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scusate, ma 🤔 quando il concorrente degli si è presentato alle dicendo che avrebbe "corso come Alonso", (che per colpa di auto 🏎️ non competitive arranca sempre tra gli < > 🤦‍♂️) stava forse minacciando di rallentarle? 😂 !

Nous vous offrirons pour la première fois dans la ville de Yaoundé un belle sélection de diverse talent de la jeunesse Camerounaise dans un style SEXY, FUN & CHIC

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18. Tourist Trap

Tourist Trap is an overlooked creepy classic in the vein of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (in fact I believe one of the guys on the production of TCM worked on this movie). The plot is pretty straight forward, a group of young people end up in a creepy backwoods setting where they are picked off by a killer.

This movie makes use of lots of unsettling mannequins and set pieces that are super natural in nature (while still having a slasher feel). The score for this is quite good as well. I met the director a few years back and had him sign my DVD. This movie is often overlooked but it’s definitely worth your time if you like bizarre 70’s horror.


OMG, last week was crazy busy! Now, hopefully, the schedule returns to “normal” lol–as normal as an artist with  sweet young kiddos gets, anyway 😊

Daily studies, Day 19! 👍🏾Gesture stick figures today. I’ve had to expand my definition of “studies” cuz there are only so many hours in a day–and, sadly, my energy is not limitless 😋Still drawing/studying something everyday, though, so I’m calling it a win.

The Blind Machine named “Carrie”

It has a female voice.

The voice of doctor’s daughter.

The girl who was involved in a experiment.

This Machine was blinded by the man who named and created it.

The machine cries, and cries out this black substance as it accepts the fate of the position it’s placed in.

The doctor regrets creating it.

It’s voice can be harmful.

It cannot harm you.

It cannot move.

If it moves… The wires will separate the blind machine won’t move, not even it’s head.

“Everything is black, I hear his voice. It guided me to stay here as they suffer I am sorry for what I did even if I don’t know what exactly it is that I have done… ”


Yo-kai Watch 4 battle gameplay as seen in the trailer.

A longer view from the demo can be watched here.