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A firm butt like hers comes from old school exercises!

Looking to train your glutes? GLUTECAMP is where you need to be. πŸ‘ Our GLUTECAMP class is a great class not just for your glutes but for overall too. From to this is a fantastic & fun opportunity to get involved with.

Performing squats produces endorphins in the body which are your body’s natural way to relieve pain. This way you can help avoid the use of pain killers and NSAIDS for joint pain and other injuries.

Lunges are an excellent booty builder workout! Walking lunges primarily workout the gluteus maximus and the quadriceps. Add weights for an extra challenge! Check out our Bootcamp classes to practice perfecting your lunge.

Janelle: 'A 2016 discovered a fifth quadricep muscle, the tensor vastus intermedius. Your "quints" are easy to stretch from standing or kneeling positions, and leg presses are all great .' Janelle's availability:

Great session last night πŸ‘ Technical session work on foot landing and take off and some work to engage our members Hamstrings πŸ”₯

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Sun salutation are meant to be done under the sun


Sliding lunges with in-home Toronto personal trainer, Kristine.

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Lunges for newbies….

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Great workout tonight. Pretty sure I’m at one of those moments when you can really measure progress compared to a couple months ago. I felt really good throughout this session, and we worked hard.

Warmup included more jump rope tabata, so I guess that’s gonna be a thing for awhile.

Part 1: three rounds

5 high box jumps (36 inches for me 😱)

10 tempo back squats, only 95 pounds because my left knee is still recovering

10 shin box hip raises

Part 2: three rounds

10 elevated reverse lunges (5 per side) with dual kettlebells

20 yard sled push, adding plates each round (45, 80, 115 pounds, respectively)

20 single leg box step-ups (10 per side)

Part 3: two rounds

3:00 bike for calories, 62 and 61, which I was quite happy with at the end of the workout.

Also, the music selection was on fire. Took a break from the usual hip-hop and broke out some hard rock. It was perfect for this workout.


Walking through a warmup to a light intensity lower body workout. Large muscle groups burn more fat however the injury risk is high if technique is off and a proper warmup is not done. This is a sample routine for a low intensity workout to burn fat and shape your body and build muscle tone.

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Today’s workout was spicy.

Warmup included a tabata of jump rope + shoulder taps, so that was new.

Part 1: five rounds, 30 second rest between rounds, no rest between movements

10 push-ups

10 kneeling arm threads

10 side kick throughs

10 mountain climber sprawls

10 body weight squats

10 jumping lunges

Part 2:

500m row at 1:55 pace, 50 cal bike in 3 minutes, 500m ski at 2:00 pace (lol no, 2:12)

Rest three minutes

500m ski, 50 cal bike, 500m row as fast as you can. I pulled out 7:15 somehow, so kinda feeling awesome about that. 💪💪


Pushups, INDO BOARD Fam! These are the most fun pushups ever! Try not to laugh as you keep your board from not touching the ground, and do keep your fingers on top of your INDO BOARD. Sammy Miller mixes it up with lunges! 😊💪🤙🌎✌️Georgette
#indoboard #pushups #lunges #indoboardhero @outdoorfitnessblog @indo_board push-ups and side lunges.
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Y’all know I make no judgement on roids: i love them and I love freaks. But if I was gonna recommend one bodybuilder on social media to young guys starting out in the gym, it would be Josh Taubes. Not only because he’s the only really big nattie I largely believe in; he’s so completely and authentically masculine; never seems to be ‘selling’ anything except good form and hard work; and he’s crazy strong. He’s the anti-douche; the muscle big brother everyone needs. So before you hit the roids, spend at least four years trying to be as much like Josh as you can for your body-type.

Plus he’s a fucking vision in compression pants.


Do you have foot pain after wearing certain shoes? It could be from weakness in your foot muscles. Try these exercises to help strength your foot. Tag a friend that should try this!

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(at Springfield, Virginia)

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Short body weight lower body sequence.