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Personal Finance Daily: When is it NOT cool to re-gift your unwanted swag and the lack of paid family leave is ‘breaking families’ backs’

The Wall Street Journal: ‘Phase 1’ of U.S.-China trade deal cuts some tariffs, eliminates new ones planned for Sunday In Beijing, the government declined to disclose details on the scale of the tariff reduction or of its purchases of...

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Before the Open - Futures for Canada’s main equity index rose as oil prices jumped on the prospect of a China-U.S. trade deal.

NewsWatch: ‘Back up the truck and buy, buy buy,’ because there is no risk, says MUFG economist

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Steak ta-ta? We need to reach ‘peak meat’ in 10 years to combat climate change The globe needs to reach “peak meat” within the next 10 years — opting for the increasingly popular, if less-than-healthful, meat alternatives or choosing...

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from the other day; still VERY important.


very violent but ok

Step one to buying your home

Getting informed before you start the homebuying process empowers you to make savvier financial decisions. Contact me as your agent and we can look at all of the factors

For instance, once your understand how your credit score affects the cost of your mortgage, you might decide to wait six months or a year before buying so you can get a better rate.


TREB released sales data for JAN 2019 & sales numbers were up!

For all your real estate needs, SHAWN VENASSE - Sales Representative, The Elli Davis Team - Royal LePage, 416.921.1112 /

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Should you wait?

What makes people want to buy a home? Space, privacy, proximity to family and friends, and a sense of community all contribute to the emotions of buying a home. Tax breaks, transportation, amenities, and the opportunity to build equity are also factors.

But the biggest reason cited by home buyers year after year is simply the desire to own. According to the National Association of REALTORS, 75% of first-time buyers are former renters. They prefer to build equity for themselves than for someone else. There’s always a risk that home prices will fall further, but prices and mortgage interest rates have bounced along the bottom long enough that sooner or later one or both will start rising again. That means the risk is greater that prices and mortgage interest rates will rise, rather than fall.

Researchers at the Center for Economic and Policy Research studied 100 communities and found that affordability is a strong incentive to buy now. You can build equity within four years, and take the money you’ve put in the home back out again when you leave, which is not possible for renters.

So how do you know if it’s the right time to buy?

Is it affordable?  Only you know if you’re in a position to buy a home. Your lender will let you know how much home you qualify to buy. Work with your Realtor to find neighborhoods and homes that are within your borrowing limits, Compare the rent you’re paying now with the monthly payment you’ll be making including property taxes and hazard insurance.

Is the time right?  Buying a home is on e of the greatest lifestyle changes you can make. It goes hand in hand with forming a family and becoming a productive member of the community. If you want the amenities of home ownership, you will enjoy owning.

What are the Incentives? Mortgage money is the cheapest money you’ll ever borrow. You can deduct your mortgage interest rate and property taxes from your income taxes. And you can sell your home after two years and not pay capital gains on any profits (up to 250k for individuals and 500k for married couple). You can rent your home to others and start building a portfolio of self-sustaining properties.

Don’t worry about timing the market! Even the smartest investors don’t wait for the bottom to buy. Contact me today to get started.


Lets check out from MarketWatch and see what is packed into this very helpful website for anyone interested in what the Stock Market did for the day or go back and see what history did. From the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Nasdaq (NDX) American Stock Exchange (AMEX) its all at