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A significant key to happiness is letting go of what you assume your life is supposed to be. ~

Our Delivery management system enables you to have real-time communication at multiple levels. For demo please talk with our experts Vijay Krishnan @ +971 50 552 4127.

Impacts of Globalization on leadership and culture. The latest article was written by Stay tuned and love GoFrixty. follow the writeup here:

renforce ses équipes en région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes et recrute un Chef de Projet orienté Systèmes d’Information H/F - CDI - Lyon En savoir plus:

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Follow me and the team on Instagram for the latest company updates and opportunities within and We follow back*

Follow me and the team on Instagram for the latest company updates and opportunities within and We follow back*

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"Sending out an email or a PowerPoint slide is not communicating." explains how firms can integrated a change .

La rentrée c'est aussi le moment où l'on prend de bonnes initiatives au travail pour améliorer le quotidien. 👉

8 Things do That Make Employees Quit: via How many of these have you found yourself doing? How many of these have you experienced as an employee?

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Les principes définitoires de la justice sociale (pour Honneth)

“ La conception d’une société juste que Honneth dégage de sa théorie de la reconnaissance peut être qualifiée de pluraliste en ce qu’elle inclut plusieurs principes de justice qui correspondent aux trois formes de reconnaissance : “ les trois principes institutionnalisés de l’amour, de l’égalité et du mérite, pris ensemble déterminent ce qu’aujourd’hui nous devons définir comme justice sociale”. ( in La théorie de la reconnaissance).

Le premier de ces principes implique qu’à  chaque individu humain soient pourvus les soins et les attentions nécessaires à la formation et au maintien de son identité affective.

Le deuxième principe comprend l’obligation que les personnes formant une communauté juridique soient traités équitablement du point de vue de leur capacité rationnelle à se prononcer sur l’ensemble des affaires qui les concernent.

Le troisième principe enfin exige que les membres d’une communauté socio-culturelle puissent légitimement s’attendre à ce que leurs contributions individuelles soient reconnues à leur juste valeur.

Axel Honneth, Le droit de la reconnaissance par L.Carré

Top things that will help in hotel management

Some key factors to do work in hotel management

·        Build a good relationship

·        Always have positive and learning attitude

·        Keep away yourself from hotel politics

·        Be open-minded

·        Always have a smiley face

·        Good communication skills

·        Try to build team spirit.

·        Maintain proper communication with your team



A critical element of planning training is to identify individual and organizational training needs. We will discuss identifying training needs in another segment.


• How much time is available?

• What task is to be trained?

• Who will conduct the training?

• Who will receive the training?

• Are training assistants needed?

• Are training references needed?

• Is an adequate space available to perform the training?

• Are the necessary resources available to perform the training?

• How much time is needed to perform a demonstration?

• How much time is needed to walk the individual or group through the steps to perform the task?

• How much time is needed for the individual or group to practice the task?

• What type of end of training assessment will be conducted? (Online, Written, Hands On, etc.)

• How much time is needed to conduct the assessment?


If the organization doesn’t have a Lesson Plan Template, download one from the internet or create one.

At a minimum a LESSON PLAN should include:

• Task to be trained.

• Conditions under which it must be performed.

• Standards to which it must be performed.

• Trainer and assistants.

• Date & time training is to occur.

• Training location.

• Individuals to be trained.

• Resources and references required for training.

• Rehearsals


Once the Lesson Plan is created, coordinate the resources necessary to conduct the training.


A critical aspect of training is rehearsing the training. This provides an opportunity to confirm the trainer is prepared, the necessary resources are available, and the time allotted is sufficient.


Provide sufficient advance notification to those who are required to attend the training. As a courtesy, notify supervisors and managers of the training, both so they know their employees will be away and they can recommend others to attend.

In the next segment we will discuss IDENTIFYING TRAINING NEEDS.

The ICC Men’s #CWC19 was the most watched ICC event ever, with a global cumulative average audience of 1.6 billion for live coverage, a 38% increase over the 2015 edition and a unique broadcast audience of 706 million viewers, demonstrating the phenomenal reach and power of live cricket around the world.

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“We define training as the act of instructing a person or group to perform a task under specific conditions to clearly defined standards.”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines training as:

1.a. The act, process, or method of one that trains.

1.b. The skill, knowledge, or experience acquired by one that trains.

2. The state of being trained.

Oxford Dictionary defines training as:

1. The action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior.

2. The action of undertaking a course of exercise and diet in preparation for a sporting event.

We define training as: The act of instructing a person or group to perform a task under specific conditions to clearly defined standards. This means that the person or group receiving the training will be able to perform the prescribed task to the standards specified at the end of the training session. If a person or group receives instruction but are not able to perform the task, the instruction is then defined as familiarization and not training.

