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That feeling when you're testing Shapefile import and your sample file shows that there are literally fault lines EVERYWHERE!!!! 😱😱😱 

is a simple-yet-powerful expression scripting language that allows you to customize the appearance and behavior of your based on simple 0px; " tag="ulations or complex equations.

Recent visit to Malvern where Ecology & Environmental Science students used GPS to gather & record data. The data then processed using Arcview to show changes to landscape

Work for today: Re-designed a large part of the lobby because I wasn't that happy with the earlier design.

Here's a discussion with Dr. David Padgett of about , community , and teaching Science to K-12 students via podcast:

How Trimble eCognition's image analysis automation software is helping develop the emerging 5G network infrastructure: - 🌎🗺️🤖 Have questions about the Trimble eCognition software? Contact us here:

Circumstellar #3 Etching, artist’s proof 30cm x 20cm £200 Also available as a limited edition giclee print (edition of 100) 59cm x 40cm £160 *giclee prints made to order, please allow 2 weeks for delivery

I spent some of the weekend exploring the [remains] of the iron mine on this headland, and whilst working on that out, I got a bit abstracted and headed off into teasing a kinda art out of data look to things. ()

What MAPublisher feature do YOU love most? Check out these picks by Avenza Team members and just maybe - discover something new!

All this rain is keeping our on the ground. The brief sunshine recently was a good chance to show Dr. Post's Advanced class the equipped in flight

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This week we studied maps, looking at their symbols and features such as rivers, mountains and cities. We found lots of symbols and discussed their meanings If you can, please practise reading maps at home 🗺

Our services division is experienced in a wide variety of mapping disciplines and offers a multi-platform approach to give you the benefit of a single, trusted source for integrated services. at booth 23 to learn more!

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North America, 1520.

Jiazhou and Moxige are Ming colonies. New Changtai is a Japanese colony.

Mayan civilization didn’t fall, the Aztec Empire didn’t unite.

I know Changtai is in China in our timeline, but the Japanese have owned that city since the early 1400s in this timeline.

“Most definitive perhaps as an organizing or concept-metaphor in colonialist narrative was the commanding perspective assumed by the European in the text, or what is called the colonial gaze. The gaze was made manifest in the activities of investigation, examination, inspection, peeping, poring over, which were accompaniments to the colonial penetration of a country. In ethnographic description and scientific study, in the curious scrutiny of the colonized by the colonizer, there was much of the attitude of the voyeur as well as of the map-maker. In writing, the gaze appears as bird’s-eye description, and is embodied in the high vantage point or knowledgeable position taken up by a writer or traveller as he re-creates a scene.”

–Elleke Boehmer, Colonial and Postcolonial Literature: Migrant Metaphors (Oxford, 2005), pp. 68


Getting started with QGIS – Mapping in GIS

“The debate over the site of Adelaide was in marked contrast to the general approval of Light’s town plan…[T]he main reason why Light’s Adelaide met with approval was that it employed the rational principle of the grid. Light’s picturesque additions were desirable, but it was the rational and equal division of the land into purchasable blocks that was the essential precondition of capitalist settlement - of the self-regulating ‘democracy’, based on free trade, which Wakefield was promoting.

The colonists’ acceptence of Light’s plan is easy to understand. After all, their initial willingness to invest in Wakefield’s experiment had depended on their acceptance of the proposition that land there could be regarded very much like land here. Empty spaces on the map, accountably and equally subdivided, should yield returns that could, more or less, be computed in advance. This attitude was not only capitalist: it was also akin, of course, to the character of a nineteenth-century map. Such a map, with its ability to fix even blankness beneath the inflexible (and now reliably located) grid of longitude and latitude, was essentially an instrument for performing geometrical divisions. Located against the imaginary grid, the blankness of unexplored country was translatable into a blueprint for colonization: it could be divided up into blocks, the blocks numbered and the land auctioned, without the purchasers ever leaving their London offices. Light’s grid plan met with approval because it was the physical embodiment of this map-like mentality. Oriented towards the cardinal points of the compass, its grid was a container for real estate; its streets were conduits for auctioneers.

All of this might suggest that the grid plan is immune, as it were, to spatial history. Exemplifying the principles of Euclidean geometry, the grid would seem to negate such spatial properties as direction, nearness, even 'here’ and 'there’. For, by definition, the grid plan equalizes parts, rendering everywhere the same. In this sense, the grid plan is characterized, like the map grid, by its 'placelessness’, by its elimination of viewpoints, of comings and goings, and indeed of history. If the grid, with its rectilinear arrangement of roads and buildings, has any historical significance at all, it is as the container of historical events: nothing more. In this sense, it exhibits the same historical neutrality or invisibility as the imaginary theatre in which the imperial historian sets his narrative. For it is one of the features of that theatre that it reconciles all viewpoints into one unifying cause-and-effect perspective. And this logic, equally applicable everywhere and at all times, is in reality no different from the spatial logic of the map. For the map connects up everything in advance. In advance, it presumes the unity of the space it covers.

…[T]he symbolic properties associated with the urban layout of the grid were imported. They were a function of the political, social and economic organization of the transplanted culture in question.”

–Paul Carter, Road to Botany Bay: An Exploration of Landscape and History (2010), pp. 204-6 


Giannis Antetokounmpo: The King of Milwaukee
Following my 2018 “Made in Athens” Giannis’ portrait based on the actual map of the Greek capital I created a new mosaic portrait this time based on the actual map of Milwaukee. Thousands of photos from the Wisconsin metropolis have been used to portray Giannis., the Greek Freak, the guy who is born and raise in my old neightborhood in Athens and is conquering Milwaukee and the whole USA. Keep amazing us, Giannis! Proud of you!


Day 2: Evening Update - The “egg” is gone.

We walked five miles to the edge of the ridge on the horizon and up to the top of the next hill after that. The ground constantly rumbles. No other “eggs” could be seen and, with the ridge behind us, even the initial find had disappeared from view. With all our equipment in tow, in case of a find or fall, it took us the better part of the afternoon to return for more studies, but from the start of the trip back to the egg we knew something had changed. The “egg” seemed to be gone.

When we returned to our markers to set up camp, a crumbling column of soil stood where the enormous object had once been. The snow and ice had been cleared away and wildflowers were beginning to blossom at the base. Deep fissures had opened and the ground just beyond the column fell nearly 50 feet into a dense fog.

Cracks, groans and the bellows of distant winds creep through the vast white abyss. There is no other sign of the “egg” or a method for its removal. We’ll turn in after gathering some measurements and soil samples.

Tonight we sleep in shifts.