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Esta noche nos vemos!!! Sabeis donde??? Siiiii??? En ??? Foto: Pablo Motos Style ?

Happy Monday everyone! Monday’s can be magical when you find a special little something in your local Oxfam shop! Every bargain you buy helps spread smiles around the World! :) ;) :) :) “It’s a sorta magic” 🎶🎶

Brownies are believed to inhabit British homes, particularly in Scotland. They come out at night and help with household chores if gifts of food are left. They don't like to be seen and will leave if mistreated. Image: Arthur Rackham

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🌟 Everyone remains a child at heart. Sometimes, all it takes is a little magic to fall back into childhood... A splendid event organized by our client L'Oreal and immortalized by Utopix team! 💫

"You might belong in Hufflepuff, Where they are just and loyal, Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, And unafraid of toil." —The Sorting Hat

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Magic found me in my disconnection, in my abandoned state we called out for each other. I found peace in my small world, a squid in the corner of an aquarium, no connections to the fish that surrounded me and no connection to the humans on the other side of the glass. I found magic in my freedom, my first taste of ocean and a longing for more. I found magic in my rebellion against those who hurt me, and I lost it in hurting myself.

Magic never comes easy, but that feeling, that spark of life that comes to you is worth every hour of practice. I found magic by the sea, where the waves carried away your ashes, I found magic in all the people who rely on me without you and I lost it when their tears drowned me.

I found magic in the songs I sing, something only it and I know; I became more aware of magic as I became more aware of the world and I forgot about it when the problems that weren’t mine were used against me. I lost magic when I lost myself, but as I find magic I find depth within me I never knew existed.

I found magic in the deep that horrified me and it found me when I plunged in deeper, the crushing depth nothing compared to that of a broken home in a broken world. I found my escape in magic and with it I found my resolve.

I found magic when I refused to forgive you, when the broken ribs and tear stained cheeks you gave me became too much. My first taste of true power was destruction, but with it came my protection and some day theirs.

I found magic in my daydreams of the forest and the adventures I had all alone. I found my magic in my own belief and lost it in my doubt, what once was a forest flooded with tides of self denial that I now must navigate as I push through life.

I found magic in the hope I held it was real, I lost it when I thought I couldn’t do anything. I found magic in those who pushed me forward, something new to me that I have to look forward to.

Magic found me when I sought it out and I found it when I accepted it wasn’t everything. I found magic in your flannel as I held you crying, felt it saturate me as I tried to soothe you. I found magic when I realized I was different than I thought I was, not quite as monstrous as I would have believed. I found magic when I looked inside what I though was an empty shell and found something beautiful that I still don’t recognize as me.

I found magic when was hating myself, those scars I put there myself still burning. The will to live spread from magic and grew into so much more, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t so hard to do or here at all. I found magic while trying to make friends, not realizing I could find them instead. Fear of embarrassment made me lie about magic, exaggerating or understating so I wouldn’t make things weird when really magic was natural, something I shouldn’t have to lie about.

I found magic when I told myself the truth, and it grew when I accepted it. I found magic in my longing to be noticed, and when I realized all I had to do was extend a hand. The seas I thought were too wide to cross turned out to only be a small lagoon that should’ve felt like home. What was done to me I can’t deny made me weaker, but magic fixed that a little and gave me a way to fix it more. Magic helped me live when nothing else seemed to matter and that’s why I’m so glad I found magic, all around and within me.

Unpopular Harry Potter Opinion #1

Severus Snape is not a good person.

To be honest the only reason why he protected Harry is because that’s the only bit of lily left. He did of selfishness. Even if he did because he loved him doesn’t mean he can still pick on other students other than Slytherin. I’m not hating on Slytherin either, I’m a Slytherin myself. I still can’t believe that people say Snape was a hero and not even saying Draco Malfoy was good person. Draco didn’t have a choice but Snape did. He was an adult and he still acted like a git.

Tell me your unpopular Harry Potter opinion and I might talk about it too.


~ yellow january ~

I tried the really cute and small pocket altars and couldn’t do it. I need space lol. I got my Everyday Witch Tarot deck, amethyst, rose quartz, tiger’s eye, clear quartz, my favorite incense, an empty bottle (for spell casting while I’m gone, just in case) and my favorite essential oil blend from @mulberry-moons (and some lovely floral stickers I made myself). All in a repurposed peppermint bark tin from the holidays. 

Not pictured but is also coming with me is my journal and the book I’m currently reading. All the yellow pouches made by me.

witchcraft 101

the process of explaining what witchcraft is, how it works, and what the practical applications of it are is a complicated, convoluted conversation that varies immensely from practitioner to practitioner. nonetheless, i’m going to give it a shot.

witchcraft itself, as i define it, is a personal practice that uses intent and energy to achieve specific, defined results. of course, that definition doesn’t help at all with the practice part of witchcraft, but it does tell you what witchcraft is.

what about what witchcraft is not? witchcraft is not a religion (although it can be used as a tool to aid religion.). witchcraft is not satanic. witchcraft is not damning. witchcraft is not exclusively for cisgender females.

