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CHRISTMAS GATHERING with KPK “Korean Worship Night” Sabtu, 21 Desember 2019 18.00wib, Fave Hotel Gatot Subroto Jakarta Pusat Reservasi Tempat Daniel 0859-5911-4500 Ella 0856-7543-693 Nia 0858-8307-7760

"I think about your face and how I fall into your eyes" These lyrics get me every time!

He charges folks a fortune for his dark and drafty houses. As poor folk live in misery it's even worse for mouses.

Crystal, I can see through you. ~ Dennis Morgan, Crystal, I Can See Through You 🎼

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@ocean-tears mess is mine.


Death in the stars, 

rain on the wind, 

Came to the mission, 

couldn’t get in, 

Came out of nowhere, 

guess I’ll go back, 

All down to bad luck, 

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she said that i was the worst she has ever met

she could believe i came out of her womb

she said that she thought i was the devil incarnate

i guess it hurts when you hear from the one you call mom