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To establish connections with a diverse audience, must use a multicultural . It's the only way to remain competitive in the changing market. via

Equip your sales team with the best system and unlock its full potential in 2020. Great article from !

Co-founder and CEO of , , says that will combat the fact that "right now is a line item in a lot of marketing plans and most people aren’t sure what to do about it."

how can you use video to strengthen your strategy? In this article, you'll find two approaches that answer this and other questions. Via

How does Jeff Bezos consistently build multi-million/billion-dollar brands? He follows 4 growth strategy pillars – every single time. By of via w/

Is your lead-generation system a clunky, time-sucking antique? Schedule your free consultation today and find out how Your Online Marketing Team can help your business succeed in the new decade.

The Martech Minute: Pause Ads from Xandr, Sisense funding news and Amobee’s new CEO The data analytics platform Sisense announced it has raised more than $100 million in its latest round of funding, bringing the company’s [...]

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Business without Branding and Digital Marketing is like a fish without water…
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Happy Thursday friends and fans! 🤩My 15-Second Tips are back!🎉 Woo Hoo! I finally got the energy to get back in the video game thank God! Lol but really thank God.🙌🏼
Kicking of my first 15-second tip and folks don’t get offended. I am guilty of this at times when I have to go into a meeting or a client calls.😳These items are priority over a post always and this tip does not apply to emergencies or 1st priority items.
The Instagram analytics weigh the “likeability” of your post in the first hour. More importantly, those first interactions that happen on your post so it is IMPERATIVE for your maximum reach, to reply to the comments on your post.💯 If your post gets the engagement then it is shared with another 30% of your audience.😃 Yes, it’s dumb I know but this is how these analytics work and there is no secret about that.🙄
If you want your post to reach it’s maximum reach – don’t post and ghost and hang out and chat for a few minutes. 😃You will start to see a difference in your engagement too and isn’t that what we all want?
(at Washington, DC)

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