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10 Home ‘Luxuries’ That Are Worth Every Penny. From a 2nd dishwasher, a warming drawer to an automatic doggie door and more.

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Why Storytelling is a Powerful Marketing Tool

One of the biggest buzz words in Content Marketing is Storytelling. In a great book, ‘Millionaire Success Habits’ by Dean Graziosi, there’s a chapter called ‘The Power of Your Story’. That chapter alone inspired this week’s post. Who doesn’t LOVE a good story? Storytelling helps marketers develop a deeper personal connection with their audience. Throughout history, Storytelling has been a way to share, communicate, educate and connect. Now more than ever, businesses need to find ways to engage their audience. Let’s dive more into the importance of Storytelling for your business.

Less Selling and MORE Telling

Nobody likes a pushy sales person. Trying to convince your audience to buy your products/services is a big turn-off. Promoting your brand through storytelling, is more about sharing an experience and leaving it up to them to decide. Customers don’t want to be forced into a decision. They want to feel like they are the ones making the choice.

Storytelling Helps You Stand-out from the Competition

Having unique products and services is great, but a good story will distinguish you from the competition. When you share your unique story with your audience are more likely to remember your brand and keep you top-of-mind. Brands like Coca-Cola, Subaru, and Apple know how to tell a compelling story. Instead of the product front and center, it’s about promoting a lifestyle.

“In a world where people have a lot of choices, the story may be the deciding factor.

-Nick Morgan

Storytelling Adds a Human Touch to Your Brand

In a digital driven world, people are craving a human element. With so many choices in a fiercely competitive market, people want to feel a connection to their brands. They are not looking to be your bestie, but they want to know you have the solution to their problem. Testimonials and videos made by the CEO humanizes your brand in a personal way by adding a human element to your content marketing, your brand becomes a more attractive choice. Our Founder and CEO Keverne Denahan does weekly KardZee videos not only talking about our product, but also sharing tips and ideas to add value to our brand and story.

Storytelling Share REAL Experiences

People want to hear from others about their experience before making a purchase. I always look for customer reviews and Social Media Influencers to help me make an informative decision before I hit the ‘buy’ button. When you base your marketing content on storytelling, your potential customers will get something more meaningful than just facts and features. They’ll now understand why they need your product/services and take action. Before I purchased my iphone, YouTube Influencers helped take me from maybe to purchase. Why? Because they shared a compelling story that helped me make the decision to buy.

Storytelling is a basic human experience that unites people and drives stronger, longer lasting connections. Sharing your Story adds meaning to your brand. It also builds trust and loyalty. Products, features and advantages are important, but how is your brand solving a problem? Great Storytelling can present a compelling solution that resonates.
What’s your STORY?


Fantastic day working with wonderful clients from Michigan. We spent the day touring luxury homes in Grey Oaks. A phenomenal private golf community with 3 golf courses! #naplesflorida #naples #florida #luxury #luxurylifestyle #luxuryhomes #dreamhome #privategolfclub #luxurygolf #naplesgolf #luxuryrealestate #luxuryrealtor #naplesgolfguy (at Naples, Florida)

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Top 7 Ways to Host a Luxury Open House

Luxury Realtors can take a page out of a high-end retailer’s book when it comes to personalized service.  Luxury Retailers have a winning formula for a one-of-a-kind experience.  The bespoke way these retailers engage their Clients is something worth noting.  Now when I say Open House, I’m talking about an exclusive event with invitations, catering, drinks and an RSVP.  Let’s dive in.

Adding Art Helps Your Luxury Listing Stand Out

Take your Luxury staging to the next level by enhancing the space with original works of art.  Local art galleries and artists are a great resource to find dramatic works of art. This is a big trend in luxury retail.  Louis Vuitton showcases art by famous artist to create a cultural experience.  Great art also adds ambiance so Buyers can imagine themselves living in that space.

Add Appliances and Decor That Clients Expect

As a Luxury Realtor, it’s your job to tell the story of the home in your staging and marketing materials. The Luxury Client and the Luxury Broker have high levels of expectation. If you expect Brokers to share your listing with their Clients, then you better make it worth their while.  Luxury Clients want to feel connected to the brands they covet.  Use the accessories, home decor and accents that this level of Client expects.  You wouldn’t have a Kenmore appliance in the house or serve Cheez Whiz at the Open House would you?  You can create the story of the home using products and services Luxury Buyers expect to see.  

Mail Hi-Quality Personalized Invitations

Mailing a real invitation, instead of just an email, to your Open House makes the event feel exclusive.  Personalization combined with tech will make you stand out as an Early Adopter.  Add a video of the Open House to the card, and create a video of yourself inviting them.  You want to create the ‘WOW’ factor before your guests even arrive.

Serve Champagne and Highlight Local Chefs

When you host an Open House, plan it like a Luxury Product Launch.  Not sure what to serve?  Partner with a local chef or restaurant and co-brand your Open House event.  Local Chefs have the professional knowledge to suggest the perfect menu. 

Rent a Luxury Car to Park in the Driveway

Dee Dee Guggenheim Howes, Realtor Associate with Martha Turner Sotheby’s International offered some great tips- “Luxury buyers love to see luxury brands in a staged home.  From perfectly placed retail shopping bags, such as Chanel and Hermes to gorgeous furniture from a high-end retail shop.  Don’t forget to borrow a Porsche or Lamborghini as the perfect garage accent.”  

Promote Your Property Across Many Channels

With the upheaval in the Real Estate Industry and the fierce competition for Luxury Clients, use many channels. Exposure and views can add excitement and intrigue to your event. Add a video tour, a personal video from you as you introduce this Open House. You can also add this event as part of your blog to raise awareness and reach a new market. Using your Social Channels to your advantage will help you profile this property.

Offer Interactive Tech at Your Open House

Another idea is to offer interactive tech such as an iPad. You may have noticed that several Luxury Retailers use this trick. A tablet extends the experience to another level and creates an immersive experience of the property.  It also offers the opportunity for your Clients to see other luxury listings in your catalogue. 

What are doing to create the 'WOW’ factor for your next Open House?


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Friday afternoon after work week relax, new projects to follow next week. If you are looking for luxury residential real estate projects at the Costa del Sol, don’t hesitate to contact me. Wish you all a Feliz fin de semana! #luxurylifestyle #luxuryrealtor #luxuryrealestate #lacalademijas #costadelsol #afterwork #eloceanobeachhotel #bestcocktails (bij El Oceano Beach Hotel, Restaurant & Spa)

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The Lynn Realty Group - JC Marko, Myself & Josh Lynn. Selling
Sarasota & Manatee Counties Florida.
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Who’s doing the Open House tour today? If you are in need of a list of Open Houses in your budget send me a message and I would be happy to send one over.
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Can you name both of these?
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Wishing Everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend! Our Team Salutes all those who have served and Honor you this Memorial Day Weekend. #veterans #memorialday #thankyou #godblessusa #americanpride #armystrong #navyseals #marines #airforce #military #luxuryrealtor #floridarealtor #miamirealestate #fortlauderdalerealestate #orlandorealtor #orlandorealestate #valoans #weserve #buyhomes #floridahomes #realtor #realestate #williamdiaz407 (at Orlando - Metrowest)

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