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Heute ist es soweit: Augsburgs 8. M-net Firmenlauf: Um 19 Uhr startet auch ein Team vom Fraunhofer IGCV mit diesen Trikots! Alle Achtung bei dem Wetter - was - wann - wie - wo: -net-Firmenlauf

RT : RT : RT : RT : It’s no rules out here , just guidelines....follow the flow, be who you are, you can’t change that.....what your DNA like...? #digicontact#20likes

Çelikte çomak oynamak bizim işimiz alçıpan bölme duvar yapım işi karşıyaka

RT : We are LIVE NOW ON (Dstv 253) on our series with the focus today on BUDGET SYSTEM under Era of while casting our eyes on agenda How well has the Budget been implemented so far?

$A0MSN1 .U.T. AG Messgeraete fuer Medizin und Umwelttechnik Nynomic - Expanding photonics platform: The acquisition of LayTec helped drive revenue growth slightly ahead of the German sensors and measurement market during FY18, though Spectral Engines…

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本当に誰かワタシのこと 好きでたまらない子いないの❔←黙 ずっと繋がっていたい。 男の人でもいいけど…女の子がいいな♥

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gays im about to lose it


its that time of year when tests n exams just hit u one after the other n lately im starting to wonder whether i should be caring so much.. its not so much losing motivation but i just hear about ppl in my class who managed to cram everything and still get decent grades, n it makes me wonder whether i need to be putting in so much effort and time into studying. idk i just want more time to spend with friends and relax at home and do things that i enjoy, so maybe i need to stop being so uptight about grades and just do things that i find fun n meaningful… idk

Funny Old World

I recently went to a lovely party with some friends, involving substances, music, deep talks and a lot of emotional processing.

I spoke with M’s ex about his behaviour and their history (admittedly she was ‘the volatile one’ in their relationship but she recognised what I was talking about from a couple of instances where it happened to her), and learned a lot about her life, which has been… Severely traumatic. She’s an incredible, fierce, warm and loving person and I’m so glad I am in the circle of her love.

I also spoke a lot with Dash about us, and M, and everything else. He told me he’s been questioning for a long time if he’s gay or not, and that he finds my masc days very attractive, which was a lovely surprise. I’m excited for him to start exploring that side of him some more, whenever he meets the right people.

Despite all of these deep talks, the person I spent most of the night with was actually Venus, funnily enough. They spent a lot of the night doing what they did the first time we met: following me around and curling up around my legs like a kitten. It was very sweet, and we spoke about last summer and how it was a lovely moment, and they reassured me that my frequent reaching out to them afterwards had been nice, not annoying like I’d assumed.

And then the funniest thing happened. C, the guy who, a couple of years ago, identified as straight, helped me to string myself along with a lot of 'I’m in love with you and maybe we should try a relationship thing… But I’m monogamous…’ and never kissed anyone he didn’t want a lifelong relationship with… Led Dash out to a secluded spot near the party and told him 'you were the first man I ever kissed, and I’d like you to be the most recent as well,’ and kissed him.

I discovered this by being led off to a secluded spot by C for one of our heart to hearts (he’s a sad boy, having recently decided polyamory is the life for him, he’s had all three partners break up with him in the space of a couple of months and is a melancholy boy). Dash came along and found us by accident and had a cuddle with us both before saying very accusingly to me 'he kissed me!’

Dash and I spoke a little later about it and he said he wasn’t so sure about how attracted he is to C, but he’d definitely go down on him in the right mood. It kind of surprised me, as I’ve always been so attracted to C that I guess I just subconsciously assumed everyone would be. Good thing to remember: just because I fancy them doesn’t mean everyone does.

No real conclusions today beyond you never know what people are going to do, particularly when there are polyamorous people, drugs and areas of natural beauty involved.

I’m in love again and I’m scared.

Because of how I was treated for the last year,

I’m afraid that he’ll block me out of nowhere, he’ll leave

And my anxiety tells me he wants to leave at any second

And I cry at night with that fear

Stuck in my head

And I love this boy. This boy with blue and green eyes,

The quiet boy who keeps me from having nightmares, who always finds his way back to holding me in the middle of the night, and kisses me while I cry.

This boy who holds my hand in front of everyone, and watches the sunrise with me in silence, and tells me I’m beautiful in the cold 6 am air. This boy who deals with my fears and stares into my eyes without flinching. I love him.

And because of what the other boy did, how he played with me and scarred me,

I am scared this boy will go.

Please don’t let him go.

My wonderful dream boy.

I missed my ex (or felt lonely? Who knows)so I went thru the last text messages we sent to each other and honestly it just reinforced to me how much we needed to breakup.

We had no passion or interest in eachother at all at the very end and legitimately hated each other (but there was still love for one another, if that makes sense). Life is such an insanely weird concept.

I am very happy that we were both mature enough to take the step to breakup but it’s still weird to me losing a bestfriend and I miss him more days than not (as a bestfriend).

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i love you, my angel, my pumpkin, my cupcake, my dearest love 💏❤🧡💛💚💙💜💕💖💌💝💞💗💘 you are stronger than you know and kinder than you realize and one of the most wonderful human beings i have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. hurt is temporary. there is always another way. don't ever forget your worth. never be ashamed of who you are. be yourself, because the you you are shines brighter than the stars. 🌟



[Maybe it’s inevitable
That my head’s always full
Of what happened yesterday
I’m fine with that
But I wanna know what it’s like to be happy
At least a little bit

I bet we’ll never see each other
Ever again
But I’ll learn to smile about it
And say there’s nothing I could’ve done, right?]

how do i tell these anime app developers that i dont actually care abt shitty gameplay and i just wanna collect pretty character cards


this is not always remembered from the birth; for once, this starts at three in the morning. cold water in bathtub, ankle deep ocean. she shivers, counting her ribs. skin is a garment of mortality. what is mortality if not a manmade concept; what is mortality when she is forged of the absence of a child? this story begins in the extraction of deicide from the stomach of urban decay, when her throne no longer overlooks the rivers coursing, their streams carrying the weight of the weeping death.

its so annoying to see the post i made strictly telling cis ppl to stay out of trans ppl’s business still being derailed by fucking cis ppl and being rbed by ppl who have shit like “dni if you’re anti-anime” or “if you hate cishet ppl fuck off and never talk to me” in their descs its so stupid why can’t any of yall be normal