“A person or group has only been familiarized with the task if the task can’t be performed to the specified standards at the end of the instruction.”

When performing training there are 3 key points that should be shared with the person or group receiving the training:

1. The task to be performed.

2. The conditions under which it must be performed.

3. The standards to which it must be performed.

TASK – What is it the person or group must be able to perform?

CONDITIONS – Who, when, where, and how must the task be performed?

STANDARDS – What identifies successful completion of the task? At the end of the instruction an assessment should conducted to ensure the person or group receiving the instruction can successfully perform the task.

One method to provide training is the CRAWL, WALK, RUN method. Using this method:

CRAWL - The task to be performed is demonstrated.

WALK - The person or group is talked through performing the task.

RUN - The person or group is allowed to perform the task on their own under the observation of the instructor. The person or group should be allowed to perform the task as many times as feasibly possible to build confidence and proficiency.

There are 2 types of tasks:

1. INDIVIDUAL TASK – A single task.

2. COLLECTIVE TASK – A group of tasks that are required to complete a series of individual tasks.

Example: Answering a telephone call, documenting the summary of a telephone call, finding a customer account, processing a credit card payment, and reviewing an order summary are all individual tasks, but performed consecutively they become a collective task.

In our next segment we will cover planning a training session.

First day of uni!

Well, not of full courses. For the next two weeks, my only class will be English. Then I’ll start with Arabic, economics, and so go on. Head first into it! 😂

Today I got to know one of my two?, three?, English professors. He speaks little Italian, is from California and studies Economics when he was younger.

He showed us the books we had to buy - omg, they were so pricey, I wanna cry! -, told us about the written exam and the grading procedure, the hardest parts and the “too easy” ones. Apparently, we’ll go from a B2/C1 level in year one to a C1/C2 in year two to a… he couldn’t really explain us. A level too high for our own good, basically.


We then had a dictation exercise about snow-boarding, and a “catch the mistake” one. Both the girls sitting around me were amazing, and so was Sofi - I’m guessing she’s in my same Arabic class, but I could be wrong.

I then went to meet with Abhi to get the tickets I have to sell for the university party, and to have lunch with three girls one, Lorenza, I had already knew, and two, Luisa and Alexia, whom I almost immediately started chatting with.

Lorenza, Luisa and some other girls then had to go meet with their tutor, but Alexia was to wait another hour before her appointment, so I waited with her. She is such a nice girl! If everything goes right, the four of us will be having dinner by the Navigli in a pair of days.

I got my English books after my own tutor appointment - kinda useless, but I got to chat with my friend Riccardo before; bonus, while I was in the bookshop I saw a boy really really similar to Shawn Mendes - and headed back home with the subway. I was - and still am - so tired, someone kill me 😭

Over 50% of marketers say they use five or more tools a day, and over a quarter use more than ten.

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To my Boss

I am going to try and vocalize how I feel right now. You say you appreciate what I do,but I am unsure if you realize everything that I go through mentally to do it. You speak gratitude, only when you think I need it, but you don’t show it. I work myself to exhaustion but still it feels like people doing less get the same benefits. I feel as if my hard work goes unnoticed. I love what I do, but, recently I have hated doing it. There’s always a push but never an end. I feel stuck in a place that I am not going to grow. I respect why you do what you do, but too much is expected of the single people who work the hardest. It may not always be a verbal expectation. The expectation is always there; push harder, go faster, get it done. I understand, it’s business, but it is a lot of pressure for those of us who care. It is difficult to work in an environment of people whom we did not “have time” to train properly who do not understand that, to us, it is NOT “just a job.” My life for the past four years has been this job. Almost everyone I met in Fort Saint John has become what feels like family to me. Unfortunately, I do not always feel that reciprocated. When I received my most recent pay increase after voicing my intentions of leaving I was told I had potential to run jobs. “Potential” means that I was not yet ready, I was excited at the idea that this potential could grow. I thought someone would help me achieve that potential, but instead I have been once again left alone to figure it out on my own. Lack of communication has been an issue more than once, when I have been put in a position where I am “the voice” of the company. It’s difficult to have a voice when you have no idea what is going on. I would like to learn and grow and meet what potential I have been told I have, but I fear there is no room for that when everything moves at the pace it moves, and everything is so busy.I often feel underappreciated, and like somewhat of an outcast. Being, what you have called, the first woman you have put in the position that I feel I have been thrown into with no proper training is a lot of pressure that I was not expecting all at once, and was unprepared for. I try and work through things on my own because everyone seems to think I can, but I have difficulty believing in myself. I fear that I worry too much about where other people stand and do not focus just on improving myself.


All ready for the #management #cocktail (at Taumeasina Island Resort)

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