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What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us - Henry David Thoreau

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While the uncertainty remains, what stands out in has been the high vols into session lows + trading patterns across forward term structures, evidence of consumers buying , & .

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The fresh vividness as if the tropical insect suddenly appears in the countryside in Tokyo.
The spins on the leg of the “Soil Rice Grasshopper”, Patanga japonica.


Western Yellow Jacket

Vespula Pensylvanica

26 August 2018

Fairfax, CA


Am I mean for thinking this is hilarious? To this day I randomly laugh to myself when I think of this video. And I didn’t even realize it happened until reviewing the video later that night. 🤣


Also… what?! This is not a thing. Absolutely no one calls yellow jackets “meat bees”. Right??