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Got together with the boys in Chaser to talk about & lots of ! Link: ! Check em out this week Jera On Air & Polite Riot Festival Europe!!!

🌟Versus - Quatre rois de l'univers sont confrontés ! Lequel de ces personnages préférez-vous ? Roi Boo, Roi Bob-Omb, Roi Whomp ou Roi Goomba ?

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Mario Maker 2 launches THIS Friday! Looking forward to playing YOUR levels on Twitch! Let's-a-GO!!!

Finally- a victory at the stupidly addictive DMCA Royale (formerly Mario Royale) by Now to try and work out why I aren't getting any writing, or anything else done...

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The Letter P with Princess Toadstool, from ‘Mario Early Years: Fun With Letters’ on the Super Nintendo.


coming up with funny captions is hard so here’s the video instead. 

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An Amiibo guide for Super Mario Odyssey. Subscribe and reblog!


Some Koopaling icons based on my personal headcanons. These were super fun to make!

Name: Tokotoko

Debut: Super Mario Land

Look at him go! This guy can run FAST! And without any arms or legs, even! Impressive! I can run too, but I need legs to do it. I think Tokotoko is one step ahead of all of us. One step ahead WITH NO LEGS! Tokotoko continues to amaze.

Tokotoko is from Super Mario Land, but you probably already knew that, because Tokotoko is one of the most recognized enemies from the game! It’s a shame that none of the enemies from that game get much recognition, though… But of all the enemies to get at least a little time in the spotlight, I’m glad Tokotoko has gotten the most.

As you can probably tell, Tokotoko is based on the famous moai statues of Easter Island. Now I am no expert on this subject, so please correct me if I get anything wrong, but I do appreciate them a lot, especially with how impressive they really are! These are GIANT stone sculptures, and there are a lot of them too, and they are all over the place! It’s pretty neat seeing how they transported them with ropes, effectively having them “walk” around! And what’s even MORE amazing is how little we actually see of them!

Since these statues have existed for a long time, lots of them have ended up partially buried, completely obscuring their large bodies. And that’s not all that is missing from the common image of the moai! Often moai statues would have wide eyes and red hats, both of which didn’t stay on very well. A more complete moai looks a bit more like this!

I feel like including these features would be great for a boss version of Tokotoko, and while that DOES exist, it isn’t quite what I had in mind…

Name: Hiyoihoi

Debut: Super Mario Land

This is Hiyoihoi, the boss of the Easton Kingdom, where the Tokotoko are found. As you can see, Hiyoihoi has no big eyes, no red hat, and no freakish human-like body, but just because it’s missing all the cool features of moai statues that are so frequently left out, that doesn’t mean it’s not good. It’s hard not to like moai statues, really! They have a funny face, and are downright impressive! And if you give one a sweet pair of shades AND some punk rock bracelets? Why, that’s funny too. You might not be the ideal moai, Hiyoihoi, but you are still very good.

Starfox Journal: Entry 2-Part 2

And so they walked off and looked around at some of the other kids. She moved on to the first kid in the red cap and blue overalls. Peach: “That’s Mario, the dumb kid. He brings a bag of shoes to school each morning; he thinks their his lunch money. Go figure.”

She then moved on to the next kid in the green cap and blue overalls. Peach: “That’s Luigi, Mario’s younger brother. He’s smarter than Mario, but he’s weird. He once said something weird, like C, C is for C, CEEEEEEEEEEE, or something like that.” Fox: “Weird.” Peach: “Yes, but no one’s as weird as…”

She then faced another kid with a big headed kid with a yellow cap and fuchsia overalls. Peach: “Wario. He told everyone that one day, he’ll raise an army of  Bob-ombs to blow up stuff.” Fox: “That is weird.” Peach: “Yeah…”

She then leaned in closer towards Fox and whispered to him. Peach: “He also has a crush on me.” Fox: “Yikes, that’s not very pleasant.” Peach: “It’s not. Let’s move on.”

And so, she introduced Fox to more and more of the kids, including the teachers, who were Yoshis and Toads. Soon enough, they sad down together on a table. Peach: “So, how do you feel now that you have met some of the kids in the school?” Fox: “Um…I don’t feel very confident that I’ll be able to fit in very well with a lot of the kids here being so weird, but, I’m glad to have met you, Peach. I think we’re going to get along just fine.”

Peach smiled. Peach: “You know what? I feel the same thing. In fact, I feel like we’re becoming best friends already.”

Fox and Peach smiled at each other.

Soon enough, it was lunchtime. Fox and Peach were talking happily on a table until Peach spotted someone. Peach: “Oh, no!” Fox: “What’s wrong, Peach?” Peach: “Don’t look now, but there’s an unpleasant kid here.”

Fox looked over and spotted an avian-like kid. Peach then pulled Fox under the table with her. Fox: “Who’s that kid?” Peach: “That’s Falco Lombardi. The meanest kid in school. He picks on the other kids because he’s in kindergarten.” Fox: “Yikes!” Peach: “I know. Whenever you see him, be very careful. He picks on a lot of the boys here, but for some reason, he would never bully any girls.” Fox: “Huh, I wonder why that is. Wait a minute, why are you hiding under the table if he wouldn’t pick on you?” Peach: “Because I’m scared for you, Fox.” Fox: “What? Really?” Peach: “Yes, rumor has it he has a dad who supports that Andross guy.” Fox: “WHAT!?!” Peach: “Sh! Do you want him to find you?” Fox: “N-no…” Peach: “Follow me and you’ll be able to get out of here without him seeing you.” Fox: “OK…I’ll follow you…”

As Falco picked on other kids, Fox and Peach slowly crept out from under the table and quietly snuck away. Just then, Falco spotted them. Falco: “Well, well, well, if it isn’t that McCloud kid!” Fox: “Gulp!”

Falco walked up to Fox and Peach. Falco: “You know, I always wanted to meet you, McCloud.” Fox: “What…what do you want from me…?” Falco: “Nothing…nothing but you.” Fox: “W-whatever you do to me, I’m…I’m not afraid of it…!” Falco: “Ooh, we’ve got ourselves a wise guy here. OK, I’ll give everything I’ve got.”

He then lifted Fox by the shirt. Fox: “Hey! P-put me down!” Falco: “Don’t move, cause this is going to hurt.” Peach: “Stop! Please! Have mercy on poor Fox!” Falco: “What do you want, Peach?” Peach: “Put him down this instant, Falco. I don’t want anything to happen to him.” Falco: “Listen, Princess, I just want to teach McCloud here a thing or 2 about being a wise-guy. So, if you could just…”

Just then, the bell rang. Fox: “Saved by the bell.” Falco: “You may have been lucky this time, Fox, but next time, I’ll get you. I guarantee that.”

He then put down Fox and walked away. Peach walked up to Fox. Peach: “Are you OK, Fox?” Fox: “Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you for defending me, Peach.” Peach: “Don’t mention it.” Fox: “I don’t get it. Peppy said that this was the friendliest school he knows, but I don’t see anything friendly about it, except for you, of course.” Peach: “Yeah, my father told me the same thing. What’s up with that?” Fox: “Adults can be so difficult to understanding sometimes.” Peach: “I know.”


What do the #ghosts 👻👻👻👻 when #mario exit room? 😓


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I’ve never really gotten into watching streamers, but in the lead-up to Mario Maker 2 I’ve gotten hooked on The Dragon Feeney’s daily efforts to rise through the ranks of SMM1 and her unexpected trip to the Invitational. She recently followed me back on Twitter out of the blue so just in case she’s having second thoughts about that decision, I thought I’d draw some fan art for her and her community.