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الجيل الأحدث من Corning Gorilla Glass هيتحمل معاك أكتر! إستنونا يوم 24 فبراير في MWC 2019 برشلونة!

XIAOMI INAUGURA EN VALENCIA UNA NUEVA MI STORE AUTORIZADA Este establecimiento, la segunda Mi store en la provincia de Valencia, abrirá al público el sábado 23 de febrero a las 11.00

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Hear the action louder, clearer and more crisp on 's engineered speakers. Stay tuned for on the 24th to learn more!

Top phone China Xiaomi,Huawei,Meizu... : 'Are you a gamer? Get . RT if you want to turbo charge your mobile experience. ' , see more

¿Pantalla resistente? No hay problema con el . Incorpora Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6. ¿Les gustaría comprobar su resistencia? 

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جيل جديد من البصمة المُدمجة داخل الشاشة! إستنونا يوم 24 فبراير في MWC 2019 برشلونة!

متفوّتش أي تفاصيل خلال أجازتك! إستنونا يوم 24 فبراير في MWC 2019 برشلونة!

"Hanging circle" es una lámpara toroidal diseñada por el estudiante Roger Ariño (2º Producto) para . El dispositivo, fabricado en madera natural y plástico, se adapta a distintos espacios gracias a la combinación con una estructura realizada en cuerda.

Take on-the-go gaming to a whole new level with the with . Real-time CPU/GPU/FPS monitoring turbo-charges your gaming experience.

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¿Dónde están los gamers que le van a sacar jugo a esta función del ? RT si quieres una experiencia turbo cargada en tu celular

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Of course no one knows exactly what’s up with but if they go to 10 years and $326 million and beat Stanton in total dollars one has to believe it would be a done deal.

Obtén una increíble calidad de sonido con el 🎶 Comenta con tu canción favorita 🤗

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Dear Real Estate,

I’m not sure about you, but for me, early on, it was all about having as many transactions a month as possible. I was always hoping for multiple transactions in a day!
But the honeymoon is over. It’s not about the quantity for me anymore. It’s about the quality of the transactions. About the love shared.. about those smiles… sharing the knowledge about you and let people know you are here … competitors envy what you have.. hence competing against you… so they want bigger, brighter, better.. whatever the case might be, you show me how you can love and share the love with others…
Even during hard times, I have come to love and appreciate that about you. If you were too easy, our relationship wouldn’t be so rewarding…and my love and respect wouldn’t be so deep.

Happy Valentines Real Estate❣️
Henry Quintero
Keller Williams Realty
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It’s About That Time Fam… I Hope You’ve Missed Me Because I’ve Missed The Hell Outta You…

You Ready???

Time To Make It Happen The #GetAddictedWay…

Stay Tuned….

#MrGetAddicted #Jmoreen #MakeItHappen #Mindset #Lifestyle #HealthAndFitness #FitHealthyLifestyle #GetAddictedMovement #GAM #GoTime #BackLikeILeftSomething (at Atlanta, Georgia)

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