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Great to See on discussing macro and markets!

Date night gone wrong Lego 365 (Year 6 OMG) Please support me by checking out my Facebook page and maybe even buy a print or two check out: .n…

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Tyldesley Springwatch update, bonking Yellow Dung flies, Crane Fly, Damsel Fly up close and personal

Binnen onze fotoclub zijn er verschillende werkgroepen actief. Gisteren presenteerde de werkgroep Macro zich door verschillende mooie foto’s te laten zien. De werkgroep pakt hiervoor verschillende onderwerpen

Instead of creating a smooth chain of micro-commitments, many generate friction by going for the too. Tame the urge and see rise. via

Araña en un cactus. La descubrí en mi propia casa. 🕸🕷 Tuve que realizar varias fotos hasta que conseguí que cambiara de lugar, para una mejor foto del detalle de su parte inferior. . .

Com uma paleta de bioquímica, farmácia e arte, Linden Glendhill compõe seu projeto capturando macroscopicamente padrões de asas e gotículas de líquidos em reação [leia mais em: ]

Could anyone tell me what this little creature is that I found sat on my sofa??

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65 / 66 / 67

grow till tall.


One of the most important things I’ve learned lately is to check myself when I feel envious about another woman’s achievements. Often and often I’ve found myself being critical of women I know remotely (old school friends; people I was in graduate school with; people I used to work with, etc.) because I’m jealous that they’ve achieved more than I have. I’ve come to realise exactly how much this is because I feel that I have underachieved (I have; but then again, I haven’t, because my situation is my own and can’t be compared to theirs). 

But it’s good to realise that it doesn’t matter whether I, personally, like them or not. I can still applaud them for what they’ve done in their lives. Their success doesn’t diminish me.