for an answer, he loves you so much he wants to make it official and be able to brag about it, wants to do a public proposal and tries to act confident but he’s terrified you’ll reject him

- Mirio: if someone pointed out that you already look and act like a married couple he’d get really excited and probably turn to you all smile “let’s get married Y/N!”, but depending on your reaction then he might apologise later on and propose in a more serious way

- Neijire: doesn’t realise it’s that big of a deal and doesn’t exactly asks too, you were probably just watching some wedding show and she mused “we should do it too” or when walking in front of a wedding dress shop “oohh that’s the one I want”… like if you ask her if she seriously wants to get married she’ll go “eehh? we’re not???”

- Tamaki: oh boy… swears he’s gonna ask you and look you in the eyes while doing so even if it kills him but that might actually happen… he’s gotten really comfortable around you over the years but some things are still… too much

- Yo: if you’ve gotten to the point where he wants to marry you… you’ve gotten through a lot, and this boy must have been a huge pain… actually you might have been fed up with him one day and threaten to end things, expecting him to close himself off as usual and wish you farewell then… but no, he proposes. yeah, not a great timing

- Natsuo: such a good boy, so sweet, promises to always provide and care for you, and vows to himself to not be like his dad (as if you could ever be sweetie)

- Himiko: asks soon after you’ve gotten together, thinks about becoming your knife wife almost as much as drinking your blood

- Hizashi: he won’t yell his proposal… but he sure as hell is gonna scream his happiness if you say yes (everyone’s ears are not thanking you)

- Nemuri: thought she’d never settle down? wrong! if you can see past her sexual appeal while still appreciating it she ain’t letting you off the hook

- Jin: surprised? I don’t think he’d consider it if you weren’t part of the league or if the boss was against it for whatever reason though, but it’d make him very happy to marry you


- Hitoshi: he doesn’t really care for marriage, but depending on how you present the idea to him he’d agree to it and might even look forward to it

- Katsuki: doesn’t see the point, you’re already partners for life, what’s the big fuss about? he’d be hard to convince, but the more territorial side of him might be swayed, he wouldn’t want any “mushy stuff” though

- Dabi: too bad his very good friend Toya would’ve asked! marriage doesn’t sound good to him for many reasons, you can’t sway him

- Tomura: finds the idea a bit… odd? that kind of “like most people” stuff isn’t for him honestly… but you’re his player 2, that’s better, right?

- Hawks: I don’t think that’s what he’s looking for

- Kyoka: she wants to, but can’t work up the courage

- Mezo: he never gave marriage much thought so you’d have to bring it up, he wants to make you happy and if that’s what you want he’ll ask, but yeah not spontaneously

- Toru: she’s waiting for you to ask her

- Ibara: same I don’t see her being too forward in a relationship, but might prefer it if you actually just talk about it together instead of a big proposal

- Tetsutetsu: he… didn’t… think about it… and if someone else brings it up he’s gonna be mad at himself for not coming up with that one on his own and won’t ask cause he’s too busy pouting

- Fuyumi: sadly I hc her to think that’s not really her choice to make

- Shota: he’s a bit whatever about it, as long as you too are together he doesn’t care about formalities, he’d enjoy a sober wedding if you want one, and please don’t let Hizashi make a speech he’s begging you

- Toshinori: that poor man is dying to marry you, but it’d be like putting a target on your back and his biggest fear is losing you or seeing you hurt… keeping it a secret might be an option but I’m not sure he’d take that risk

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any married fics?

I found a marriage tag on ao3, dear! As for specifics, I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, but here’s a few that involve marriages!

An Ineffable Wedding by White_Phoenix (wip)

Aziraphale thinks that it’s finally time that they display their romantic feelings for each other. What better way to do that than to have a wedding to celebrate with their closest friends?

white lace and a bottomless wineglass by Elsajeni

Anathema blinks at them. “You’re already–-? Huh. For how long?”

“Gosh,” Aziraphale says, “nearly two thousand years now,” at the same time as Crowley says, “1966, was it?”

Vow Renewals; It’s What The Humans Do by Pearl09

After the not-a-pocalypse, Crowley and Aziraphale have a nice lunch at the Ritz. On their walk to the bookstore later, Aziraphale wonders about the future, and Crowley reminds him that it’s been almost a century since they were married, and they can finally ignore Heaven and Hell and make it public. Aziraphale then suggests a vow renewal ceremony with their new friends.

~Mod P


Part 3 of How do you know when the over 40 year old guy that is asking you to marry him hasn’t got a job?
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Y’know nothing make me yearn more than pictures of lesbian couples together in the softer moments of life I.e. like when they are caught cuddling, holding hands, or softly kissing because I want that more than anything I’ve ever wanted. It breaks me up a little to know I probably will never have that in my life

-Memei Roiyariti

A lot of traditional minded folks like to point out the emptiness associated with putting career first than getting married but portraying marriage as a source of happiness just makes people have too high expectation of marriage. We need to remember the ultimate purpose of marriage. It is a sacrament, it’s a source for holiness.


What Better Way To Walk Down The Aisle
Simply Magical 👰🏾💍💒
Sweet Lady - By @tyrese
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All of His Proposals - SylvainxDorothea (4/11)

AO3 link
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Work out session turns haunting memories turns marriage proposal turns kissing txt

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“Holy Ghost

I’m so grateful, God You know You did the most

When You created her for me

Lord You know

I have witnessed Your glory

All this favor You showed me

When you gave it to me

I had to learn what to do with your blessing

Now I know

That a man who findeth a wife finds a good thing

So every time I think of her

I’m thanking You

And when I give my love to her I’m thanking You

Loving her like Christ love the Church ‘cause ya told me to

Yeah She help me see all Your glory

Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m worth it

But I’m under Your covenant so I ain’t worried

I’m just thanking You”