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According to a study conducted by , over 86 % of have tried using the strategy and over 94 % have found it to be effective. Still not sure about influencer marketing? Check out why it is right for your .

Leading are investing in machine learning to support their activities. 🖥 73% of leaders investing in machine learning have shifted more than 10% of their time from manual activation to strategic insight generation. 📈 🎯

Is Net Promoter Score a valid metric for marketers? examines its origins and how NPS is used for everything from justifying budgets to raises.

We’re opening the vault to our first-party data. can now search and analyze across the B2B web in real-time with our new interactive tool, Audience Explorer. Did we mention it’s free? (Seriously!)

One out of seven people are using CBD oil everyday. As the Cannabis and CBD industry continues to expand at a rapid pace, what does this mean for strategies?

42% of do not target their , which is a crazy stat to us. It's well worth the effort to target your message as much as possible!

"Per far si che la pubblicità sul web funzioni è necessario pianificare una strategia! Perché non basta aprire un account e mettere delle immagini, se non sai come fare visita .

use data to come up with strategic and personalized campaigns. According to research, only 25% of B2B companies are currently invested in intent . You can start now and get ahead. Read more:

When I started working with Andrew he made me study hard. Specifically, he told me to study the who have become successful with paid traffic and list building. People who actually walk the talk.

Some 60% of surveyed say they need to improve their ability to integrate marketing tools into their other systems ()

Are you tired of the "", and who are preaching to solely focus on "ads"? Forget about "paid ads", "boosting" your posts, and other stuff that doesn't work.

News for : Tues, June 25 -Trump signs transparency executive order - , deal to close later than expected - turns to Mutombo to block

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has recently announced the changes in showing video content on users’ news feeds and seems like we're going to see a major change in how and spread their messages! Here are a few tips to help marketers stay in the loop:

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We are looking for aces!
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The Law of Reciprocity
This is my business word for you today

Ever heard it before? If not then you need to listen to it if you ever want your customers keep coming back

👉And if you have questions, 💧 them in the comments below and
👉if you will like me to coach you one on one in business or in marketing, message me and we can work on a budget that will work for you and you will making sales in no time

Then a 🔖⚠️
Don’t forget to subscribe for the E-commerce site Entrepreneurs Community I spoke to you about as new contents are been discussed everyday

Here are few:
🔖The complete guide to using STOCK PHOTOS in your marketing
🔖5 reasons your presentation might sucks 😱😱😱😱😱
🔖10 🆓ways to market your home business

Now if I didn’t subscribe, I would I know?

You know you are not doing me a favour, you are doing yourself a whole harm by not having enough information to help you build

Why eat the debris in a 🎊 when you can eat the real meal?

You steal from yourself when you deprive yourself of an essential food material that can make you grow.

How much do you invest in a day on a cup of coffee, $9.97?

What if you invest into yourself every month and you get information that landed you a $1,000, will it be worth it? If your answer is yes, get to my link on my bio and don’t procrastinate, START now, you will thank me later


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The Law of partnership

This is my business word to you today

Like I shared with you on one of my posts on Business Growth, there are three types of business 📊📈 and I mentioned 3:

Exponential growths

Now if you are ever going to expand exponentially ie in an explosive way then you need to pay a good attention to this law

I have business mentors who partner with themselves based on their 📧 lists and collaborate with each other’s audience to add more value to them in the process enlarging their customer base to reach more people with their products and services and you 😱😱😱 how they make millions via their lists?

There you have it.

In today’s 60secs video, I share on this and gave some sites that you can partner with if you have a local store or an online 🏪

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My Business Word to You Today

Getting Information
Its like people are yet to understand what learning via information does for them

What does it do?
It is like the 🔑 to a closed 🚪

It is like a switch to a dark room

It does not matter how much you beg a 🚪 to open or you try to force it to open, it won’t. Why? Because that is not the answer to the 🚪 or the dark room

Just get the 🔑 to the 🚪 not JUST ANY 🔑 BUT THE RIGHT ONE that fits into the hole of the 🚪

Now I have a very important information to give you if you run an online 🏪 or websites 💻 or an 📧 lists and you are not having any conversion for your website or don’t know how to generate sales for your 📧 lists,

This video has the information that will help you solve the problem

Share your 💭 with me and give me your feedback on how it helped you

Remember nothing changes until you are HUNGRY ENOUGH FOR THE CHANGE

👉If you say information 📚📚📖📕 is to expensive, then you need to try IGNORANCE and see which one costs more: the one that saves you time and money💰 In the end or the one that keeps you in one spot for years: you choose

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The Phases of Building a Successful Business

This is my business word the Lord laid in my heart to share with you today

I had done this topic before as a 5 days business challenge on my page

Go through my posts you will see the fullness of the topic there

This is just a REMINDER to you and if you will like to know this word in full capacity with pictures too to assist you further, taking you through the phases, then get to my amazon site at for your copy and if you purchase, kindly leave a review to let me know how it impacted your life as it did mine

This word came to me too in March 2017 and everything came to a standstill and I was asking the Lord for the way through it

It was then God told me, ‘Business is in phases and the first phase as to do with my building process and treasures don’t die in the fire. Go through the fire, keep building till you get what you want’

Many more He told me which helped me to keep building even when people never believed me.

I guess now they will. I don’t need to prove anything to anymore

I love my life and what I do and the impact I make everywhere

This is why every of my info products have my story behind them and I mean everyone

They are my research of many years, challenges and how I overcame and what led to my business success online and offline and my walk and work with God in life and ministry

So in whatever area you are struggling, LOOK THROUGH my list of 📚 on amazon, I GUARANTEE YOU you will get what you are looking for

If the video blessed you what do you think the ebk will do for and to you? Unspeakable results I bet you

It was God’s word to me in my most darkest nights

If it brought hope and faith and it kept me 🏢 against unspeakable odds and challenges and I succeeded, I tell you it will do the same

I will send the ebk cover in the comments for you to see


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The Spirit of God and Your Business

Hi there and welcome to another business secret from the Bible and today am sharing a 60secs video with you

One thing I want you to know that the Holy Spirit is all you need to grow that business and as a believer YOU CAN NEVER SUCCEED without Him

I have seen how He restored bankrupted company to life

He is life and He is the GREATEST TEACHER AND THE SECRET REVEALER and the Power of wealth that teaches the deep truth and reveals the hidden riches in secret place

Watch the video and learn more what the Holy Spirit does for you as a Christan Entrepreneur

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My Word to You Today
Digging Deep

If ever you want to reach a new height in your business and CARRY ITS WEIGHT OF GLORY

Then you need to learn to dig deep

What does that word mean?

That is what the video is about today

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