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iMovie, GarageBand, and iWork for Mac and iOS updated alongside iPad Pro and Mac launches

make easy for customers to buy up to 10 of your apps in a single purchase. And now, you can create app bundles for or free apps that offer an auto-renewable subscription to access all apps in the bundle.” For more

Hey AppleSupport, Where is my purchased ? Is it another bug of ?

Hey AppleSupport, Where is my purchased ? Is it another bug of ?

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خدمة توفر لك عدد من برامح الماك مقابل اشتراك شهري. عدد كبير من البرامج التي نصحت بها موجودة في هذا الاشتراك (١٠$ شهريا): MoneyWiz لادارة مصاريف Waltr نقل الافلام الى اجهزتك iMazing برنامج لاخذ باك اب iStat Menu عرض معلومات النظام رابط دعوة:

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PhotoMiner scans your directories for photographs. It displays them in chronological order based on date taken from picture’s EXIF data or from file creation time when EXIF is not available.

The only Mac apps you need for a productive 2018 👨🏻‍💻by and via - an article for Mac users every where.

For all you users: Spectacle is the first app I install on any new computer. It enables me to move and resize windows with keyboard shortcuts. It supports multiple displays, too. Check it out at -

With Wirepool, you don't need to ask for the password ever again as it has crowdsourced passwords for most places and lets you access them all on your Mac.

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most amazing app ever, called Vanilla, it helps you reduce the icons in your Apple Bar menu, and it is free 😍 #notsponsored .
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Como alterar o icon de qualquer pasta/ficheiro

A dica de hoje é:

Como alterar o icon de qualquer pasta ou ficheiro.

Já muitos se devem ter questionado como alterar o icon de uma pasta ou ficheiro especifico.

Pois bem; isto é mais fácil do que possa parecer.


  1. Selecciona uma imagem à tua escolha;
  2. Abre a imagem com o Pré-Visualizador do Mac OS X;
  3. Selecciona a imagem toda (cmd+A) ou parte dela;
  4. Copia a selecção que acabaste de fazer (cmd+C);
  5. Agora, selecciona a pasta ou ficheiro em que queres alterar o icon; 
  6. Abre o inspector da pasta/ficheiro seleccionado (cmd+I) ou com o botão direito (Informações);
  7. Clica no icon da pasta/ficheiro (canto superior esquerdo);
  8. Cola a selecção que fizeste no Pré-Visualizador do Mac OS X (cmd+V).

Com isto, podes ver que não é muito difícil personalizar o icon de uma pasta ou ficheiro pretendido.

Espero ter ajudado!