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Weekend Rides for a small team catch up and breakfast.

Such a fabulous program, to learn to meditate effortlessly.

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The on Friday ordered the government to pay Rs 25 lakh to the complainant in the and blackmail case for revealing her identity, The News Minute reported.

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โ€œThe weather here is windy, balmy, sometimes wet. Desert springtime, with flowers popping up all over the place, trees leafing out, streams gushing down from the mountains. Great time of year for hiking, camping, exploring, sleeping under the new moon and the old stars. At dawn and at evening we hear the coyotes howling with excitement - mating season. And lots of fresh rabbit meat hopping about to feed the young ones with.โ€

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Seasonally Speaking

As February comes to a close I find myself in a familiar state of wobbling uncertainty. When summer comes to an end and the fall weather finally kicks off, the sartorial bonds of hot weather finally fall off and give way to flannels and tweeds and corduroys, the cloths that I feel most at home in. Similarly now, nearing the end of cool weather here in Atlanta I’m slowly losing my identity. Who am I if I cannot comfortably continue to wear my brown wool, Prince of Wales plaid sport-coat? I’ve tried to wear it in warmer weather to be clear, while tolerable in heat; humidity is a whole other can of worms. With the warm weather approaching we’re all, those of us in the clothing obsession world, looking to cottons and linens, or unlined lightweight, open-weave wools to slip into as we put away our roll neck sweaters or jumpers and the heavier weight cloth that wears so well in the fall and winter.

Every year it’s the same pattern, and by the time May or June rolls around, I no longer feel like myself. I’m not a linen suit guy; I’m a corduroy suit guy. On this though, I think I may have found a solution in what I’ll now be referring to as summer corduroy, seersucker. For those of us who feel most at home in grey flannels and a tweed sport-coat, what are we to do in the summer months? Travel abroad to someplace where it’s cool May-August? Writing “August” alone makes me quiver with whatever the opposite of anticipation is. I’d like to pitch to some ready-to-wear manufacturers out there to do a line of cotton and linen that looks and feels like various common colors and finishes of flannel and tweed. Maybe then we can feel like we’re not abandoning our true selves in the summer months with linen trousers and shirts with dare I say it, no tie.

While the summer months certainly aren’t lacking in sartorial style, its just not the same as the fall and winter and we all know it. Vintage floral Hawaiian shirts, Gurkha style shorts, linen suits in tobacco brown, espadrilles, there are several sharp clothing and accessory choices during the summer months. But whereas the summer wardrobe is somewhat built around staying cool, the winter wardrobe, at least here in the south, is more so built around what you like to wear, without the concern of temperature. I say all this to say, I will be in hibernation for the foreseeable future, with the A.C. on and my favorite winter wear items all around me. I’m joking, of course, I actually have an olive green seersucker suit in the works that I’m genuinely excited about and I don’t typically get excited about custom clothing. I’m not patient enough for it. Also, I’m a total failure at the practice of delayed satisfaction. I want things when I want them, period, and I not only lack the patience for clothing made to order, I also fear, literally fear, that by the time the jacket and trousers arrive, I will have already lost interest. This is of course why I’m constantly railing against the ready-to-wear industry’s stupid decision to cut the buttonholes on their jacket sleeves; you’re fucking things up for guys like me and I don’t appreciate it. I am your loyal customer, please leave the sleeves alone, or lose me forever.

Do you lose yourself in between seasons as I do? What do you do about it? How do you adjust to the seasonal changes? Are you someone who looks forward to summer weather? If you are, you certainly don’t live here. I don’t mind the heat so much; I can tolerate plain old heat. But southern humidity, if you’ve never felt it, would be an effective form of torture if you could harness it. It would be so effective and ultimately seen as cruel and unusual that it would likely get banned along with all the other well-known forms of “enhanced interrogation”. There’s nothing quite like stepping out of your home or car with your sunglasses already on your face and having to almost immediately remove them to wipe off the instant layer of moisture that accumulates on the inside of the lens. This experience is not unlike the times I’ve been to Minnesota in January and been reminded to dry my hair thoroughly before stepping outside. It is not an exaggeration; any moisture on your body will freeze almost instantly. You’ll feel the hairs in your nose solidify and gently poke you from the inside to let you know they’re there in a whole new way. There’s no clothing fix for this, its just fun to recall. When the weather gets warm here I think back on my -40 trips to the Midwest, the butter burgers and cheese curds, the southwestern inspired cowboy motifs I saw at almost every store. That part of the country is a trip, one with cold enough weather to definitely comfortably wear a heavy flannel suit.

I know guys out there like to romanticize the summer, I’m eagerly (not really) awaiting all of the Cary Grant “To Catch a Thief” images on Instagram; they’ll be along now any minute. It’s a great film, I’m not putting it down, but his attire, at least in the beginning is so unpractical for warm weather. Grey trousers that appear to be on the warmer side, a sweater and a neckerchief don’t exactly scream beach-town attire to this writer. Never the less, that film will make an appearance in your feed sooner or later, mark my words. Another summer film that comes up a lot is the Talented Mr. Ripley and it is certainly made up of more sensible style choices for the climate. My personal favorite summer weather film is The Rum Diary, actually its Captain Ron, but I write about clothes, not Kurt Russell comedies, though I may pivot. So long as I’m caving on my hatred for the summer weather I may as well leave you with this, when the weather finally heats up and summer is upon us I say grab some white shorts or olive green if you’re not brave enough, a Hawaiian shirt or a linen shirt from the new Drake’s summer line, some espadrilles, Soludos makes a solid pair, as does Drake’s, and put on the first album by Cayucas. Add a painkiller cocktail and an outdoor lounge chair and relax, preferably near a natural body of water and don’t forget the sunscreen. We can aspire to eventually look like old Italian men, but we need not damage our skin in the process.



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