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Looking for The Purpose Seeking the Truth . . From series "seeking the truth" Truth of this very moment or truth of life time, no matter! But the truth which gives you peace in heart once you find it.

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Emete Friddle owner of Friddle’s Cakes and mother of 2 shares her business journey in this interview with us >

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I have to finish up a on the before tomorrow. Been a tough day to finish it, but I better at night anyway. Finally, I have a solid start. At least it's a great topic.

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‘Gettysburg: A Boy’s Experience of the Battle’, McClure’s Magazine, 33 (3), July 1909, p. 243


1959 Andrex ad by totallymystified


190613 wkorea: Verified#WCoverStory드디어 공개하는 더블유 7월호 커버. 이번 촬영을 위해 뜨거운 여름날의 한 때를 엑소 찬열&세훈과 함께 했습니다. 더 없이 쿨한 그들과 함께 한 7월호, 지금 바로 온라인 서점에서 16페이지 인터뷰 화보와 2종 커버로 구성된 더블유를 만나보세요. @WKorea#editor_pyk#editor_yz

The <W KOREA> cover for the July issue is finally unveiled. For this shoot, EXO’s Chanyeol & Sehun had a hot summer time. You can book the July Issue which is released with 16pages interview pictorial and two-type covers right now at the online bookstore.-패션 에디터 | 박연경, 이예지 포토 | 장덕화 헤어 | 박내주(빗앤붓)메이크업 | 현윤수 세트 | 유여정



믿고보는 찬열X세훈 케미! 더블유 7월호 커버 촬영 현장 비하인드 전격 공개! by W Korea

Final cover and preliminary sketch for an italian comics magazine that will feature a preview of my upcoming graphic novel.

I really don’t why I end up loving the sketch more than the plenty-of-hours-worth final frigging piece! It happens all the time and it is sooooo frustrating!