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i cant wait na magkakamo charess hahahaha pagkamo na lang bi plsssssss.... ❤

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Winter Prompt

Although the brothers had the appropriate attire for such cold winter days, Luigi had noticed how much his brother had been shivering as they made their way home. He frowned at this. Luigi did not like these types of things to happen to Mario. Luigi was willing to do anything for Mario, even if it was just keeping the elder sibling warm from the bitter cold. So he carefully undid the loose knot on his green winter scarf and began to wrap it around Mario.

“Luigi, what are you doing?” The elder silbling asked, feeling the long string of soft silk cover his neck and shoulders.

“Here big bro” Luigi said, smiling brightly. “You need it more than me right now. After all this sweater is quite enough for me”


Hi friendly people

Presenting: Mumsie of Stratford - My Mums Crocheted Hats

Crocheting is one of mums hobbies, she loves to share her adorable work with people around the world.

If you are interested, come see more of mums crochets and get yourself a custom made hat at: Now and Then Galleria LLC.

Our offerings include a variety of #collectibles, #vintage, new, like new and #fun items. Including action figures, cars, dolls, figurines, games, porcelain, toys, tons of brand names like B&G, Coca Cola, Disney, Goebel, ERTL, Hot Wheels, Lenox, Lledo, Matchbox, Monopoly, PEZ, Precious Moments, Royal Doulton, Snowbabies, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Simpsons as well as handmade crochets by my mum “Mumsie of Stratford” and so much more.

We have complimentary shipping available with code and all orders receive a surprise gift.

Come join us and sign up for our Loyalty Program to earn $$ and opt in to receive NaTG’s Newsletter for first #deals, #specials and more.

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