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Straight from Paris nights, .dj comes to ignite @theatromarrakech, Saturday 27th April. Are you in? __________

? ? ? They're all names of tracks on my next EP "Destinations 4"! It goes on sale May 10 so check out the demos now and tell me your favorite!

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On our 40th birthday year, we traveled to beautiful Marrakesh with our brand new Holiday Collection; a celebration of colour and print that you won't want to leave behind >

🌺🕌 Palais El Badi 🕌🌺 « Une chose m'inquiète : si le Paradis a une porte, c'est qu'il y a des murs. » — Grégoire Lacroix • • • 🇲🇦

When we slow down, when we can feel our feet on the ground and take notice of the world around us, things are different. However, it seems that way too often our daily lives are so full we can miss the forest for the trees.

The trip to Morocco with has been great so far. So many ! Spent the last 3 days in , now headed to where we'll work out of a caravan with Moroccan physicians, bringing services to lower resource regions

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we tried this dish (chicken, potatoes and veg) at Bar and Restaurent on KG 3Ave. Recommended. uncomfortable chairs 🙈 for a $10 dish

: H.E Minister of Agriculture, Livestock & Environment of with his counterparts Ministers before the conclusion of the 5th session of Africa Regional Forum on sustainable Development

🌺🕌 Palais El Badi (1/3) 🕌🌺 « Nous ne discutons pas la famille. Quand la famille se défait, la maison tombe en ruine. » — Antonio de Oliveira Salazar • • • 🇲🇦

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”

-Lao Tzu