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Sukhoi aircrafts ( ) - w/ /

La directora del Hospital Presidente Estrella Ureña, Dra. Davina Lazala recibe por la transparencia y la participación activa del ciudadano.

Oh que vois-je ?! 🧐 Une nouvelle carte StarkShip 2vs2 disponible ce week-end ! IP: | 1.8+ Retweet & Like 🔁 - DreyFox -

Original large-format fold-out 1948 official highway road map of Texas. It was published by the Texas Highway Commission, Austin, and is dated in the legend as the Spring Edition, corrected to January 1, 1948. $24.99

In our latest of the Month, take a look at the Pacific Northwest where NOAA has worked with and to bring Geographic Response Plan (GRP) information to regional spill responders:

Directores del de los Hospitales Dr. Toribio Bencosme Moca, José María Cabral Y Báez. Presidente Estrella Ureña de Santiago y Ricardo Limardo de Puerto plata recibiendo la por la transparencia y la participación activa del ciudadano.

"Helping me to delineate catchment areas on a map. By inserting an image and using its scale, i am able to match the scales. Tracing around the watershed enables me to find the area within." - GM44

When you think you can do a close-up quickly from the little scribble on the map...

Ever wondered where Duluth is and what it has to offer? This 1870 of the city of Duluth and vicinity at the head of Lake Superior by the Western Land Association of Minnesota can answer all your questions!

a city in the middle of a page with the bay to the lower right and in the upper left insets showing Duluth in Minnesota and Minnesota along the US railway system

Working on a map/gps system so the player will know which house to deliver pizza to! VERY early prototype but I'm pretty happy with how it's going so far. :3

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BLU intel floor

Damn! Who stole the intel already?

How big are the fires burning on the east coast of Australia? Interactive map
The scale of the bushfires burning in eastern Australia can be hard to grasp. This interactive map shows the total area burned overlaid on different capital cities
By Andy Ball

If you’re wanting some kind of basis of comparison for how big the Australia fires are, here you go.

At this time of year much of Australia is inundated with iridescent shiny beetles, unsurprisingly known as Christmas beetles.They end up in little piles, and die pretty soon.
This year there have been hardly any of them, until today, when they started to wash up on the beaches, in their THOUSANDS! They seem undamaged and we can only guess what killed them.
Something to do with the fires, no doubt.

- Retired Australian Gentleman


Kotisnotacat - Smile like you mean it- 2019 Animation Reel MEP pt 27

SwSh Berry Tree map!

Includes all trees both in the Wild Area and on routes with their respective drop tables. I got several requests to make a map like this so despite some reluctance I got it done. :’> I hope you find it helpful!

ps. The tree on route 3 has two Persims…? Someone let me know if you get a fourth berry from there and I’ll update the box.
[MAP] Teenagers (Tommy Boy) || Part 13

Another MAP part done!! For @sammisafetypin‘s Pokepasta MAP!!!

I had a bit of trouble with this one but it’s finally here! (Featuring both tweening from Vegas Pro and frame-by-frame animation from Krita bc I just learned how to do both not too long ago hjbnfl)

[OK to tag as kin/me/ID, but please do not repost or use as your own! Thank you!] 

Commissions are open!!