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Launch success for the new Cambia Information Group website!

Conducting in ? You're invited to ! Key benefits include cost savings, recruiting, and ease of getting around:

In this third tariff white paper, analysts from the Freedonia Group contemplate the current realities and future possibilities of trade relations between the US and .

Market research is critical to any procurement process but can take time most procurement professionals don’t have. Join us on Aug. 28 for a covering key principles & practical tips for conducting quick, effective . Register today!

We're thrilled to partner with @HarpethMktg to bring you the Think. Plan. Do. Workshop™, Marketing and Sales for Time-Strapped, Cash-Strapped Small Business Owners and Independent Consultants! Register today:

2) Interests - what is each party's interest in the negotiation?

Year 3 trying their hand at creating an Infographic and learning about career pathways in the field of marketing.

Emily Epstein is talking through her 7 elements of negotiation... 1) Alternatives - figuring out what the BATNA is in any negotiation!

How do we define success? Emily Epstein goes into the following model!

Our final summer webinar of the series is less than an hour away! There's still time to register: . Thank you to for making this series possible!

I'd love to know what you would find most useful in your own personal development. You can tell me in this market research survey and have the chance to win a ÂŁ50 voucher. Click here

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“Technology is up-ending research -Big money bets on the future of research - @insightpltfrms #mrx #MarketResearch #NewMR #insightplatforms”