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Fancy running the happiest 5K on the planet? We loved it!

Good company, good music and even better entertainment. you were amazing, the show was incredible and thank you so much for an absolutely brilliant night. So proud to be Mancunian.

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Amazing evening in the company of and a close encounter with the man himself as I touched his hand! 😱 Great new talent in the support slot too 😊

was amazing tonight in one of the best gigs I have been to! I am so glad enjoyed his Christmas present, seeing him happy and singing along is what makes this whole experience worth it to me, plus Posty is just incredible.

Had a little visit to Jodrell Bank today for an up & coming documentary and was lucky enough to be given permission to get some aerial footage with my drone.

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Take car. Go to work. Kill time. Grab tickets. Go to the Plaza. SHAUN OF THE DEAD ZOMBIELAND 20 Feb 2019 6.30pm Tx:

It’s my Friday today - and what better way to celebrate than spending an evening chilling in Manchester with my husband while our daughter channels her inner rapper watching Post Malone at the arena!

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