witchcraft is an incredible adaptive practice that can be whatever a witch needs it to be or not be. there are dozens of types of witchcraft out there, and many of them can be explained by others far better than i could hope to describe them, and different practices work differently for different people. it’s trial and error, and it’s constant change. it is intensely personal and ever-morphing with society, the witchy community, and the practitioner’s needs. it is beautiful and destructive and everything in between. it is duality, it is fluidity, and it is spectrum.

witchcraft works by focusing intent. this can be done through meditation, visualization, energy work, prayer, petitioning, chanting, singing, journaling, painting, or any other form of directable expression. things like herbs, crystals, colors, candles, and other physical tools with specific associated meaning (determined by the practitioner or common understanding, depending on personal preference) amplify the effects of the intent, and your higher self or your subconscious (again, depending on your perspective) essentially sends that energy out into the universe, and soon enough, it will manifest. boom! witchcraft!

most people, whether they know it or not, have practiced witchcraft. oftentimes, they don’t call it that, and there isn’t as much intent behind actions, but many mundane things or even not-so-mundane things can be considered witchy. turning your face up to the rain because it helps you feel clean is witchcraft. stirring your tea a specific way because you believe it brings you good vibes is witchcraft. wearing specific clothes that make you feel powerful and confident before a job interview is witchcraft. putting on pink blush to look softer and more gentle is witchcraft. praying or wishing for something so hard that it happens is witchcraft.

understandably, the practical applications of witchcraft are endless, and are quite diverse, due to the nature of witchcraft as a diverse, personalized practice. the most important things i can recommend are to do your research, keep an open mind, and take everything you hear from the community with a grain of salt. your practice is your own, and your spiritual journey is yours to understand and to dictate the conditions of.

there’s no time like the present to take the first step.


💕 Finishing up.. where it started… “ENTER THE GARDEN OF DELIGHTS” - You have been granted entry into sacred space, a mihrab, a #sanctuary for #worship. When the #soul is well-acquainted with #love, #life becomes a #temple of love – the #sacredspace in which the soul can #grow powerful through #expansive worship of love.”
-Earth #Magic #Oracle
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🐉Tantric Mantras 📿for the 9 Classical Planets 🦚

Image by ~ Drdha Monge

Planetary Mantras address the deity or power of consciousness behind the energy of each planet. Such mantras are recited at least 108 times on the days that belong to the planet. This fascilitates a deepened connection to each of the Navagraha or Nine Planets. The planets in your birth chart represent patterns of cosmic light while the mantras to the planets represent patterns of cosmic sound. To understand each planet and its correspondences as well as the principle energy behind the correspondences; many Tradtional Astrologers use mantras such as these to facilitate an energetic relationship with each deity of the planet on the appropriate day and hour. Additionally these mantras can be used in the creation of Planetary Talismans. For planetary hours, the first hour after sun rise is the same planetary hour as the day. So for example one hour after sunrise on Sunday is the the Sun hour. One hour after sunrise on Monday is the Moon hour etc.

In the image from left to right:



☄️♈️♏️ Mars/ Mangala (Tuesday) ~ OM KRAM KRIM KRAUM SAH KUJAYA NAMAH

📨 ♊️♍️ Mercury/ Budha (Wednesday) ~ OM BRAM BRIM BRAUM SAH BUDHAYA NAMAH

🎡♐️♓️ Jupiter/ Guru (Thursday) ~ OM GRAM GRIM GRAUM SAH GURUVE NAMAH


🪐♑️♒️Saturn/ Shani (Saturday) ~ OM PRAM PRIM PRAUM SAH SHANAYE NAMAH

For Rahu (The North Node) one may use Saturday as the North node is said to be similar to Saturn in nature. For Ketu ( The South Node) one may use Tuesday as Ketu is said to be similar to Mars in nature.



Reference: Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound ~ Dr. David Frawley


Be careful how you talk to yourself because you are listening. Understand not only our words but thoughts can have an impact on our health in more ways than we recognize. Changing negative thoughts patterns can be challenging; perhaps using positive daily affirmations can help change ones perspective. Today’s reading with the Naked Heart Tarot by @jilliancwilde is a reminder of this message to me. One that has come up more often (probably bc I need to listen and understand) Take action and move to a place of love, compassion and harmony. I read the Lovers as a card of self love. One where all components of the psyche are in tune. The conscious, subconscious and super. It’s time to embody the ‘nurturing mother’ but for yourself. It’s hard work taking care of others and way easier to forget about yourself at times. Now is the time to focus on your emotional health and practice self love 💕

So far, of the manga I’ve read where the main character reincarnated themselves, I’m really liking the aspect where it becomes apparent that some malicious outside force has changed or twisted how their world works.

In The Misfit of Demon King Academy, there is someone who has changed the history of their world and wiped Arnos’s previous life from history. They changed memories and books to insert themselves as the Demon King.


In the case of Marked for Failure, the World’s Strongest Sage Reincarnates for a Do-Over, the demon clan survives and rewrites the humans’ understanding of magic in an attempt to weaken them. They set back magic development by hundreds of years with things like long chant times, and mislabeling innate attributes.


I think the appeal for me is how flabbergasted everyone gets when the main character pulls out a trick that was common in their time. Or when they pull out something that is a “natuonal grade treasure” but was actually the equivalent of a door stop in their day.

And the main character generally is happy to teach and spread their knowledge. I get so happy seeing the schools and kingdoms go through technological revolutions because the students are so eager to use and practice this new thing.