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Look du jour 👗👠📸 Styliste : Naomie Souffrant - Mannequin :Stacey Langevin -Photographe: Serge Aubin les suivre sur Instagram 😊❤️

Volupté avec Velvet d'Amour, ce , de mode, comédienne, … née en 1967 à Rochester, dans l'État de New York et qui, aujourd’hui, partage sa vie entre la capitale de la mode, Paris, et sa ville de…

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I put a spell on you

I don’t normally talk to mannequins. So I approached the store owner. Being a photographer sometimes requires considerable personal heroism. I said “Do you think your man in the window would mind if I took his photo?” What ensued was a high level discussion on the types of men that existed in New Zealand in the 1950′s. I put my theory to him even though I knew I was going out on a ledge. I said “There were only two types of men back in those days, the country guy in his checked shirt and corduroy trousers and the urban dandy. This guy, your man in the window, is without doubt all dandy from his well developed chest to his foppish hair and exceedingly handsome chin.”


I took the shot.

My medal was already in the mail.

Silver print

Le style c est chic 👔✍️👠 which one you prefer?


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