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: advocacy of the rights of men : mouvement qui se préoccupe de la condition masculine  

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Review of Be Strong in the Lord Spirituality for Men by from the Catholic Truth Society, I believe it can help us to be better men! A great little read.

Loved this shoutout in a newsletter that got forwarded to me. I had a feeling this book would land w women and men, Mom’s and dads and non-binary folks. Very validating to see that happening.

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“Every time you raise a loving, wise, and responsible man, you have created a better world for women. Women [today] are having to bond to half-men, with boys who were not fully raised to manhood, don’t know how to bond, don’t know what their responsibilities are to humanity, and don’t have a strong sense of service.”

Michael Gurian, quoted in “Bringing Up Boys,” by James C. Dobson


What Does It Mean to be a Man?   The Philosophy of Uncle Iroh

from Hello Future Me

“Many of those who elected to remain might have escaped. ‘Chivalry’ is a mild appellation for their conduct. Some of the vaunted knights of old were desperate cowards by comparison. A fight in the open field, or jousting in the tournament, did not call out the manhood in a man as did the waiting till the great ship took the final plunge, in the knowledge that the seas round about were covered with loving and yearning witnesses whose own salvation was not assured.” 

 ―      The Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters

I will wake up in a priceless view.


Join me at 4:00 PM on Sunday 11/3 for an entertaining and eye opening discussion with a cool young guy I am happy to call my friend. We’ll be chopping it up very casually as we always do, but with the camera on! If you have a question you’d like to have presented for discussion today, email it to before 3:30 PM (PST)

“Friend, hope for the Guest while you are alive.
Jump into experience while you are alive!
Think… and think… while you are alive.
What you call “salvation” belongs to the time
before death.

If you don’t break your ropes while you’re alive,
do you think
ghosts will do it after?

The idea that the soul will rejoin with the ecstatic
just because the body is rotten–
that is all fantasy.
What is found now is found then.
If you find nothing now,
you will simply end up with an apartment in the
City of Death.

If you make love with the divine now, in the next
life you will have the face of satisfied desire.

So plunge into the truth, find out who the Teacher is,
Believe in the Great Sound!

Kabir says this: When the Guest is being searched for,
it is the intensity of the longing for the Guest that
does all the work.
Look at me, and you will see a slave of that intensity.”

― Robert Bly

Girls! Do you know that best friend of yours? He wants something more with you.

You haven’t realized yet because he is a loser willing to sit on friendzone while dreaming of being with you; lacking courage to make a move. You don’t have a friend, you have a friendly stalker.

Felippe Chaves, Furia & Tradição

According to research, modesty in dress is linked to happiness.

Women who dress in ways that reveal their bodies or are sexually desired are unhappy and frustrated. Go somewhere where women dress without modesty and you’ll see hundreds of sick women.

Felippe Chaves, Furia & Tradição

Tools allow you to build, repair, fix, construct, and empower you to fulfill the needs/wants you may have, equipping yourself is not taught in schools, and less often by parents, therefore, it is not your fault for not knowing. Now is the opportunity to know and learn, these basics and foundation create security, secure your position in self-sufficiency for whatever is necessary in order to free yourself.