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마크 빼고 다 있는 마크 생일파티 🎊💚 태어나줘서 고마워 단의은씨😉💚

. Vancouver - Route 156 Bus 밴쿠버156번버스 시간: 2018.07.30 - 2018.09.23 노선: 지도에 표시된 156번버스노선과 Tri-City구역 제공된 사진 감사합니다🙇

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Tank surfing at Arras, 1918

“While holding hope in my left hand, I kept dreaming without awakening. 

With an empty memory in my right hand, I stood at the end of a world no one knew as I was beaten by the rain unstopped. 

 The strength to protect what is dear to me; the weakness in which I fail to believe it. I accept it all and reach for tomorrow.” -Aimer, Brave Shine