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femmes mains et pieds pour tournage :   Pour les besoins d'un shooting photo/vidéo, production recherche les profils suivants :- une femme mannequin détails Postulez ici :

I blame Bokuman... He's a bad influence on me lol. I might actually do a illustration of this.

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January 25th
Ale Industries in Oakland
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Episodes 14, 15, &16

A space monkey for the alien/forest/god shrine. A Nuka Cherry for the mystery… Signs and portents… A desire for coffee… And it turns out there’s a hyper-intelligent dog out there somewhere, doing math and solving problems. She is our Master now.

  • Episode 14 - “What tribute for the Gods?” 27:11
  • Episode 15 -”WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE’S NO COFFEE!?” 30:05
  • Episode 16 - “High School” 3:41:22

There was no coffee at Slocum Joe’s. And so, with the lighthouse still visible on the Western horizon, Zone Max: Ace Reporter, continues along the path… straight to the mannequins who might be gods…

They were waiting for him again. Two male, two female. Two clothed, two nude. A petrified human, green ribbons of energy pulsing through him, frozen in the ecstasy of death… And of course, SHE was amongst them… The goddess he worshiped… The goddess he made love with…

Closer and closer to his Overseer’s next location, strange messages began to appear on Zoner’s PipBoy. The PipBoy told him there was a junkyard which must be claimed, and it did not tell him why.  

A strange satellite threatened to extend itself from the junkyard’s workshop. Despite his growing concerns about the motivations of Vault-Tec, Zoner Max decided to play along.  Just before the final step in the device’s activation, however, another message appeared.

To activate the device and raise the satellite would be a declaration of war against my fellow Vault dwellers. A challenge of combat to the death.

Zoner leapt back. What was Vault-Tec’s doing? Why would they want us to fight each other? And were they intentionally trying to distract him from finding the Overseer? Were these PipBoy commands programmed years ago? Or was there somebody out there trying to manipulate him in real time? Somebody monitoring him at that very moment?

A flock of vertibirds flew by, battling some robot or drone, and the time for speculation became the time for action as Zoner Max: Ace Reporter sprinted after them into the forest.

Chasing after helicopters was a long shot, but he had to try. Was the military still functioning? Did the vertibirds belong to someone else? Had they been stolen?

Zoner wasn’t able to track the helicopters, but he found a Responder’s HQ at the train station where he ended up instead.

Back at the junkyard, he found something significantly stranger.

Far from any tree, a tire swing was floating. It’s rope ascended far into the sky, before vanishing, like hindu mystic.

The Ace Reporter kicked at the rope swing, pulled at it, swung on it, and still it did not fall. It pivoted from the point it left reality.

Zoner continued along the lonesome road until he made it to the border of Morgantown. A massive C.A.M.P. had been built there, surrounded by turrets.

Within these walls, Zoner Max had his first encounter with a person who didn’t want to kill him since leaving Vault 76. Like most other humans Zoner had met, this one seemed incapable of speech. He was wearing a PipBoy that pinged on Zoner’s map, but his face was always covered. There was no way for Zoner to tell if he was actually from Vault 76… if they were old friends or strangers.

(When checking his recordings later, Zoner would learn that his companian could speak, Zoner couldn’t hear him. He could hear their voices in the recordings, but could not hear them at the time they were interacting. Why!? Clearly Zoner was much more insane than he thought…)

And what painting did this new or old friend have displayed upon his wall?

A painting of a lighthouse.

Of course.

And it was on this day that Zoner finally found his Overseer’s high school.

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