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Lime & Tonic brings its luxury recommendation service to the iPhone

There’s no shortage of mobile concierge services, but even the wealthy may balk at paying steep fees (or buying exotic phones) solely for entertainment advice. Thankfully, Lime & Tonic has just brought its more accessible luxury recommendation engine to the iPhone. The mobile app automatically suggests up to two premium (and sometimes exclusive) activities per day based on far more refined criteria than a typical point-of-interest app. It can recommend only those posh restaurants that cook your steak rare, for example. More importantly, it’s relatively cheap to try – signing up is free and discounts are common. Lime & Tonic’s service is currently limited to Amsterdam, Dubai, London, Melbourne, Prague, Rio de Janeiro and Sydney, although geography is likely no obstacle to the company’s well-to-do customers. Besides, it could be the perfect showcase app for that future gold iPhone.

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B&O Play H3, H6 headphones debut stateside: danish design, premium prices

It was just last month that Bang & Olufsen unveiled the H3 and H6 headphones under its cheaper-to-enter B&0 Play brand for the EU. Today, B&O introduced these two dapper additions stateside, announcing them at its SoHo NY shop. If you’ll recall, the aluminum-clad H3 in-ears pack 10.3mm drivers aided by mini bass ports, while the H6 over-ears feature 40mm drivers and a healthy heaping of leather-wrapped memory foam padding. Both have an iOS-friendly inline remote and straight 3.5mm-capped cabling. We spent some time with the H6 and we’re surprised at how light it is – which also made for an extremely comfortable first impression when it was placed around this editor’s ears. The sound from the H6’s drivers is crispy and light with a fairly flat voicing that’s free of any noticeable sibilance. A 3.5mm input resides on each of its earcups, which allows for daisy-chaining so you can listen with a buddy. We’re told the H3 intra-aurals should sound similar (we couldn’t get a clean pair to jam in our ears). %Gallery-187820%

Expect to pay $250 for the H3 and $400 for the H6 come July, which is a bit pricier than the likes of B&W’s P3 and P5 headphones. We’ll have to get back to you about whether the prices match the products, but grab a look in the gallery for now.

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Vertu's sudden CEO swap spells trouble after Chinese buyout

It’s only been three months since we met Vertu’s then freshly-appointed CEO Billy Crotty, an Irishman who was brought in by the company’s new Chinese owner, but for reasons unknown, it appears that he’s already left the luxury phone maker. That’s according to the LinkedIn page of Gordon Watson, who has since been promoted from VP of Sales and Marketing to CEO. Needless to say, it’s an unusually short stint for such an important role, though there were already signs of trouble beforehand with the recent departures of other key execs.

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Airbnb to target wealthy customers who prefer luxury hotels

Airbnb keeps expanding its core disruption with new features to help increase its audience. The company has made it easier for business travelers to find a room with the Airbnb app and has tried its hand at tour guiding with a new activity suggestion feature. Now the room-sharing company is reportedly looking at ways to attract customers who would rather book at high-end luxury hotels.

According to Bloomberg, the new premium service is expected to launch as a pilot with a “select group of hosts as soon as this week.” The full service could roll out by the end of this year. To qualify for this select status, hosts will need to allow Airbnb inspectors to check and make sure that their rental space meets a specific set of quality standards. If their homes pass muster, they’ll reportedly be eligible for a featured section on Airbnb’s website and mobile apps.

A source close to Airbnb confirmed the new pilot program and told Engadget that the company’s internal work has identified consumers who are slightly older and have never used Airbnb as a significant growth opportunity. They said that internal research shows that business and family travelers want more space, kitchens, yards, laundry and want to stay in unique neighborhoods. Airbnb thinks the key to unlocking this type of audience is to focus on quality.

The hotel industry has already been feeling the pinch from the home-sharing service, and have been promoting local experiences and pursuing legislation that could limit Airbnb’s expansion. A new high-end service like this one could attract wealthier, older customers who may prefer to stay in guaranteed nicer accommodations.


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Turing's new phone boasts human and digital assistants

Remember the Turing Phone? You’re forgiven if you didn’t. Turing Robotic Industries unveiled the ambitious phone to much fanfare, only to delay it multiple times and even switch operating systems. That isn’t stopping the company from producing a follow-up, though – it’s teaming up with TCL to make its next upscale phone, the Appassionato. The Android device is still made from Turing’s signature extra-strong Liquidmorphium alloy (complete with a ceramic-like carbon coating), but it now includes a hybrid concierge and voice assistant service named, naturally, Sir Alan. Details of how it works aren’t clear, but it’ll let you get “lifestyle and business recommendations” from both AI and human helpers.

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Sennheiser's new Orpheus headphones cost $55,000

When it comes to the very particular world of audiophile headphones, few names raise as many pulses as Sennheiser’s Orpheus HE90. Designed 25 years ago, and limited to 300 pairs, the legendary headset came with its own valve amp, and a hefty $16,000 price tag. Today, Sennheiser lifted the cloth on a new Orpheus, and it’s just as crazy. Apparently 10 years in the making, the new Orpheus builds on its predecessor’s famous electrostatic design, bringing it up to date with a new signal processor, new marble-clad design, and wonderfully decadent motorized housing that reveals the knobs and valves when you turn it on.

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