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This week's Level Up includes shared ownership and split billing, unraised booking alerts, and some other enhancements. Full article 🔗 Learn more about us ➡️

The popularity of SaaS industry in Malaysia is not dwindling any time soon. If anything, the uptake of modern cloud software will only rise. Full article 🔗 Learn more ➡️

A while ago, we had the opportunity to work with Dr. Peh from Smile Up Dental Clinic in Puchong. Full article 🔗 Learn more about us ➡️

While there are many options in the dental software market, a lion's share of them are overpriced. Full article 🔗 Learn more about us ➡️

Tonight, we party under the stars (or the partially covered sky) with , @lostspacesband, and at The Strand Mall. Plug in with us on the eve of M-Day!

📢 Enjoy 1 month FREE subscription off your bill with your referred friend! 👥 For more info, please read the full article below. Full article 🔗 Learn more about us ➡️

Hati-hati!!!! Kerja-kerja kulit dalam pembikinan Salah pasang kena bukak balik dari awal Kalau wujud rasa ingin memesan dompet, silakan hubungi nombor ini 011-11506650

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Over the years, dental clinics are rapidly growing across Malaysia as the public awareness of oral health increases. Full article 🔗 Learn more about us ➡️

The SaaS scene in Malaysia has been flourishing and SaaS has grown to become a need in the veterinary industry due to its ability to reduce management burdens. Full article 🔗

More often than not, Malaysian veterinarians have more on their plate than they can cope. Full article 🔗 Learn more about us ➡️

It is undeniable that a lion's share of Malaysians use pirated operating systems due to its low cost or sometimes even free of charge. Full article 🔗 Learn more about us ➡️

The term 'SaaS' has been gaining popularity worldwide, especially in Malaysia as a young player in the IT industry. Take a look at the advantages of using SaaS! Full article 🔗

Being the content person in the team, I am always on the lookout for fresh ideas and this means I have to drown myself in oceans of articles sometimes. Full article 🔗

Making up of more than 90% of Malaysia's economy, the local SMEs' technological uptake is also on the rise. Full article 🔗 Learn more about us ➡️ 

Recently, the Kreloses team visited Melaka to attend a dialogue with Melaka's Pharmaceutical Services Division together with other veterinarians. Full article & video 🔗

As the popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) skyrockets, an increasing number of software companies are emerging in Malaysia. Full article 🔗

In the light of recent news about several endangered species' population further decline in Malaysia, it is definitely a wake-up call for us. Full article 🔗

Craving some indie spice? 🍛 and have some shows coming up. Best part is, none of these shows are alike. 🤟🏻

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Checked out #filemmotif yesterday with this bunch!

Congrats to @nadiahhamzah @mobahir @wayangworks @sharifah_amani @iedilputra and everyone else involved.

I’m glad I caught it in the cinema. Go watch it peeps! So many good #MalaysianMade films are out now. (at Tgv Klcc)

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Had much fun last night at #TheMay9show
#instantcafetheatre #ICT30years #MalaysianMade #theatre (at Damansara Performing Arts Centre)

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put MAKE UP FOR EVER ’s AQUA XL to the test by singing, dancing, sweating like a biatch in fierce Malaysian sun, jumping into the pool 5 times and i can assure you, NO SMUDGE!! #aquaxlmy

hair thx to Daisuke Salon De Coiffure & video thx to @Rosiegraphie xo #aquaxl #makeupforever @makeupforevermy #hair #pastel #kualalumpur #malaysianmade #aquaxlcolorfestival #makeup #fashion #charlixcx #cyndilauper #poolparty #electropop #glam #dance (at The KL Journal)

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