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Avenue de Baobab ❤️

Un détour en famille 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 ou entre amis 👫 à pour le pont du lundi pascal. Une institution à depuis les années trentes '30 😍. Aventure, détente, restauration, visite des artisans, Fromagerie, Rando équestre/Bike etc. Une destination touristique complète 🍀

POTD - Adansonia madagscariensis, baobabs in evening light near Analalava NW

Cette semaine, un détour dans un stage d’assistant trainer leader pour partager avec 53 stagiaires 🤝 la politique de l’ sur la & & , 🌿 😋 un devoir avant d’entamer la saison touristique 2019 👍

Après l’office de célébration du Pâques 🌿, des milliers de chefs & cheftaines sont sur 🛣 les routes de pour rejoindre leurs🏕 1er ou 2nd degrés qui vont commencer lundi, ou suivre des stages de chefs d’Unités ou pour commissaires 😇

For , the wonderful holding an elephant bird 🥚 these flightless giants roamed 1000+ years ago, but their closest living relatives are the New Zealand ! If only all chocolate eggs were this big 🥚(pic © )

Arrivée des pêcheurs en pirogue à la plage kimony à côté de

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potential development 21/0001UTC GFS and JMA tracks. 21/0001UTC analysis. 20/1200UTC MeteoFr Reunion development areas. Comparison 21/0001UTC ECMWF GFS UKMO and GEM PMSL 26/0001UTC. Total rainfall to T144 27/0001UTC

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How awesome are these VW Beetle tin can model cars? Recycling at it`s best by artisans in

Joyeuse Pâques à tous ! Toute l'équipe d'Airtel vous souhaite de passer une très bonne journée !

Off to explore pirate camp near Fort Dauphin, southern Madagascar.

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Diego Suarez – Amber Mountain National Park (Costa Victoria Excursion)

Visit to the Amber Mountain National Park, considered the most popular natural attractions in Madagascar. The lust in the hinterland of the large island, with gurgling waterfalls, ferns and vulcanic lakes. A true immersion into nature.


BILLY BOBBY #amigos @jbalvin @justinbieber @drewhouse #siemprepapinuncainpapi #star #gracia #estelar #volar #piterpan #madagascar #lobo #suprem #skate (en Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia)

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Film de fin de 1ère année, réalisé en 1 mois.

-Dans la campagne malgache, un petit garçon s'ennui dans son village. Il finit vite par trouver de quoi s'occuper le temps d'une journée. 


I am stoked to announce due to popular demand @justinwestcoaching @oceanmountainexplorers @madagascarsurfresort have prepared a 5th bungalow at the Madagascar Surf Resort meaning we now have availability for two persons on our *intermediate to pro surf coaching programs between 11th July & 15th of September 2019.

*not suitable for beginners or improver levels. Must have your own surfboards, competent in open water, understand surfing etiquette, channels, duck dive or turtle roll, board control, trim, turn techniques. This program is for the many intermediate to advanced level surfers who are beyond surf school type experience.
#prosurfcoaching #surfrider #surfcoaching #prosurfcoach #madagascar #madagascarsurfresort #madasurf #madasurflodge

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@Alexandre Poulteau au micro de @maklor_babutulua pour @nougaytv en présentation du film long-métrage #documentaire #ZanakaTany #AuxEnfantsDeLaTerre #Madagascar #PANAFRICAIN #CANNES @fifpanafricain #FIFP2019 (à Martinez Private Beach Club)

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The United Arabs Emirates have shown a positive control over the spread of measles in the country as it has recorded a significant reduction in the number of measles cases in the country. The records come at a time when the rest of the world is facing a rapid phase of tension over the increase in the number of cases of measles. The World Health Organization has released a data regarding the spreading of measles worldwide and it showed that the number of measles cases had tripled throughout the world in the first three months of this year when compared […]

I’m reading an article on ecomorphs and the resulting convergent evolution of ecomorphological types, and they brought up the fossa as a leading example, which is “almost indistinguishable from a cat”. In reality, it’s a giant civet, but I looked up pictures and god, it is essentially just… a cat….

This is essentially a long cat that god slapped a dog nose on to, idk, align the aesthetic. I feel I’ve seen many drawn dogs and cats that more align with this look, as it has the catty eyes and dog nose that all humans delight in drawing for their character, as well a multitude of long whiskers.

Here’s Freeform’s Schedule for April 15-21.

No you’re not seeing things, now that Disney has purchased 21st Century Fox, they’ve decided to air one of their newly acquired shows, Family Guy. It will premiere on the channel beginning with Season 16 airing each Wednesday, as surreal as that is. Adult Swim and TBS still have the rights to air Season 1-15 until Fall 2021, after that, all exclusive cable broadcast rights of the show will now belong FX Networks (FXX) in addition to Freeform.

There’s also New Episodes of Shadowhunters, The Bold Type, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, and Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger.

Thursday, April 18 is the Freeform Premiere of Charlie’s Angels (2000) and Friday, April 19 is the Freeform Premiere of Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003)