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No se ve nada mal de maid : Shuumatsu no harem 69

Ethorenn rest on a door leading to the elven females bath. Aaaand the door opens, aaand this is happening. Read this manga on Webtoons or Patreon. Link in the description.

All of these are available on my Etsy (sourbumart). Also taking commissions so if you’re interested see the link tree in my bio!! ✨

I‘m a huuuge Rumiko Takahashi Fan and reread Ranma 1/2 at least once a year. But I also love Lum A LOT. Maybe going to use her as a tshirt print. What do you think? 💕💕 Hope you like her

On termine cette semaine avec le récapitulatif habituel complet de toutes les sorties de ces derniers jours, du 11 au 17 novembre! Liste complète écrite: Rien oublié? Si jamais, tout est dispo au Manga Café V2! Bonne lecture!

New commission price sheets! You can find all the info via my link tree in my bio ✨

Kodansha Comics Announces 12 Digital Manga Licenses, 4 Manga Print Releases ... via Anime News Network - News

OutBurst and Coma serve as villains in "Malice In The City". Witch hunters that capture them for profit. Practicing male character art. I go back and forth on when to start this comic. I have the first few chs ready. Leap of faith maybe? I'm too hard on myself.

Watching Standalone Complex Gig2 It's even better second time around. The detail given to background and 3D models is amazing. Also Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as VA for Major is awesome.

Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Heroine the Epitome of Cuteness ... via Sankaku Complex

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The hiatus is hitting strong right now, so I thought, “Why not just do a 30 Day challenge for Fruits Basket? Surely that will help the time somewhat go by!” Anyway, here we go!

Day 1 - Who’s Your Favorite Sohma?

So, I always say I have two favorites in the Sohma family. One is slightly more than the other, but still…

First Favorite (who is slightly more favored) - Kyo Sohma.


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This boy………this boy has caused me so many emotions, and it’s not even funny! From the very get-go I was rooting for him; even before I knew about all the hooey he was going through, he had my support! He may come off as a grumpy kitty cat, but there’s so much more that meets the eye! Kyo is one of the sweetest, most caring, protective and precious boys to ever grace the anime/manga world! He would never admit he is any of those things, but we all know it’s true. I would pay big money for any kind of manga or anime that gave stuff from his perspective. Sometimes, I don’t think we get to fully know what he’s thinking at a certain time, so I think it would be cool to have the story coming from his point of view!

Second Favorite Sohma - Ayame Sohma


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Oh boy, Ayame Sohma……. What’s there to say about this guy? He is one of THE funniest anime characters I have ever seen in my entire life. Practically every time words come out of his mouth, I laugh; all except for those times when he is truly serious about something, like his desire to form a brotherly bond with Yuki. In all seriousness though, as soon as Ayame started to speak in the anime, I just thought, “Oh, I can already tell I’m going to love this character.” While he may act selfish and boastful sometimes, he does have good intentions.


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