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Want to get closer to your subjects and capture them in better detail? Check out the wide range of lenses available from various manufacturers and , available at all Henry's locations!

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Ooooo all the textures! Haha man I love these texture shots. Let me know what you think, in the downstairs area. Should I do more of these text shots? Cheers. .. ..

Skin. A little different than what I normally shoot, but I like showing what things look like up close. There's geometrical shapes in the texture of skin, allowing it to fold like origami.

UNWILLING I found a few leaves still clinging to their branches, even though withering to dust. It seems they just can't let go of 2018.

Well its not bikes, but when a frog shows up in the garden it would be rude not to stick the macro lens on

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Tamron SP 90mm Macro Lens | Lightroom Classic CC 2019 Tutorial - Season …

Welcome to Tamron Tuesday’s where I shoot the Tamron SP 90mm F2.8 Macro Lens, edit the photo or photos and then use the photos editing process that I’ve recorded with #OBS in 1080P 60FPS  and edit the Lightroom tutorial music video for your entertainment viewing. Please do enjoy but please help the channel and what I do as a travel photographer with supporting the links below. The photos were shot on a Sony Alpha A77 body with An A-Mount Tarmon SP 90mm Macro F017 2017 Model Lens

This little flower showed such simple beauty, and I had to capture it as best I could. Thank goodness for the fun and informative workshop with Nettelhorst Images at Mayslake Peabody Estate on Saturday. These images are among my favs from that day. And fair warning, more pics to come throughout the week.


Green Caterpillar - Macro Videography