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Transparency in : CEO on What Developers Need to Know [v/ ] Cc

Made my team build a πŸ€– at happy hour today. I think ML-bot 9000 is swell and too comfy in my chair.

Just started a new series of videos on how to use 🀠Couple of months ago introduced me to it and now I've used for a LOT of things: training models, generating data, time travelling

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Wondering whether I should implement machine learning in the bots for my 2d ragdoll battle royale game #StickRoyale or just roll with a normal hand written AI. I may end up using a combination of both to make them feel as life like as possible.

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It’s the simple meme that’s taking over your social media feeds: the “#10YearChallenge,” where users upload side-by-side photos of themselves from a decade ago and now.

But it might not be so simple.

Facebook on Wednesday distanced itself from the “10 Year Challenge” after an article set off speculation that the social media giant could be secretly #miningdata from the photos to improve its #facialrecognition algorithms. It’s a scenario that those who have studied social media companies don’t rule out, despite Facebook’s denials.

The photo challenge gives Facebook “a perfect storm for #machinelearning,” said Amy Webb, a professor at NYU Stern School of Business with an upcoming book about how #artificialintelligence can manipulate humans. “It presented Facebook with a terrified opportunity to learn, to train their systems to better recognize small changes” in users’ appearances, she told CBS News.

The “10 Year Challenge” popped up last week and across Facebook, Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) and Twitter millions of people have participated. The challenge generated 5.2 million engagements on Facebook in just three days, according to the social media monitoring tool #Talkwalker. It was the latest in a constant stream of social media crazes — like the “Bird Box” challenge and Top Nine photo collage — that enticed users to join in with little concern for safety and privacy. There are also viral hashtags like #MyFirstConcertWas, which get users to reveal answers to popular security questions.

Speculation about the meme’s ulterior motive flared up after Wired writer Kate O'Neill published an op-ed suggesting it wasn’t just harmless fun.

O'Neill pointed out that the viral challenge has filled Facebook with labeled, side-by-side user photos taken within a fixed period of time. That’s different, and easier to analyze, than the years of photos that users have already uploaded in no particular order. It’s also more useful for technology that’s trying to capture how people look and how they age. 🖐🏾More in comments👇🏾#Technocracy #SocialEngineering #10YearsChallenge #2009VS2019 #MindControl #BehaviorModification

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Verizon launched a suite of solutions that blends human and artificial intelligence to enhance the customer engagement experience. Stay updated on AI companies in your industry at Welcome.AI ⠀

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